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«Everlasting (Web Novel) - Chapter 1182 Forget Worries Zone

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Chapter 1182 Forget Worries Zone

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Translator: podao001

“To so quickly mobilize a high number of men is not a good thing. Did none of the experts from the Celestial Longevity Plane stop them?” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Can’t stop them. The other Celestial Planes have also mobilized a high number of men for this. Even the Immortal Court has dispatched a good number of soldiers forward,” Da Feng said.

“I have always been wondering, who is behind this? The average Gold Immortal would be incapable of accomplishing something like this. Could it someone above the Ageless Gold Immortal stage, a Paramount Gold Immortal? But that seems unlikely. An expert at that level will not do something like this. Naturally, if they are able to gather up at least ten or more Ageless Gold Immortals, they will be able to do something like this as well. Only, life-bearing worlds that have existed for billions of years will be destroyed due to this. This feels like a violation of the cosmic order,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Young Master, someone is here,” Xuan Feng suddenly said.

Unlike Tun Ri and Da Feng, Xuan Feng was born in the Celestial Longevity Plane, a human born with a mutant soul. Due to that, his divine sense was very strong and his power of perception was several times stronger compared to the average cultivator.

Turning around to take a look, Chen Feng then laughed. “What a grand display! Such a show of force is rare even in our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

Two magnificent-looking war chariots led the way while emanating a thick and formidable air of Divine artifacts. Behind the two war chariots were more war chariots and orderly lines of spear-wielding soldiers at the Heavenly Immortal stage. Even the spears in their hands were Divine artifacts. Behind them was a palace-like dragon chariot, pulled by 36 wyrms clad in armour. It was unknown just what materials were used to make the dragon chariot, but it was even more magnificent. The gems embedded into the dragon chariot were like the numerous stars in space, flashing non-stop. Some figures could faintly be seen on the dragon chariot.

Following the dragon chariot were more rows of spear-wielding soldiers. The mighty atmosphere that they exuded charged skywards. Wherever they went, clouds would roil and those who failed to evade in time would be swept away by the formidable atmosphere of power. Anyone who showed abnormal movements would be immediately attacked. In minor cases, those attacked would suffer from serious wounds. In more serious cases, however, the attacked would be killed.

“Tsk, tsk. What an ostentatious display! I wonder who it is?” Tun Ri grinned widely.

“That’s simple,” Chen Feng said, his divine sense moving to send a stream of soul power forward. It rapidly entered the mind of a cultivator who was some distance away before leaving, having obtained all the required information.

“It’s Princess Purplejade from the Immortal Court. Domineering by nature, she likes to display her status. Every time she heads out, she will have at least 500 men following her,” Chen Feng said.

“Five hundred followers? That means 500 Heavenly Immortals. Is the Immortal Court already so powerful?” Da Feng was surprised.

Chen Feng felt his heart roiling. Just a princess of the Immortal Court could possess such power. If so, just how strong was the Immortal Court? It was no wonder the Lightning Plane would take the initiative to merge with the Immortal Plane. It was also no wonder that there were rumours that the Immortal Court was planning to attack the Celestial Planes. Those were not groundless rumours.

“Let’s make way. The other party might also be headed to the Forget Worries Zone.” Chen Feng did not want to stir up any unnecessary troubles. However, Tun Ri secretly utilized a secret technique to probe the other party.

As a result, Tun Ri grunted. His face turned red and he took a step back.

“What’s this? Did you end up losing?” Da Feng laughed.

“The other party has experts,” Tun Ri said in an embarrassing manner.

“Naturally. There are six half-step Gold Immortals and two Gold Immortal clones,” Chen Feng said, his eyes shimmering with light.

“More, by working together, the soldiers escorting the war chariots can even kill off the average half-step Gold Immortals.”

Originally, Chen Feng had not wanted to probe the other party. But when he saw what happened to Tun Ri, he employed his eye technique to give the other party a quick glance, scanning their strength.


It was then that a sound of surprise rang out from the dragon chariot. It was a very ordinary sound. But for Chen Feng and the others, it was as though the whole world was rapidly expanding in size, becoming on the brink of collapsing.

Chen Feng maintained an impassive look while Tun Ri and Da Feng frowned slightly. Tie Zhen, on the other hand stumbled slightly while Xuan Feng’s face turned pale. Every one of them had reacted differently.

“Ha ha ha! Xuan Feng, sometimes, having an overly strong perceptive power is not a good thing.” Tun Ri chuckled.

“This Princess Purplejade does have some skills.” Chen Feng chuckled as well. Next, they made way to allow the entourage to pass.

“To have our Young Master make way is an honour for her,” Tun Ri said, somewhat displeased.

As they did not want to cause any troubles, Chen Feng’s group had moved to the side. Unexpectedly, though, four war chariots chose to charge towards them. Every war chariot had eight cultivators.

“Humph! We just don’t want to cause any troubles. Did they think that we’re afraid of them?” Tun Ri laughed loudly. Meanwhile, Chen Feng maintained a calm demeanour and said nothing. And so, Tun Ri roared. It was akin to a thunderclap originating from the lands itself and the entire Immortal Plane seemingly quaked. Next, the four war chariots that were charging towards them were sent flying, the cultivators on the war chariots knocked unconscious.

This action from Tun Ri could already be regarded as an act of mercy. If he hadn’t held back, he could have killed those cultivators earlier.

“Courting death!”

Suddenly, a shout rang out from the dragon chariot. This soul attack became like a tangible blade of light, which then slashed towards Chen Feng’s group.

“A half-step Gold Immortal proficient in soul attacks,” Chen Feng said coolly while a stream of light flew out from his eyes to easily repel the enemy attack.

Following that, Chen Feng’s group made ready for battle. Surprisingly, the other party simply continued to gallop forward, not attacking them anymore. That said, Chen Feng could still sense several gazes coming out from the war chariot to inspect them.

“I thought the other party would dispatch the Gold Immortal clones.” Tun Ri shook his head, seemingly feeling disappointed.

“Although the other party is domineering, they are no fools. Without knowing how strong we are, they will not casually take action.” Chen Feng laughed.

Inside the massive dragon chariot was a highly opulent room. Within the room was a female cultivator sporting a golden crown on her head and colourful clothes. Suddenly, she opened her pair of eyes, which radiated a smiling aura. Due to that, the entire room seemingly turned several notches brighter. The two half-step Gold Immortals standing before her lowered their heads simultaneously.

“I didn’t think I would meet some interesting fellows here,” the female cultivator said, her voice filled with an immeasurable charm.

One of the half-step Gold Immortals, a young-looking man, said, “Princess, please give the order. I will head out to capture them.”

“We are heading to the Forget Worries Zone for something important. There is no need to get involved in other matters. Besides, those fellows are not to be underestimated. Given our current forces, we might not be able to capture them.”

When the two half-step Gold Immortals heard that, their eyes glinted with light, but they said nothing else.

“It seems they are also heading towards the Forget Worries Zone. We might meet them again later,” Princess Purplejade continued.

“Princess, do not be careless. The other party is from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Regarding their leader, even if the two of us work together against him, we may not be able to gain the upper hand.” A voice suddenly made its way to Princess Purplejade’s ear.

“What, that half-step Heavenly Immortal?” The expression on Princess Purplejade’s face finally changed, light flashing from her eyes. Then, she burst into a smile again.

“If only I had known, I would not have left so quickly. I should have stopped.”

Not long after Princess Purplejade’s group passed by, a flying warship appeared. Chen Feng’s group noted that this warship was from the Ministry of Heavenly War. There was a mysterious yet clearly sharp aura on the warship. And so, the cultivators in the surrounding space who had only just gathered up were forced to run to the side yet again. Even so, those cultivators dared not voice their grievances. The Ministry of Heavenly War’s conduct was even more domineering compared to Princess Purplejade.

After the flying warship passed by, another warship appeared. This one was so big, it practically had no equal. It was tens of times bigger than the warship belonging to the Ministry of Heavenly War and there were over 1,000 cultivators in the war ship.

“That’s the Heavenly Trade Galleria’s warship.”

“Eh, there’s another warship. The demonic energy coming from it is so thick. Could it be a Demon Emperor?” Tun Ri said, surprise in his voice.

“Demon Emperor.” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed as he grew interested. Chen Feng cultivated the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Unfortunately, the one he cultivated was only a fragment of the whole technique. From his divination efforts, Chen Feng found that he had only cultivated less than 10% of the whole Demonic Heavengorging Art.

Even for other cultivators, this was a technique worth competing for with their lives. But it was even more important for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng needed to find some other methods in order to make a breakthrough in the foundation of his Heavengulping Absorption Technique. This Demonic Heavengorging Art gave Chen Feng hope in accomplishing that.

Hopefully, it’s a Devourer Beast. Chen Feng did not rush forward. Instead, he quickly left a tracking imprint on the warship.

“It’s a little strange.”

By then, even a fool could tell that something was about to happen.

“So many forces are appearing. Something will surely happen in the Forget Worries Zone. Or perhaps, something is already happening there. Young Master, should we pick up the pace?” Da Feng asked.

“No.” Chen Feng shook his head as he continued to advance leisurely.

“Fellow friends, are you also heading to the Forget Worries Zone?” A group of roughly ten cultivators came to greet them.

Loose cultivators. Giving them a glance, Chen Feng was able to tell their background. They were loose cultivators with quite the decent cultivation bases. Unfortunately, they had no half-step Gold Immortals.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Friend, the Forget Worries Zone is too dangerous. How about you join us? Going together will be safer,” one of them said with a smile.

“Join you fellows?” Chen Feng looked at them, an amused smile on his face.

“I thank you fellows for your kindness, but we do not like moving together with others.” Chen Feng then refused.

“Friend.” The other party had wanted to continue persuading Chen Feng when Tun Ri and Da Feng released a formidable wave of aura at the same time.

“Half-step Gold Immortals!”

Their expressions sank and they reflexively backed away. The way they regarded Chen Feng was now filled with a hint of dread. For him to have bodyguards at the half-step Gold Immortal stage, this person must surely be no ordinary character. Some were fearful that Chen Feng’s group would attack them.

“Let’s go,” Chen Feng said, ignoring them.

“Ha ha ha! I wonder, do we have the qualifications to join you fellows for this adventure?” Just as Chen Feng’s group was about to leave, another group of cultivators, riding a stream of rainbow-coloured light, swiftly flew over to stand before them.

A fat old man sporting a fiery-red beard and a smile on his face appeared before Chen Feng’s group. Behind him were six cultivators.

Chen Feng’s eyes glinted as he regarded this person, the image of another fat old man appearing in his mind.

Sou! Sou!

Despite knowing how strong Chen Feng was, Tun Ri and Da Feng had still rushed forward to place themselves before Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. Any display of ill intent and the two of them will not hesitate to attack to kill.

Note: The Ministry of Heavenly War is one of the Immortal Court’s three ministries.

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