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«Everlasting (Web Novel) - Chapter 927 Watching the Fight

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Chapter 927 Watching the Fight

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Translator: podao001

“When every single one of you from Warlord Pavilion have died, we can just surrender,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Are you not afraid that we will surrender first?!”

“That’s where you are wrong. Without getting the agreement from East Dragon Island, you fellows are incapable of surrendering.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Chen Feng! Did you think that you are the only one who can hide?”

Next up, the number of casualties on Warlord Pavilion’s side grew higher and higher. They were truly no match for the cultivators from Profound Origin World. Thus, they decided to resort to the same move as Chen Feng, keeping all of their cultivators into their immortal palace.

“Does everyone from Eternal World know this move? The way I see it, Eternal World should change its name! Just rename your world to Tortoise World!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! So, they are all useless! Truth be told, you fellows can just surrender.”

“Humph! Refusing to surrender and hiding themselves like this instead. They really are tortoises!”

Seeing what happened, the cultivators from Profound Origin World instantly burst into laughter and every single one of them levelled words of ridicule at the cultivators from Eternal World.

“Getting insulted like this truly does make one feel uncomfortable,” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Steel Enigma Sword. He poured a drop of blood essence on the sword and linked up to the Longevity Tower. Through the fourth floor, he created a talisman, which he pasted on to the surface of the Steel Enigma Sword. Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Steel Enigma Sword transformed into a stream of golden light before disappearing from sight.

At that very moment, the cultivators from Profound Origin World had surrounded both the Longevity Tower and Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace. Every now and again, they would attack while continuously hurling insults at them.

Suddenly, they noticed a spark of golden light flashing out from the void. The golden light kept growing in intensity to shine upon the entire space there, turning it golden in colour. In the face of the golden light, many of the cultivators there felt a stinging pain in their eyes, making it impossible for them to even open their eyes.

By the time some of the more higher-levelled cultivators noticed that something was amiss, over 100 cultivators had been killed by the golden light.

“An Immortal artifact! Everyone, back away!”

The Earthen Immortals from Profound Origin World brought out their pseudo-Immortal artifacts to stop the golden light. Due to their actions, the rate at which the golden light flashed slowed and they were all able to see a golden sword.

“Since you have come out, you can forget about going back!”

“You fellows think that you can collect my Immortal artifact? I don’t think you have what it takes.” Chen Feng was seated cross-legged inside the Longevity Tower and his divine sense linked up to the Steel Enigma Sword, directing it to kill off one cultivator after another without respite.

However, the cultivators from Profound Origin World were no weaklings. By mobilizing their own Immortal artifacts, they quickly surrounded the Steel Enigma Sword. After two to three attacks, the golden light from the Steel Enigma Sword turned dim.


A Profound Origin Palm suddenly appeared to grab the Steel Enigma Sword. The Steel Enigma Sword struggled against the palm’s grip a few times, but failed to extricate itself.

The palm is formed from an Immortal artifact. Chen Feng’s face took on a serious look. He dared not be careless about this. A battle at this level was even more dangerous than a straight-up fight. A moment’s carelessness would not only lead to his divine sense getting damaged, even the Steel Enigma Sword might be snatched away.

After pondering the issue for a moment, Chen Feng then brought out three drops of blood. The three droplets of blood appeared like gems, shining with a riot of colours. The first droplet emanated the power of lightning, the second droplet was like surging flames and the third was like a raging tempest.

Three drops of blood from Ascendant Immortals should be enough to make them suffer. Chen Feng then flicked his finger and the three drops of blood made their way - through a unique channel - to the Steel Enigma Sword.


The Steel Enigma Sword was a pure metal-type Immortal artifact. Suddenly, it unleashed raging flames out, which staved off the enemy Immortal artifact. Next, a hurricane spun out and the power of wind fanned the flames. In a flash, the surrounding area - encompassing a radius of 5,000 kilometres - was transformed into an ocean of flames. Countless cultivators from Profound Origin World were engulfed by the flames.

However, a jade bottle swiftly flew up from the ocean of flames. This jade bottle shone with a milky-white light, which then absorbed all the flames there.

Even so, many of the cultivators from Profound Origin World had been killed as a result. The Steel Enigma Sword rapidly sliced its way forward as it attempted to return, but two Earthen Immortals with Immortal artifacts stopped it. After a few clashes, the Steel Enigma Sword began faltering.


Lightning radiance flared out and one of the Earthen Immortals was sent flying as a result. Even his Immortal artifact flew out from his grasp.

Following that, the talisman that Chen Feng had placed into the Steel Enigma Sword earlier appeared to wrap up the Steel Enigma Sword. Due to that, the power radiating from the Steel Enigma Sword grew several times stronger.

As a result, its attacks managed to send the other Earthen Immortal flying as well. In fact, he ended up taking some damage from it.

With that, the Steel Enigma Sword managed to smoothly make its way back into the Longevity Tower, where it landed on Chen Feng’s palm. After hovering for a moment, it then entered Chen Feng’s body.

Immediately, Chen Feng was visited by a bout of dizziness. The longevity-type primary energy within him then circulated and he slowly recovered. He had exhausted his essence, energy and soul power earlier. Some time was needed to recover.

“Chen Xuan, if we really have to duke it out, I am not afraid of you. If it comes down to it, I can ensure a mutually-destructive scenario,” Chen Feng said.

“Heh! Do you think our Profound Origin World cares about threats from your Eternal World?” Chen Xuan answered icily.

“If so, you can give it a try. You fellows are incapable of breaking through my Immortal artifact’s defence while I am capable of attacking you fellows at any moment. Let’s see which one of us will get exhausted first,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. There was a lackadaisical tone in his voice.

Chen Xuan fell into a momentary lapse of silence. After discussing the issue with those beside him for a moment, they all decided to focus their attacks on Warlord Pavilion instead.

Warlord Pavilion’s strength should be superior compared to East Dragon Island. However, this mysterious tower was simply too peculiar. Rather than waste their time here, it would be better for them to go deal with Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace first.

The battle had been dragging on for too long and the cultivators from Profound Origin World had grown impatient. Should they fail to defeat Eternal World, it would be a serious stain on their reputation. Thus, they unleashed their full might to attack Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace.

The grade of Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace appeared quite high and it came with quite the decent offensive abilities. Even so, it would appear that its defence was far inferior compared to the Longevity Tower. In the face of the attacks from Profound Origin World’s cultivators, an uncountable number of the cultivators hiding inside the immortal palace were quaked to death by the resulting shockwaves.

Due to that, Warlord Pavilion brought out a second and third Immortal artifact to salvage the situation. Seeing that left Chen Feng shocked.

Warlord Pavilion sure are willing to bring out the good stuff. A pity, this is still not enough to stop the attack from Profound Origin World’s forces. Chen Feng shook his head.

“East Dragon Island! Are you fellows still not going to attack?!” The Earthen Immortal from Warlord Pavilion howled again.

“Attack? Fine, I’ll attack right away.” Chen Feng finally agreed to attack. Waving his hand, he sent the Heaven Piercing Lance flying forward. Carrying a seemingly invincible momentum behind it, it joined the fray.

Instantly, the cultivators from Profound Origin World grew wary only to see the Heaven Piercing Lance abruptly change its trajectory. Shockingly, the Heaven Piercing Lance landed a serious blow on Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace instead.

A booming sound rang out and over 100 cultivators inside the immortal palace were either killed or knocked unconscious by the shockwaves.

“Chen Feng! It will never be over between our Warlord Pavilion and your East Dragon Island!” A furious bellow rang out.

“Heh! I’m not afraid of you.” After unleashing several more attacks, the Heaven Piercing Lance returned into the Longevity Tower. As for the cultivators from Profound Origin World, they cooperated with Chen Feng, not stopping the lance at all.

Roars of rage and insults rang out ceaselessly from within Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace. However, Chen Feng simply sat quietly inside the Longevity Tower. Seeing that left some of the loose cultivators who joined East Dragon Island’s army in a secret state of shock.

No wonder East Dragon Island could rise so quickly in recent years. Its Island Lord is actually so ruthless.

As Warlord Pavilion was incapable of blocking the attacks from Profound Origin World’s cultivators, they began retreating. Later, they simply fled. In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to give chase and cause more troubles for them. In the end, however, he held himself back.

Next, Chen Feng directed the Longevity Tower to follow them. By the time the Longevity Tower caught up to them, Warlord Pavilion only had the immortal palace left. The cultivators from Profound Origin World had seized the other two Immortal artifacts.

Chen Feng then walked out from the Longevity Tower and said smilingly, “Looks like you fellows have managed to score quite the haul.”

“East Dragon Island. Chen Feng, what do you mean by that?”

“It’s very simple. You fellows should stop now,” Chen Feng said.

“Stop? That’s impossible. This time, our Profound Origin World will win. What? Are you planning on interfering now?” Chen Xuan scoffed.

“If you fellows continue like this, I will interfere,” Chen Feng said, performing a grasping motion to summon the Heaven Piercing Lance.

“You alone? You are probably incapable of stopping us,” one of the Earthen Immortals from Profound Origin World said with a derisive grin.

“Say, if I blow up an Immortal artifact, what would happen?” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Steel Enigma Sword appeared in his grasp as well.

“I don’t think you will have the time to do it.”

“If so, we’ll just have to give it a try,” Chen Feng said. After that, the Longevity Tower sent out a stream of power which encased Chen Feng. At the same time, the Steel Enigma Sword and Heaven Piercing Lance in Chen Feng’s hand began trembling and two destructive auras began brewing within them.

“Let’s blow up two Immortal artifacts. I wonder if even a handful of the people here can survive this.”

“You’re mad!”

Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, the cultivators from Profound Origin World faltered in their actions, but they did not run away. It seemed as though they wanted to see if Chen Feng was bluffing.

The aura of destruction grew stronger and stronger and the two Immortal artifacts in Chen Feng’s hands began expanding in size. Cracks had begun appearing on them as well. The cultivators from Profound Origin World had attempted to attack Chen Feng only for their attacks to be stopped by the Longevity Tower’s power.

“There is no need to fear! I do not believe that this kid dares to actually blow them up!”


Chen Feng’s figure slipped into the Longevity Tower while the Steel Enigma Sword and Heaven Piercing Lance slowly flew towards the cultivators from Profound Origin World. The slow movement speed instead created an even greater sense of oppression.


Finally, the cultivators from Profound Origin World began retreating. Even so, one of them had still mobilized his own Immortal artifact to attack the Steel Enigma Sword.


Formidable shockwaves - wave after wave of them - spread out, affecting even the Immortal artifacts that were hovering around the place.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Didn’t you say you’re going to blow them up? As expected, you are just scaring us!” The Earthen Immortals from Profound Origin World laughed loudly.

“Sigh! These are Immortal artifacts, after all. I am indeed unwilling to blow them up. Not being able to scare them with this move is also very reasonable. Next up, we’ll have to take action.” Chen Feng sighed and the Longevity Tower became a stream of light to charge forward. At the same time, the Heaven Piercing Lance and Steel Enigma Sword swirled beside it. With a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, the great arrays within the Longevity Tower began running and the cultivators from East Dragon Island fired out their strongest attacks.


The Earthen Immortal from Profound Origin World, Immortal artifact included, was sent flying from the collision. As for the Longevity Tower, it did not lose its momentum at all as it continued smashing its way forward. The obstructions it faced seemed incapable of affecting it at all.

“Set up the magic array! Undying Profound Origin Array!”


Chen Feng felt as though the Longevity Tower had entered another world. Hazy-yellow energy currents flowed all around them and not a single cultivator could be seen around them.

Profound Origin energy. Chen Feng reached out with his hand and grasped, causing a wisp of the energy stream to come to his palm, where it swirled non-stop.

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