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«Everlasting (Web Novel) - Chapter 1326 Enticement

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Chapter 1326 Enticement

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Translator: podao001

The sudden appearance of the 300 unique creatures of chaos had disrupted the thoughts of all present and Aquafiend’s face became extremely ugly to behold.

With the arrival of the Limitless Corps, the Department of Elders and some members of the imperial family, the damaged Boundless Corps should have been incapable of fighting back. They were not intending on destroying the Boundless Corps. Rather, they had simply wanted to subdue the Boundless Corps. Naturally, should the Boundless Corps choose to resist, they would simply have to resort to some ruthless actions.

At that very moment, however, the situation had gone beyond his expectations. Aquafiend simply could not comprehend how Chen Feng was able to get his hands on this force.

The Boundless Corps had obtained the upper hand.

Chen Feng, however, seemed to think that this was not enough of a deterrence. With a wave of his hand, another 100 unique creatures of chaos charged out.

The spectating cultivators began backing away while the Gold Immortals from the Limitless Corps began falling into a state of chaos. The faces of those who harboured other thoughts about the situation also sank.

Those were 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures of chaos. With this force, one could already mount an invasion of another Celestial Plane.

In the valley within the Longevity Palace, images kept flashing across a large mirror, which was set upright. While the images appeared somewhat messy, due to the fact that the mirror was big enough and the images were positioned properly atop one another, it appeared very clear.

There were only two people looking at the large mirror. They were none other than the Saintesses Bing Xing and Gu Yue. In the beginning, the two of them had been discussing the battle. But when Chen Feng brought out more and more forces, the two of them became somewhat shocked.

“That must be the force that the Longevity Tower brought over. If so, the Boundless Corps should have no issues with this anymore. You can be at ease about your lover as well,” Gu Yue said with a smile.

Bing Xing’s face flushed and she smiled, not saying much about it.

“Sigh! The Celestial Planes are going to face a tumultuous time. How unexpected! Even though so many forces are already setting their sights on our Celestial Longevity Plane, these fools would still choose to start an infighting. A pity, we are only able to mobilize part of our forces. If only we can mobilize all the forces of our Celestial Longevity Plane, we will be able to turn the situation around.”

“If this keeps up, I fear that our Longevity Clan will truly break apart. The Department of Elders is not united as well. Even if they try to mobilize, only a small portion of the elders will move out.”

“At present, unless a Paramount Gold Immortal takes action, it will be difficult to settle this dispute. Or if Longevity Celestial is willing to bring out all his strength. However, doing so could easily attract even more forces.”

“Maybe it won’t be so bad.”

“I believe in Longevity Celestial.”

“So what if you believe in Longevity Celestial? We can already see how much strength he has.”

Chen Feng’s actions of releasing 400 unique creatures of chaos in one fell swoop created an uproar and the Boundless Corps gained the upper hand.


Suddenly, someone else joined the battle. His body moved like lightning and his offensive power was so strong that it shocked the rest. He flashed about but a few times and the cultivators noticed that two of the Divine Monarchs from the Department of Elders had been sent flying.

“Who is it? How is he so strong? Could it be a Paramount Gold Immortal?”

“It’s Longevity Soul!”

“Impossible! Longevity Soul is not this strong.”

“It is indeed Longevity Soul. Only, something is very odd here. Longevity Soul should be at most at the Divine Prince level, but he is now already at the Divine Monarch level. Moreover, his soul power is very strong, stronger than the average Divine Monarchs.”

“Did a Paramount Gold Immortal boost his strength?”

“Probably not. There is no Paramount Gold Immortal aura on him, but his soul waves are rather peculiar.”

“So, the Boundless Corps also has this killer move.”

“It’ll become even more chaotic now.”

What happened? How did Big Brother charge out? It wasn’t just the other cultivators, even Chen Feng was highly shocked to see that. Back then, a high number of Divine Princes had worked together to restrain Longevity Soul. At that very moment, he should be within the stronghold. How did he break free? Moreover, it would appear that his combat power had become several notches stronger. To Chen Feng’s relief, Longevity Soul was attacking the other party, proving that he was presently in control of himself.

Watching Longevity Soul attack their enemies, Chen Feng pondered for a moment before deciding against bringing out the rest of his forces. At present, their side had already gained the upper hand. He would keep the remaining unique creatures of chaos - hundreds of them - hidden. They would be used as a sudden trump card during critical moments.

Following that, Chen Feng began attacking. He took a step forward to arrive before a Divine Prince. Earlier, besieged by several Divine Princes, this Divine Prince was already badly wounded. Chen Feng then reached out with his hand and an Ageless law was pulled over.

“Argh!” The Divine Prince cried out in misery, incapable of stopping Chen Feng’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique. This overbearing secret technique was even more effective against members of the Longevity Clan.

Chen Feng did not kill the Divine Prince. Instead, he turned around and left. Arriving before yet another Ageless Gold Immortal, he punched to instantly blow the other party up. In the end, all of the Ageless Gold Immortal’s essence, energy and soul power were devoured by Chen Feng. Even his soul imprints were destroyed.

The reason Chen Feng chose to kill this person was because this person had actually tried to attack him before this. Chen Feng would not be soft against fellows like these.

“Longevity Celestial, you dare kill?!” a Divine Prince shouted. Chen Feng, though, revealed a frosty expression. With a flash, he arrived before the Divine Prince. However, before Chen Feng could take action, another cultivator emerged from behind the Divine Prince and the two of them besieged Chen Feng.

As expected, this is a trap. Chen Feng was not surprised. He also did not evade their attacks. Rather, he continued to unleash his punch. Only, two Divine Princes also emerged from behind Chen Feng, making it a three versus two. And so, the two enemy Divine Princes were sent flying. Chen Feng gave chase and devoured a portion of their strength.

At that very moment, the strength of Chen Feng’s Chaos Constitution came into play. For any other members of the Longevity Clan who had cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, they would never dare to recklessly devour the strength of others like Chen Feng. Even if they only devour the power of one who was at the same level as them, some time would be required to digest the power. The act of devouring the power of two or three cultivators was something that only the expert amongst experts of the Longevity Clan could do. Even so, these characters had to face the risk of overloading their bodies. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was continuously devouring the power of Divine Princes, only for his body to remain stable. It seemed as though his body was an endless pit, capable of taking in an endless amount of power.

In but the blink of an eye, Chen Feng attacked several Divine Princes, either killing them or wounding them with his attacks. Along the way, a Divine Monarch had wanted to stop Chen Feng only for Chen Feng to join forces with tens of other Ageless Gold Immortals to besiege the Divine Monarch instead and grievously wounding him.

“Longevity Celestial, we can’t go on like this.” Divine Prince Iceform sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

Chen Feng knew what Divine Prince Iceform meant. Should the situation be allowed to continue, even if their side were to emerge victorious, it would end with both sides suffering from losses. In the end, the Longevity Clan would suffer.

Chen Feng nodded and he began considering unleashing all his forces to temporarily deal with the situation.

Suddenly, a formidable will descended before spreading through the space there. Everywhere the will went, the cultivators who were fighting one another would tremble, assailed by a bout of dizziness as fireworks seemingly erupted within their eyes. And then, silence.

Chen Feng had been in the midst of hunting down a Divine Prince when he sensed the formidable and unstoppable will sweeping towards him. He reflexively pushed forth all of his power to resist this will only for the will to easily overcome his acts of resistance. After that, the Longevity Scripture slowly emerged within his sea of wisdom, allowing him to recover from it.

Turning around, Chen Feng saw that the thousand plus Ageless Gold Immortals, Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs on the battlefield had become as still as wooden puppets. Even Longevity Soul, whose strength had surpassed the Divine Monarch level, became still as well. There was a lucid expression on his face. It would appear that he had recovered from the body-snatching process.

Could it be? A speculation formed within Chen Feng’s mind.

“It’s that kid, Limitless.” Tower’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Limitless.” Chen Feng nodded in understanding. To be able to do something like this, the other person was no ordinary Paramount Gold Immortal.

Pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then asked, “What level has Limitless reached?”

“I am uncertain either,” Tower said.

“What? You are uncertain?” Chen Feng became thoroughly shocked.

“Yes. If we are to simply judge him based on the will earlier, he should be at the peak of the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. However, that Limitless has always been a very sneaky fellow, even back in his younger days. He must surely be holding back,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“The peak of the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.” Chen Feng then shook his head as he put that matter aside. At that very moment, he wasn’t even a Gold Immortal. The distance between him and the Paramount Gold Immortal stage was simply too far.

“Sir Limitless!” By then, the others had already recollected themselves. The soldiers from the Limitless Corps shouted in delight. Despite being in a disadvantageous position, their auras began growing stronger. On the other hand, the faces of the Gold Immortals from the Boundless Corps grew somewhat ugly to behold.

Perhaps, by having a high number of Gold Immortals, they would be able to kill off a Paramount Gold Immortal. However, a Paramount Gold Immortal like Limitless was most definitely not someone that would fall from that. Chen Feng could clearly sense it. If Limitless had wanted to kill him earlier, all he needed was to think it. Not even having the Longevity Scripture and the protection of the Longevity Tower would help him, unless he hid himself inside the Longevity Tower beforehand.

The will of such an expert could make its way through innumerable folds of space-time. The abilities and powers at his disposal were not the kind of things that the average Gold Immortal could comprehend.

That said, Chen Feng was not concerned that he would take action against them. Generally speaking, an expert at this level would not intervene in the fights between the average Gold Immortals. Moreover, everything would change with the intervention of a Paramount Gold Immortal. In serious cases, it could even lead to the destruction of the Celestial Longevity Plane.

To Chen Feng’s surprise though, after the will swept through the battlefield, it disappeared completely.

However, Aquafiend and the leaders of the Department of Elders secretly communicated before their two forces quickly turned around to leave. Following that, the spatial passageway opened up once more and the cultivators from the Limitless Corps and the Department of Elders left. The speed at which they were leaving surpassed that of them coming over.

“They’re leaving just like that?” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Longevity Celestial, consider yourself lucky. If it weren’t for the sake of the bigger picture, your Boundless Corps would have been eradicated today,” Aquafiend said coldly before entering the spatial passageway.

“Forget it. The fact that we could end it peacefully is a very good thing,” Divine Prince Iceform hastily said, fearful that Chen Feng would attack again.

“Ha ha ha! Naturally, I will not stop them. However, there are a few fellows who cannot leave.” Killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes.

When he saw that, Divine Prince Iceform shook his head. He did not attempt to stop Chen Feng. Although it hadn’t been all that long since they became acquainted with Chen Feng, the Divine Princes had gained some understanding towards Chen Feng’s character.

It was one of strength and ruthlessness, unafraid of escalating the situation.

“You fellows, stay.” Chen Feng waved his hand and jabbed his finger casually a few times. After that, tens of Divine Princes and Gold Immortals beside him charged. After a round of battle, three of the enemy Divine Princes were captured.

“Longevity Celestial, don’t go overboard!” It was one of the Divine Princes from the Department of Elders.

“It doesn’t feel overboard at all. These fellows had been plotting against me the moment I entered the Celestial Longevity Plane. And now that they are serving themselves up to me, if I don’t kill them here, what would others think of me?” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Naturally, those fellows only make up a portion of those who plotted against me. How regrettable. Some are just too quick to run while some did not come. However, I will be going after them after this, one by one,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to send the Longevity Sword flashing forward. A sword beam then elongated as it shot into the distant starry space.


The Longevity Sword was destroyed. Next, Divine Prince Carefree and Ghost Matron emerged from the void. In addition, there were also four Divine Princes beside them. They appeared to be the helpers that the two had found. Normally, a force consisting of six Divine Princes could already be considered as a very formidable force. At that very moment, however, all six fled in panic. They dared not stay for even one second, fearful that Chen Feng might catch up to them.

“Consider yourselves lucky, but you fellows can only get to live for a while longer. I hereby announce, anyone who kills off either Divine Prince Carefree or Ghost Matron or their partners will be able to obtain one of the secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture,” Chen Feng said in a calm tone, but his voice was like thunder and it spread throughout the surrounding space.

Some of the cultivators who were already leaving stopped in their tracks and light flashed across the eyes of some.

Amongst all the cultivators who came, some had wanted to either target Chen Feng or fish in troubled waters, but most of them were after the Longevity Scripture. At that very moment, though, there was another method of obtaining the Longevity Scripture. And so, they began considering the offer. Targeting Longevity Celestial was no longer possible for them. Given his present level of strength, even the Department of Elders and the Limitless Corps would bleed trying to do that. If so, why not take the other route?

“Do we kill just one or all of them?” Finally, someone asked.

“One Divine Prince in exchange for one secret technique.” Chen Feng raised up one finger, a nefarious smile on his face.

“Naturally, if you can capture them alive, I will bring out some other additional items. It will definitely satisfy you. Fellows, spread the news. I am certain that there will be those who are interested. Additionally, in the coming days, I will also be handing out some missions. Needless to say, the rewards for those missions will be very generous. It could be a secret technique from the Longevity Scripture or cultivation insights left behind by a senior from our Longevity Clan. If you are unsatisfied with that, I also have some valuable cultivation items. Even the lowest grade one is a divine object,” Chen Feng slowly said.

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