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«Everyone is Young Except for Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 334

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Chapter 334

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Translator: rainbowturtle

Editors: LD & Jyazen

In the dazzling brilliance, I slowly closed my eyes. For the first time, I realized just how vain an unavoidable death was. There were many people who died due to countless reasons. I thought their emotions shouldn’t be very different from what I was feeling right now. Maybe my dead wife had felt this way?

The most worrying ones were the constellations. I would soon rise out of the capsule but the constellations would face complete death… huh?


I slowly opened my eyes. The slowed time was accelerating again and murmurs were heard around me. I was more curious about where we currently were. Wait, this was a cave? What? This place? “This place is…?”

Just then—



Suddenly, someone screamed “Father!” and rushed to hug my leg. It was a girl with short dark hair whom I had never seen before. She was a bit different from Punghee. No, who was this and why was she calling me Father…? “Who are…”





I was lost for words. The Chunza I knew was definitely a Lechuza. A Lechuza was an owl with crescent eyes…

“…It is there.”

The girl in front of me really had crescent moon eyes. If so, was this really Chunza? Then perhaps this place? “Dark Moon?”

“Yes, that’s right! Father and your friends looked to be in danger, so I summoned all of you! Ahem!”

O-Oh my god. Was she such a special person?


I unknowingly smiled and stroked Chunza’s head. Once the constellations, Kim Sujeong, Ma Seokdu, and Drain learned about the situation, they exchanged glances and shrugged. Then a man with dark hair moved through the constellations and came in front of me. “Are you the master of this child?”

* * *

A short time later, Aries led the constellations outside.

Kim Sujeong, Ma Seokdu, and Drain also went with the constellations. The only ones remaining in the cave were Chunza and I. There was also the Lechuza called ‘Crescent’ who was said to be Chunza’s parent. For reference, Chunza was working hard to study magic in a corner of the room.

“…I see. The situation was like that?”

I was able to hear from Crescent that we came to this place through space magic. Mido and her group came to the dokkaebi village by chance on the way to Dark Moon, where they stumbled upon Crescent. Crescent learned that Chunza was of his blood and said he had been teaching her magic for quite some time in this cave that had time and space magic applied to it. Chunza was looking at a book about space movement. Once she realized that I was in danger, she drew a large space movement magic circle using the magic power of the moon. In any case, the constellations and I were able to live thanks to Chunza.

“Huhu. It is real.”

It was so absurd that I had to laugh. Who knew the timing would be like this? If Chunza had been reading another book, then the entire party would’ve died in that floating castle. It would’ve been the same for me.


I picked up the teacup in front of me and slowly enjoyed the tea. The interior of the cave was more luxurious than I thought and was filled with things that Crescent had made with magic. In the background, I could hear Chunza’s voice as she read the book. “Um, so if I do this…? Wow, that's it!”

Crescent smiled as he rose from his seat, walked to Chunza and stroked her head. “You are truly my blood. As expected, you learn quickly. Then, next, let me tell you about Meteor Strike.”

It felt strange for some reason. I was obviously the first to meet and raise Chunza, but after all, I was different from a biological parent. I couldn’t help laughing due to a strange jealousy. Wait, did I hear incorrectly? Meteor Strike? Wasn’t it one of the great magics?

“Ah, excuse me. Do you mean the Meteor used by great magicians?”

At my question, Crescent shrugged with an expression like he didn’t know what was wrong. “That’s right. Is there a problem…?”

“No, that isn’t it. Is Chunza at a stage where she can learn that?”

In fact, my question was normal. The magic Meteor Strike was originally one used by Pythagoras, Park Maksun’s constellation. Pythagoras had used this great magic in Ragnarok 500 years ago to fight against the army of death and devastated them. I wondered if Chunza could learn such great magic right now, but Crescent only smiled. “You don’t seem to know much about her yet.”


“That child has long entered the state of being called a great magician by humans.”


I couldn’t help standing up from my seat but due to my actions, the teacup on the table fell over.

Crescent said, “It’s fine, I’ll take care of it.” Then he flicked his fingers and magically, the table was restored to its original state. The cup that had been broken once again contained the tea I had drunk.


I once again regretted that I had become a chef instead of a magician. At this moment—

[World: All the seals of the four seasons, which had been guarding Gaia’s taboo, have been broken. A week from now, the descent of the gods will be possible.]


A shocking message occurred.

* * *

Meanwhile, at the Murim League on the East Continent, Murim…

Lucifer looked at the fallen dragon and slowly wiped the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand. The surrounding area was a mess. The Murim League had been shattered to the point where people could no longer tell what it used to be.


Indeed, the blue sky dragon was so strong that it got its reputation as the strongest of the four seasons constellation for a reason. He never imagined that anyone other than the gods could push him to this extent.

[It was an exciting fight.]

The appearance of the blue sky dragon changed and it slowly returned to the appearance of Namgung Yun. The blue sky dragon had the body of a fox with nine tails that was a mixture of blue fur and scales while the head was a dragon. The nine tails could freely handle the power of rain, lightning, and wind.

Lucifer slowly approached Namgung Yun.

“Cough!” Namgung Yun was choking on blood and he couldn’t speak. Suddenly, regret came to him. For many years, the Namgung family had inherited the power of the blue sky dragon every generation, but he hadn’t found a successor yet. If he died here, this power would disappear.

“N…o.” Namgung Yun used the last of his strength to seek mercy from Lucifer. However, there was no such thing from Lucifer who was a demon king. It was just a luxury to him.

[Huhu. I never expected the blue sky dragon to enter a human in this way. It is a pretty interesting idea. Have you maintained your immortality like this, blue sky dragon? Answer me.]

Lucifer pierced Namgung Yun’s heart without hesitation. Namgung Yun met his end. At the same time, a storm of demonic energy broke through the surrounding land and started to soar into the sky. The area became demonized and the ground started to rot. Additionally, Lucifer felt that the balance in the sky was finally broken. The wheel that hadn’t moved for many years finally started to creak.

[It has truly been many years. Now it isn’t long before ‘he’ will come.]

Lucifer flicked his fingers nonchalantly and disappeared.

* * *

At the battle against Demon King Beelzebub…

Around this time, Zhen Sulong and the others finally succeeded in defeating Demon King Beelzebub. Of course, the biggest contributor was Zhen Sulong. His Star Piece, the Dimensional Scissors of Love, contained the tremendous power to cut even the strong body of a demon king. Zhen Sulong rapidly aimed at Beelzebub’s legs and wings that had been changed to resemble insects. Then he succeeded in cutting off the scythe-like arm.

Beelzebub was so flustered by the dimensional scissors that he couldn’t react and his head was cut off.


In front of Zhen Sulong, the cut off head of Demon King Beelzebub was rolling around on the grassland of Murim due to the wind. Naturally, the items dropped with Beelzebub’s death were shared with those who fought together with him. Zhen Sulong, Michael, and Park Muyeol were each able to gain many levels due to the large amount of experience. Zhen Sulong looked back in the direction where the Murim League should be.


Up until recently, there was a conflict of power accompanied by rain, lightning, and a storm that could be called a disaster. Then it disappeared five minutes ago. It wasn’t only Zhen Sulong who felt it. Everyone’s eyes turned to the place where the Murim League was located. Just then—

[World: All the seals of the four seasons, which had been guarding Gaia’s taboo, have been broken. A week from now, the descent of the gods will be possible.]


Along with the amazing message, the clear sky started to turn black. Zhen Sulong had no choice but to frown.


It was the same phenomenon as the other day. Then Namgung Yun must’ve been defeated.

Just then, someone appeared. [Hmm, I didn’t think you would kill Beelzebub so easily. Did I really underestimate humans?]

A presence suddenly appeared near Beelzebub’s beheaded corpse and knelt down. It had the appearance of a giant black lion. It was the demon king called Lucifer who was very famous on social media.




The energy of death once again overflowed from the place where the battlefield was over. Everyone looked tired. Camille and Inumusiki. Park Muyeol and Michael. Zhen Sulong and his guild members. No one from the Murim League could face Lucifer. It meant death.

Then Camille came forward and called out to Lucifer, [Lucifer.]

Lucifer pulled out the piece of Pandora in Beelzebub’s body and slowly stood up. He turned toward the one who called to him. There was a chilling sense of death just facing his gaze. It was the feeling of fear he felt for the first time in his life.

‘Brother was so confident in front of this guy…’

Zhen Sulong also used Arkstagram so he had seen the video of Choi Chuntaek speaking confidently with Lucifer. At that time, his brother was calm, cold, and didn’t lose his charisma. Yet Zhen Sulong was so flustered in front of Lucifer the first time they met.

Lucifer was much stronger than expected. There was a thick demonic energy that was incomparable to Beelzebub.

[It has been awhile, Camille. Have the Seven Chivalrous Stars been doing well?]

[Are you here to fight?]

[Huhu. The tone you use to speak to others is still the same.]

[I asked if you came to fight.]

[Hmm, let’s see… what do you think?]

A great demonic energy of death flowed from Lucifer’s shoulder. It was a wave that couldn’t be crossed. Some soldiers couldn’t hold on and vomited while others collapsed. Just then, Lucifer noticed what Zhen Sulong was holding.

[I see. Was that what brought Beelzebub down? The dimensional scissors… well, it was used to cut off Ashtar’s arm.]

Lucifer moved slowly toward Zhen Sulong. Zhen Sulong launched his lightning footwork in order to escape. Lucifer flicked his fingers and easily controlled Zhen Sulong’s movements. The thunderbolt that covered his body became Lucifer’s limbs and stopped Zhen Sulong’s movements.

[It is a flimsy thunderbolt. It is just a mimicry.]

Lucifer kept getting closer. Zhen Sulong resisted, but it was useless. It was the moment when Lucifer reached out and attempted to take the dimensional scissors from Zhen Sulong’s hand…


Suddenly, Zhen Sulong turned into light and disappeared somewhere. The other humans also turned to light and their appearance could no longer be seen. Only Lucifer stood in the vast grassland.


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