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«Everlasting (Web Novel) - Chapter 1181 Several Centuries

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Chapter 1181 Several Centuries

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Translator: podao001

“Naturally, I will be expanding my territory and develop my force,” Magiris was quick to reply.

“If that’s the case, we share a common goal. Let’s join forces and sweep the Easternmost Region,” Chen Feng suggested.

“Join forces with you? I’m afraid I will end up losing out.” Magiris laughed.

“I’m also afraid of losing out.”

A few days later, Chen Feng left. He had managed to make a considerable gain with this trip. Not only did he meet up with his childhood playmate, he even managed to ally with a sizable force.

Time flew…

Chen Feng did not return to the Celestial Longevity Plane. Instead, he chose to stay in the Immortal Plane and establish his own force there.

A century later, the Dark Kirin finally managed to form an Ageless law, advancing to the Ageless Gold Immortal stage in one fell swoop. With that, the Six Daos Alliance now had two Gold Immortals.

In the Immortal Plane, Gold Immortals were considered as cultivators with the strongest combat and deterring power. With two Gold Immortals standing guard over the Six Daos Alliance, many cultivators were attracted to join the alliance. There were even some half-step Gold Immortals amongst them.

Another century went by and the Six Daos Alliance began to slowly expand its territory, expanding until it gained full control over the Primordial Mountain Range. For the cultivators from the Six Daos Sword Faction, this was a great improvement.

After that, the Six Daos Alliance stopped their expansion efforts. However, the surrounding forces were incapable of staying still. The Starsource Order and some other forces took the initiative to withdraw the soldiers that they had stationed there. In doing so, they lost part of the territories they had gained in the past.

The Six Daos Alliance did not take the initiative to start a war. Rather, it simply worked on restoring its former strength before developing further. This gave others an even greater feeling of dread.

Naturally, during those hundreds of years, some cultivators did come to stir up trouble. In the end, an enemy Gold Immortal was felled in the Primordial Mountain Range. This incident was so shocking that those who were thinking of doing something decided to behave themselves instead.

Chen Feng himself had also done many things during the past hundreds of years. He had gone to the Death Dimension again. Only, for Chen Feng, the Death Dimension was no longer that attractive .

As for the secrets and treasures hidden within the Bedazzling Star Map and the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin, Chen Feng couldn’t be bothered with them. Low-grade Divine artifacts were also not that attractive to Chen Feng anymore.

There was, however, something worth mentioning. Through the use of his divination techniques, Chen Feng had successfully found Immortal Cloudmist’s enemies. Back when Chen Feng was still weak, he had received Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy. Due to that, something of a karmic connection had formed between him and Immortal Cloudmist. During his free time, Chen Feng divined out the whereabouts of Immortal Cloudmist’s enemies. He found that one of the three cultivators had died long ago while the other two had cultivated up to the Ascendant Immortal stage .

Naturally, Chen Feng would not personally take action for a matter as minor as this. One of the cultivators was in the Immortal Plane. Thus, he simply dispatched someone from the Six Daos Alliance to kill off the cultivator. As for the third one, Chen Feng’s clone found him in the starry space and killed him.

Additionally, Chen Feng had also found several more of the 108 fragments of the Great Wilderness Ding. To date, Chen Feng now possessed up to 18 pieces of the fragments. Thanks to that, the power of the Great Wilderness Ding grew even stronger.

Though, the matter that interested Chen Feng the most was the change to the lower-levelled worlds. Chen Feng’s two clones had been spending all this time exploring the starry space. Given Chen Feng’s current level of strength, he could easily communicate with his two clones and find out what was happening in the starry space.

All of the affected great worlds were now radiating power at a greater rate, ten thousand times stronger than when Chen Feng had first noticed it. By then, the energy stream that each great world was sending out had formed a pillar of light. The energy streams from several great worlds thus linked up to open up an even greater spatial passageway.

This spatial passageway was a thousand times bigger compared to the one opened using Eternal World’s power alone. Only, violently roiling energies could be seen within the pitch-black passageway. The mysterious aura it exuded gave others a suffocating feeling and there was no telling where it led to.

Due to their previous experience, for a time, no one dared to enter the passageway. Occasionally, some would move closer to it only to instantly be sucked in by the roiling energy streams, disappearing from sight.

They waited until one day, a mountainous pile of rare ores sprayed out from within. This incident triggered a mad rush to charge in and explore the other end.

In the beginning, even with a Divine artifact, charging into the spatial passageway had been difficult. It wasn’t until several years had passed did the chaotic streams of energy within the passageway became somewhat orderly. Due to that, most of the cultivators possessing low-grade Divine artifacts were capable of making their way in. As for whether or not they could make it to the other end, no one knew.

After waiting for a hundred years, the spatial passageway gradually stabilized. At the same time, a high number of mysterious materials sprayed out from the passageway. The cultivators who obtained the materials were able to forge a Divine artifact from them, causing even more cultivators to risk entering the passageway.

Countless cultivators from the entire Limitless Immortal Region gathered there. Even forces from other immortal regions chose to enter.

Gradually, the effects of this incident grew increasingly widespread and Chen Feng could clearly sense a high number of cultivators leaving the Immortal Plane to venture into the passageway.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, gave strict orders to the cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance not to go. In Chen Feng’s opinion, given how large this spatial passageway was, it would require over a thousand years before it could stabilize. Given how only several hundred years had passed, maybe only half-step Gold Immortals would be able to venture into it. For the ordinary Heavenly Immortals, entering it meant certain death. Unless, of course, they were in possession of Divine artifacts to protect themselves.

Furthermore, even if they could make it through the spatial passageway to the other side, there was no telling what was waiting for them on the other side. It could be an even more dangerous place.

The cultivation bases of Chen Feng’s two clones had also advanced rapidly. Like their main body, the two clones overcame two tribulations to reach the half-step Heavenly Immortal stage. If it weren’t for the main body, the two clones would have continued to assail the next cultivation level. They had utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and devoured too much essence power, after all.

It is said that, by cultivating up to a certain level, one thought is enough to manifest a clone. It is the realm where one can manifest countless clones. At present, I have just formed two clones, but they have already given me a great harvest. Still, I did spend a great deal of efforts on these two clones. Their bodies are stronger than most cultivators.

Chen Feng continued cultivating himself in the Primordial Mountain Range with peace of mind. No one came to trouble him during this time. He was aware that there was more than just one force eyeing him. However, so long as he remained within the Primordial Mountain Range, no one would come trouble him. There were two Gold Immortals here, after all. For the average Gold Immortal, coming here would only result in a fatal siege.

I wonder, after all these years, how anxious are my enemies right now? Chen Feng chortled to himself.

One day, Chen Feng finally left the Primordial Mountain Range. He deliberately revealed himself as he roamed the Easternmost Region.

The Easternmost Region was just a small region within the Immortal Plane. And yet, even after flying straight for ten thousand years, a Heavenly Immortal would be incapable of reaching the end of this region. Only half-step Gold Immortals or Gold Immortals would be able to get an estimate of its size. Rather, there were even places that Gold Immortals wouldn’t dare enter. As for the Immortal Plane, not even Gold Immortals could tell how big it was. The Immortal Plane. It was a vast and endless place.

Chen Feng did not head out alone. Rather, he was accompanied by Tun Ri and a few other cultivators. Along the way, they also visited some wondrous places. And yet, after three whole years, no one chose to attack. Due to that, Chen Feng began feeling somewhat impatient.

“Did those fellows balls shrink so badly?” Tun Ri could not stop himself from muttering.

“Maybe they are worried that we have secretly arranged for experts hiding in the dark,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Previously, we had to suffer from serious casualties. This grudge will not be so easily forgotten. I am waiting for them to come to their deaths,” Da Feng said with a sneer.

Since joining the Boundless Corps, that was their first time suffering from such a major loss.

“Don’t be hasty. The day will come when I lead you fellows back,” said Chen Feng, a tangled expression on his face.

“Let’s go. Up ahead is the Forget Worries Zone. That is a good place. Its fame in the Immortal Plane is even greater than the City of Dead Souls.” Chen Feng’s gaze seemingly gained tangibility as it pierced through space to see what was happening half a million kilometres away.

“The Forget Worries Zone. Cultivators must at least be at the Heavenly Immortal stage in order to enter this place. If True Immortals enter the place, their True laws will be suppressed by the power of the place until they are utterly wiped out. Only Heavenly laws could stop the strange power of the place,” Da Feng quickly said. When it came to matters pertaining to the Immortal Plane, Da Feng knew more than Chen Feng.

“The Forget Worries Zone contains the Ageless power of Patriarch Forget Worries. It is only natural that the average cultivator would be incapable of entering,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I wonder, though. Did Patriarch Forget Worries manage to comprehend the Paramount law? It is said that Gold Immortals are ageless, an everlasting existence. In truth, even Gold Immortals can die. Only, after they die, their power will not dissipate away anytime soon.” Chen Feng shook his head. Step by step, he ventured forward. Although there was still a distance of half a million kilometres between them and the Forget Worries Zone, Chen Feng was in no hurry.

“Young Master, we should be careful,” Tie Zhen advised.

“Naturally. I have this feeling. When we reach the Forget Worries Zone, some people will probably be incapable of holding back and they will finally take action.

For this trip, Chen Feng had only brought four men with him. They were Tun Ri, Da Feng, Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng. Brightmoon and Tian Wu were very close to undergoing their tribulations. Due to that, they stayed in the Primordial Mountain Range to continue with their cultivation. Tun Ri and Da Feng, though, had advanced to the half-step Gold Immortal stage not long ago.

“Young Master. I recently made contact with the Celestial Longevity Plane and received some news. It is said that someone had utilized great magics to utilize the power of the lower-levelled great worlds to open up a massive spatial passageway,” Da Feng suddenly said.

“That happened a long time ago.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Many men from our Celestial Longevity Plane were attracted as well. Even some from our Boundless Corps were moved. But to this very day, none who entered the spatial passageway ever returned,” Da Feng continued.

“No. Your news is obsolete. I hear that someone has emerged. More, this person also managed to obtain a high number of mysterious goodies,” Xuan Feng suddenly interjected.

“Someone came out?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he quickly linked up with his clones. Soon enough, he found out about it.

“Indeed. Someone did come out. It is a half-step Gold Immortal from the Demon Plane. This person obtained several divine objects, but a number of them were snatched away. Additionally, there is something strange about this half-step Gold Immortal from the Demon Plane. Back then, he was killed in a siege by the many cultivators there only to suddenly revive out of nowhere. His strength became several notches stronger and he managed to kill off three half-step Gold Immortals in a row before fleeing.” Chen Feng relayed the information he just received to the rest.

“To be able to revive a half-step Gold Immortal, looks like that fellow from the Demon Plane got his hands on some good items.”

“It’s possible that he already had it to begin with.”

“However, he could kill off three half-step Gold Immortals in a row. This proves that he is no ordinary character.”

They discussed the issue, only feeling slightly surprised to hear about the resurrection. For cultivators, resurrection was not a particularly unbelievable matter.

1 Chen Feng entered the Death Dimension while escaping the pursuit of the cultivators from the Heavenly Firmaments Palace and Immortal Plane back in Chapter 1035. They found out its name in in Chapter 1051.↩

2 Immortal Cloudmist was first mentioned in Chapter 572. Chen Feng went in search for Immortal Cloudmist’s treasures and obtained the legacy in Chapter 612.↩

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