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«Everyone is Young Except for Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136

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Translator: rainbowturtle

Editors: LD & Jyazen

The sun had set. The grasshoppers cried out in the moonlight and Metheus Village, which I had named, was busy. Everybody was busy preparing for the festival but there wasn’t any big problem because my party was also helping. We sat down in front of the campfire and talked.

“Wow, this is really delicious.”

It was a rare sight to see a beauty in an elegant dress holding meat and tearing at it with both hands. Her name was Helena. She was the one kidnapped by Joseph.

“Kis, try this. Ah~”

“Ah~’ Helena was tearing off meat and feeding it to KIs. I couldn’t bear to look straight at it. I didn’t know what was going on. What was so good about that type of guy? Tsk tsk.

“Um~ Isn’t it delicious? I don’t know who tore it for me but it is really delicious.”


Helena’s laughter continued. It was so good…

The first thing she did as soon as she came was to check on Kis. I led her to Sujeong’s hospital and Kis who was lying down to recuperate… no , the tied-up Kis saw her and tears flowed out. Since then, the two people hadn’t separated and remained in this state. The young people didn’t care about their surroundings but I was going to die from being blinded by their public affection. Sh*t. I couldn’t see this…


[Please decide the name of the dish.]

“Oh? Is it a specialty?”

I had seen this message before. It was definitely in the orc village where Gorba lived. Now I was cooking Minotaur’s various parts, including the intestines, in a unique way. It could be quite expensive if I sold it but I came up with it for the celebration. In fact, it might be too big for me to sell so I thought it would be better to cook and eat it.

“Tree Opening up to Meat.”

[Is the name of the dish correct?]

The reason I gave it this name was due to the unique appearance in front of me. The large upper bone was broken when I attacked Minotaur, separating the spine from the ribs and connecting them to look like a tree. It was easily attached using spider webs and it looked like a tree, so I gave it this name. Still, it looked better than I thought. In the old days, I was so hungry that I wished there was a tree that would open up to meat. I pressed the okay button and a window opened.


[Specialty! Tree Opening up to Meat]

[The dream of a chef!

This is a dish that shows the creativity of a chef who doesn’t go where the road leads but leaves a trace where the road doesn’t lead.

Dreams are a privilege given only to those who believe in the beauty of the future.

It is a dish filled with the purity of the chef who hasn’t forgotten his childhood innocence.

Reborn from the huge bones of Minotaur, it can be called a specialty of the village!

-Star Taste: ☆☆☆☆☆☆

-Health Recovery: 600. Magic Power Recovery: 600.

Efficacy: Those who eat this dish will feel their entire body becoming energized. Allows the tired people to run again and let the tired people open their eyes. Once eating, satiety can be maintained for a long time.

All stats will be increased by 10% for 30 minutes.

Maximum health will be increased by 40%.

Taurus monsters won’t attack first.

* Sun’s Blessing: Strength, defense, fire damage, and fire resistance is increased by 60% for 30 minutes.

* Wind’s Blessing: Agility, wind damage, and wind resistance is increased by 60% for 30 minutes.]

I read the information window and felt admiration.

“Ahh. Six stars came out for the first time.”

It was a dish rated six stars. Solar and Punghee came flying to me as I cooked meat on the tree. The two of them seemed well-matched due to their nature of fire and wind.

“Hehe! Master has made a delicious dish!”

“Puung! Puuuuong!”

I smiled and stroked their heads. “Haha. Everyone has worked hard.”

Solar and Punghee laughed like they were in a good mood.

[The recipe for ‘Tree Opening up to Meat’ has been registered.]

[Now you can easily make and deliver specialty dishes at any time.]

[As the number of specialty dishes created increases, special things will happen.]

[The number of specialty dishes currently created: 2]

“Hrmm. The more specialty dishes that are made, the more special things that will happen…”

I didn’t know what this meant. It wasn’t something in Prometheus’ memory. I wasn’t sure what special thing would happen but I had to pass this on first.

“I might not be able to pass it on.”

There weren’t any decent chefs in this village who could handle my cooking. The recipe I gave to the orc village was simple so it didn’t matter, but this meat dish required a lot of know-how.

“Aye~! The chief made another great dish!”

“As expected, there is no chef better than our village chief!”

“I have been watching from the beginning and it looks really delicious!”

Suddenly, the villagers flocked to the area. They were already calling me chief. I couldn’t help smiling.

…Let me see. I had to take this out first. I took out various parts of the meat tree, including the reed tripe, and placed them on a plate. The bones of the meat tree were simply a tool to easily cook the various parts in large quantities. It was nothing more or less. Once all the food was placed on plates, they were distributed to people. Then another message came up.

[Would you like to leave the bones of the Tree Opening up to Meat here?]

[This will become a specialty of Metheus Village and will attract many people to visit.]

[Passing travelers can place meat on it and cook it.]


As more people visited the village, the village’s economy would improve. I could get good profits if word of mouth was decent. I pressed the approval button without any delay. Then I went to the place where my group was gathered and sat down.

“You’ve worked hard, Father. Additionally, I’m sorry. We should’ve helped.” Kim Sujeong spoke with an apologetic expression.

“No. People should do what they’re good at. I enjoyed it too. Keke. Don’t be sorry.”

I picked up a wooden cup as I spoke. Barley beer was a traditional drink from Windia. Kerenos was already drunk and snoring. I said I would pay him back but he was still upset and gulped down the beer. Based on his current appearance, he was weak when it came to alcohol.


“Ah, yes. Joseph. You’ve also worked hard.”

I clinked my cup against his. Joseph turned his head, drank all the beer, and continued speaking. “What are you going to do now?”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

“That woman.” He pointed at Helena and Kis with his chin.

I shook my head and brought the beer back to my mouth. “Isn’t it okay if she goes back?”

“She isn’t going back.”

The words were so sudden that I sprayed beer on Sujeong’s face. I apologized to her with an embarrassed expression. “Cough. W-What did I do? I’m sorry. I accidentally…”

“Haha… It’s fine.”


“Don’t worry, it’s really fine.”

She rose from her seat and moved to the well. She seemed to be trying to wash her face. Sh*t. Her expression didn’t look good…

I was suddenly worried about her blind date with my second son.

[Kuhahaha! This old man is so good! Kuhahahaha!]

Mudur’s laughter filled my mind. I was strangely angry.

‘Be quiet, rotten bastard.’

[How funny! Funny! Kuhahaha!]


I tried to turn away from the laughter. I took a deep breath and asked Joseph again, “Cough. I’m sorry. What does that mean? She won’t go back?”

“It is as you heard. She’ll stay here.”


I frowned. If she stayed here then Aidan might come. I heard there was tracking magic on the silver longsword. Joseph said it could be used to track the location of this place. Of course, it was necessary to go to the Magician’s Guild and it would take two days, but it had to be stopped. This was a new village that was just built. Joseph said that Aidan’s character was vicious. I didn’t know what he would do to the village if he found out about this. No matter the reason, we kidnapped his wife.

“Aiing. Kis, you really… It tickles.”

“Huhu. There is no one watching anyway.”

I turned my head and the two of them were still acting affectionately. I rose from my seat and turned to the two people. “You guys, someone is watching.”


Helena’s astonished voice pierced my ears. Her voice was louder than I thought. The villagers looked at this place for a moment. Then once nothing happened, they started talking again. Helena calmed her surprised heart and spoke, “W-What’s going on?”

“Y-You aren’t going back?”

“Y-Yes? Why?”

“If you don’t go back then we’ll be in trouble.”


Then Kis opened his mouth, “It isn’t possible! You can’t send her back!”

“Why? If she doesn’t go back then we might be attacked here. Will you be responsible?”


Kis bit his lip and I told him, “Don’t spit out words that you can’t take responsibility for. Helena, you will leave early tomorrow morning.”

I said so and then turned around. Then Helena’s voice continued, “Wait a minute!”


I turned back and saw that she was about to cry. Sh*t. I was weak to tears…

“Please, don’t drive me out. I want to be with Kis.”

Joseph saw the scene and walked over. “Didn’t you say that the silver longsword has tracking magic? If Aidan commissions the kingdom’s Magician’s Guild then he’ll be able to track the location within two days.”

It was a pointed remark that stabbed accurately. However, her reply was shocking. “T-That was a lie. It is just a common longsword. I might’ve been in danger so I had to keep a path to live open.”

Joseph had a dumbfounded expression as he muttered, “Hah.”

It was the same for me.

…It was terrible but brilliant. I thought she was a bold woman to think of such a thing in the midst of a crisis. Kis had picked his girl properly but I couldn’t let her stay.


“I want to bring the people of my village here.”


“I am from Garbage Village. Our villagers have long been persecuted by the wealthy of Fortren. Please. Please save our villagers.”


[Save the Residents of Garbage Village!]

[Difficulty: A

Various social classes existed in the trading city of Fortren. Among them, Garbage Village was classified as the lowest class.

Helena, the second wife of Aidan, a noble of Fortren, is from Garbage Village.

She wants the villagers to come and live here.

Save them and bring them here safely.

-Completion Conditions: Settlement of the Garbage Village’s residents in Metheus Village 0/1

-Rewards: Depends on the goodwill of the residents of Garbage Village.]

Damn, things were becoming twisted.

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