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«Evil Prince, Come Play With Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 714: Are You Worried About Him?

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Chapter 714: Are You Worried About Him?

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Mr. Xiao touched her forehead. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you.”

“What are you doing?” someone roared at that very moment, and the tables and chairs in the room rattled.

Mo Qian’er hurriedly let go of Mr. Xiao’s clothes, her body trembling. What would Lu Fenying do if he found out that she might lose the baby now that she didn’t have Dragon Spirit Blood?

She didn’t dare imagine it.

Lu Fenying was so angry that his eyes turned red. He was like a wolf that was ready to tear its prey apart.

This was what he saw when he came in: Mr. Xiao was holding Mo Qian’er in his arms, and they were looking at each other affectionately. Mr. Xiao’s face was almost touching Mo Qian’er’s, and their lips were so close.

Lu Fenying rushed over and pulled Mo Qian’er from Mr. Xiao’s arms, holding her tightly in his own embrace.

Mr. Xiao took two steps back and a strange expression flitted across his face, but he quickly covered it up. “Miss Qian’er almost fell, and I helped her up.”

Lu Fenying lowered his head and looked at Mo Qian’er. Her face was pale, and her lips were tightly pursed. She seemed very resistant to his embrace.

Lu Fenying tightened his grip on her and looked at Mr. Xiao angrily. “If you’ve helped her up, then you should’ve let go. Are you interested in my woman?”

Mr. Xiao smiled. “You’re joking, Your Highness.”

Lu Fenying raised Mo Qian’er’s chin and made her look at him. “Do you like being held by another man so much?”

Mo Qian’er shook her head. “I was careless and fainted. Mr. Xiao helped me. Don’t overthink it.”

“Why did you faint? Where’s your energy from crying yesterday? You’ve been doing very well these days and put on more weight; are you still going to faint?” Lu Fenying tightened his grip on her chin, fury burning in his eyes.

Mr. Xiao stepped forward. “Your Highness, Miss Qian’er is very weak. The baby isn’t in good shape. Please don’t be like this.”

Lu Fenying lashed out at him. “Get lost. It’s none of your business when I teach my woman a lesson.”

Mr. Xiao didn’t dodge the blow.

He could sense Lu Fenying’s fury. If he didn’t let him vent, he would only direct it at Mo Qian’er.

She was too fragile to bear it.

Mr. Xiao clenched his fists and silently endured the blow, and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“Mr. Xiao…” Mo Qian’er shouted worriedly.

Mr. Xiao was only here to treat her. She never thought he would be pulled in and hurt by Lu Fenying.

She knew that Lu Fenying didn’t go easy when he was angry.

“Mo Qian’er, are you still worried about him?” Lu Fenying lowered his head and saw the worry in Mo Qian’er’s eyes for Mr. Xiao, and his face turned green.

When Gu Bailu arrived, Mr. Xiao’s mouth was bloody and he had one hand on his chest as he looked at Lu Fenying.

Mo Qian’er fearfully endured Lu Fenying’s fury.


Was she missing something?

“Your Highness, what are you doing? I asked Mr. Xiao to examine Qian’er. Did you hurt a guest of my house?” Gu Bailu stepped forward and shielded Mr. Xiao behind her as she questioned Lu Fenying coldly.

She looked at Qian’er and asked her what was going on.

Qian’er shook her head.

“Miss Qian’er is in poor health. She almost passed out just now. I helped her up. The crown prince seems to have misunderstood,” Mr. Xiao explained.

Gu Bailu’s eyes glittered as she looked at Lu Fenying. He couldn’t conceal his fury.

According to Qian’er, Lu Fenying was an extremely restrained person. Even if he was angry, he would only do things to vent his anger and wouldn’t show it on his face.

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