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«Everyone is Young Except for Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 237

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Chapter 237

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Translator: rainbowturtle

Editors: LD & Jyazen

Time flowed quickly and it was soon Christmas Eve on the 24th of December, one day before the World Competition. In the meantime, the A.S.L community had been very hot. It was due to the taxes I announced as the lord of Metheus. It attracted a great deal of buzz and the news soon spread across the world. It led Metheus to the point where it was overflowing with users and no more could be received.

Helena was busy increasing the number of shacks because the increase in people meant more money. Still, it was true that too much attention was burdensome. The poor users and NPCs praised me and rumors spread that I had excellent political ability. Expectations for the upcoming World Competition had increased, but today was a very important day for me.

“I’m going.”

“Yes. Please be careful.”


I wore a modest black suit with a black tie, opened the door, and walked out. In front of the house, Park Muyeol was waiting in front of his car while smoking. Once he spotted me, he dropped the cigarette butt at his feet. “Why are you so late?”

“I’m sorry. Let’s go quickly. Dongbaek is waiting.”

“Oh, it’s cold.”

Park Muyeol looked up at the snow-covered sky and quickly sat in the driver’s seat. Naturally, I got into the passenger seat next to him and Park Muyeol started driving his luxury sedan. The start was stable so it seemed to be a pretty good car.

There was a small memorial park located near Seoul.

“I think it is always cold here,” Park Muyeol spoke while exhaling a cold breath.

“It is because we only come in winter.”

“Ah, is that so?”

We stepped into the columbarium. I always felt that this place, where countless souls slept, had a quiet atmosphere. There were those quietly weeping in front of the remains of the deceased while others stood by silently and just watched. I walked and walked with the strange thought that I might be ashes sooner or later.

Park Muyeol also walked silently.

“Looking at this when I’m 70 years old, I feel…”


I turned my head slightly toward him.

“I feel like I’m crawling into the coffin these days.”

I laughed as I listened to him. Who didn’t feel like this?

“I don’t think it is time for us to meet Dongbaek just yet.”

Kim Dongbaek—the identity of the ashes in the urn we were looking for—was an early friend of Park Muyeol and I, and the three of us founded Legless Bird together. He was an orphan like me, so the three of us were close enough to give up our souls for each other. We were like family in those days.

“We’re here.”

In front of me, Park Muyeol stopped walking and I also stopped. We had been coming here for almost 35 years so we could quickly find the familiar urn containing the ashes we were looking for.

-Kim Dongbaek is sleeping here.

I looked at it and was filled with a strange emotion. Today reminded me of the day he died. Snow had poured down just like today. It was an unforgettable Christmas Eve.

* * *

35 years ago, at a closed factory in Incheon…

There, a young man dressed in a fedora, suit and shoes walked in. His name was Choi Chuntaek. It was the name of the man who was praised as a hero among merchants after he established a group called Legless Bird to protect the merchants and the weak.

“Welcome. Are you the brat who has been nicknamed Legless Bird?”

Choi Chuntaek gazed at the place in the darkness where the voice was heard. There, a large middle-aged man was walking. He walked through the path created by the group splitting to two sides and gave off the unique demeanor of a leader.

Choi Chuntaek murmured, “…Fire Bear.”

“You should put the word ‘sunbae’ in after it. It seems you still haven’t figured out the situation.”

Park Hwan, who was nicknamed Fire Bear, flicked his fingers and his subordinates dragged something over. It was a woman on a wheeled chair, tied with ropes and with tape over her mouth. It was the appearance of Choi Chuntaek’s lover, Yoo Seonyeong.


“Oof! Ooof!” Yoo Seonyeong struggled, but the ropes didn’t loosen easily. Seeing Park Hwan’s gesture, the subordinates understood and took off the tape from her mouth. “Chuntaek-ssi!”

“Seonyeong, are you okay? You aren’t hurt anywhere?” Choi Chuntaek asked her in a desperate voice.

The reason he was here now was because he was informed that Park Hwan of the Fire Bear Group had kidnapped Yoo Seonyeong. Park Hwan threatened to kill her if Choi Chuntaek didn’t come alone and he was forced to obey.

“Then let’s call it a day for the reunion…”

Park Hwan gestured again and his subordinate covered up Seonyeong’s mouth.

“Oof…! Let me go! Let go! Chuntaek-ssi…! Oof…! Oof!” Yoo Seonyeong disappeared into the darkness again with these screams.

Choi Chuntaek gritted his teeth as he stared after her. “…Fire Bear, release her.”

“Sh*t. The one asking for something should be polite. Doesn’t it depend on what you do?”

“What difference does it make?”

“Who knows? At least when you die… Guys!”

The members of the Fire Bear Group surrounded him at Park Hwan’s cry. After seeing the movement, Choi Chuntaek maintained his tension and was ready to kick at any time.

Park Hwan opened his mouth, “…That is a good posture. There are no gaps. Should I check the reputation of the Legless Bird? Attack!”

Park Hwan’s subordinates started to rush one by one. Fortunately, they had no weapons in their hands so it seemed to be an easier fight than Choi Chuntaek thought. Choi Chuntaek’s clothes fluttered as he flew. He was like a bird without legs.

Park Hwan felt a chill go down his back as he watched Choi Chuntaek’s kicks. The rumor that he defeated Dan Woosung, who had the strongest fist of this time, didn’t seem to be fake.

‘It is really a supernatural kick. Is that really a human?’

Choi Chuntaek really appeared like a comet. Park Hwan didn’t know where such a monster had come from.


All the Fire Bear members retreated at Park Hwan’s words. His subordinates were in a miserable state. One person’s face had sunk in from a single kick while others couldn’t move because of broken ribs. It wasn’t a normal kick, but a heavy hammer.

Clap clap clap!

Park Hwan clapped as he walked toward Choi Chuntaek. “It is really amazing. There is a friend like you in South Korea. Where the hell did you learn such kicks?”

“Sigh. I was a child so I can’t remember where I learned it either.”

“…I see. It was when you were a child. Well, it isn’t important.” Fire Bear took off his suit jacket and threw it at a subordinate behind him.

“My little brothers were beaten so I have to come out,” Park Hwan stated while relaxing his shoulders.

“Is it a one-on-one fight?”

“Yes, you can say that. Ah, I won’t call you a brat anymore. I think I underestimated you too much.”

"Thank you for that, but can you release Seonyeong? She is innocent.”

“Hmm…” Park Hwan touched his chin and nodded. “Okay, I will release her if you beat me.”

“Big Brother!” Jang Duchil, the vice-captain of Fire Bear, shouted.

Park Hwan ordered him in a low voice, “Don’t interfere. It will be done like this.”

“…I understand.”

Choi Chuntaek’s face brightened slightly after receiving the answer. “Thank you. Now I can do my best to win.”

“You are a funny person. Do you think you’ve already beaten me?”

“I don’t know how to lose.”

“They are good words, but it is the same for me.”

Choi Chuntaek and Park Hwan maintained their tension while circling each other. The sound of small sand hitting the asphalt ground and a dragging sound rang out inside the abandoned factory. There was a palpable tension. The first one to attack was Park Hwan.

“Be careful. I often rode a bull in the past!”

Park Hwan charged forward like a truck. Choi Chuntaek’s eyes shone at the explosive charge. He measured the distance that was quickly being narrowed and swung his left foot like a whip. The speed was like lightning.


However, Park Hwan’s pain tolerance was higher than expected. He just slightly frowned after receiving the kick. Then he grinned while showing his teeth. A chill went down Choi Chuntaek’s spine.

“This is combat wrestling.”

Park Hwan approached, grabbed Choi Chuntaek’s collar, and threw him into the air. However, Choi Chuntaek literally spun in the air and managed to land properly.

“Next time, I’ll have to slam you into the ground.” Park Hwan restored his posture.

Choi Chuntaek sensed something when he saw it. This didn’t seem like it would be an easy fight.

‘The pain tolerance is almost at the level of Dan Woosung.’

Dan Woosung, who had the strongest fists of this time, was also first-class in terms of speed and strength. Choi Chuntaek had barely won and still respected and feared Dan Woosung in his heart.


Park Hwan’s speed and strength was extremely low compared to that person. The problem was that Choi Chuntaek would have to deal with that wrestling technique when getting close. He would probably be slammed into the ground the next time he was caught. If so, he had to do it in one blow. Where was the most difficult to hit and yet the most vulnerable place in the human body? Choi Chuntaek knew the location well.

“You have many thoughts!”

Park Hwan charged forward again. It was like a tank. Choi Chuntaek jumped lightly to avoid it and Park Hwan smiled like he was aiming for this.

‘He is caught! He should’ve acted like before…!’

Park Hwan reached out to grab Choi Chuntaek’s shirt as Choi Chuntaek floated in the air. He was about to grab Choi Chuntaek to throw him to the ground. Then this confrontation would end in his victory. He would defeat the man who beat Dan Woosung and his reputation would be the greatest. This was what he thought. However…


The shirt that he thought he grabbed disappeared like a ghost. Park Hwan looked around, but he could neither find Choi Chuntaek in front of him nor to the sides. It really was like a ghost.

“Big Brother, above you!”


Park Hwan immediately raised his head. In the air, Choi Chuntaek was spinning with his face to the ground and his feet to the sky. Park Hwan’s mouth dropped open at the amazing sight.

‘Oh my god. He made one more jump in the air? Is this possible?’

At this moment, the lightning-like kick struck his back. This was Park Hwan’s last memory. Park Hwan collapsed like a poorly constructed building. Choi Chuntaek stood on the sandy ground as he watched the powerless Park Hwan. The shadow of a legless bird could be seen through the cloud of dust.

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