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«Everlasting (Web Novel) - Chapter 1072 Half-step Heavenly Immortal

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Chapter 1072 Half-step Heavenly Immortal

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Translator: podao001

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The movement speed exhibited by the two of them was extremely fast and sounds of collisions kept ringing out. Star Monarch Waterway wielded a starlight sceptre at the pseudo-Divine tier for the fight and the power of stars within it was in no way inferior compared to the Bedazzling Star Map in Chen Feng’s possession. Additionally, every attack by Star Monarch Waterway would also contain the grand dao of water. Chen Feng knew, this was a highly formidable opponent.


Evading an incoming attack, Chen Feng rapidly backed away, the Longevity Wings swiftly unfurling from his back and his speed became several times faster. Then, he attacked, the Upright Heaven Sword unleashing a will of Heavenly righteousness to give off an exalted atmosphere of greatness.

“Star Assembly.”

Star Monarch Waterway waved the sceptre in his hand and countless motes of starlight converged into one dot. Immediately, Chen Feng sensed a formidable power coursing through the Upright Heaven Sword and into his body. As a result, the Upright Heaven Sword thrummed and the world within it began breaking apart.

The power behind Star Monarch Waterway’s counter attack had surpassed the power behind Chen Feng’s attack. Seeing that left Chen Feng secretly shocked, but he swiftly took several steps back. The Longevity Wings flapped and he disappeared. Thanks to his speed, Chen Feng was not worried about the result of this exchange.

“Star Explosion!”

With an impassive face, Star Monarch Waterway swung his sceptre again and wave after wave of starlight spread out around him. Due to that, Chen Feng, who had wanted to launch sneak attacks at Star Monarch Waterway, failed to even approach him.


Suddenly, Xue Luosha, who had been watching the fight from the side lines, attacked. The battle lance in her hand stabbed through the starlight, moving straight towards Star Monarch Waterway.

This woman. Unexpectedly, she has quite the sense of camaraderie. Seeing Xue Luosha attack left Chen Feng somewhat shocked. At the same time, he also knew that his chance had come.

Although Xue Luosha’s combat power was not as high as Star Monarch Waterway’s combat power, she was still able to entangle him for a moment. A moment. For experts, just an instant could determine the result of a battle.

Thus, Chen Feng mobilized the Divine Sun Needle, which flew about swiftly in search of any weak points in Star Monarch Waterway’s movements.

When he saw Xue Luosha join the battle, Star Monarch Waterway felt somewhat annoyed. Her actions were a clear display of disrespect. Due to that, he wanted to quickly deal with her only for his heart to suddenly give a thump. He suddenly felt an intense feeling of crisis.

However, this feeling of crisis swiftly disappeared, becoming obscure in quality. Star Monarch Waterway’s heart grew tense, knowing that his other opponent was targeting him.

Chen Feng had utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight in an attempt to identify Star Monarch Waterway’s weak points. Xue Luosha, who was fighting Star Monarch Waterway, was in a somewhat miserable state and Chen Feng knew that he had to take action quickly. Things would become problematic if Star Monarch Waterway’s attendants come out.


The starlight sceptre and battle lance collided and starlight stirred with bloody light. Next, Xue Luosha was pushed back. Finally, Chen Feng found an opening and the Divine Sun Needle flashed forward. A flower of blood then blossomed upon Star Monarch Waterway’s body.

A pity. Seeing that, Xue Luosha’s eyes flashed with light.


Chen Feng took advantage of the opportunity to attack and the Upright Heaven Sword struck Star Monarch Waterway’s body. Without waiting to see the result of his attack, Chen Feng pulled Xue Luosha and flew away, disappearing from sight.

“Humph!” Star Monarch Waterway stood back up, killing intent filling his face. There was a long sword wound on his back, but it swiftly healed up.


By then, the two attendants had already finished off the threat within the palace and they swiftly went over to Star Monarch Waterway.

“Let’s go.”

Star Monarch Waterway did not pursue Chen Feng and Xue Luosha. At any rate, the treasures left behind by a Heavenly Immortal was more important.

“Just you fellows wait. The next time we meet, you will not be as lucky.”

“Phew! What is this Star Monarch Waterway’s background? He is quite strong.” After reaching safety, Chen Feng put Xue Luosha down.

“Star Monarch Waterway and Flame Monarch Scarletflow are the rising stars amongst the recent generation of cultivators from the Immortal Plane. Their combat powers are very strong, very close to the realm of War Immortals,” Xue Luosha said.

“Close to the War Immortal realm. That is quite a broad generalization. However, it shows that the two of them are very strong. As for the other six cultivators from the Eastern Division of the Immortal Plane, they are not a threat.”

“You can’t say that. The fact that they could come here proves that luck is also on their side. Who knows? They might be the ones to obtain the legacy of the Heavenly Immortal,” Xue Luosha retorted.

“When you put it that way, you are also a person blessed by luck. Only, what I am interested in right now are the Longevity Fruits. The legacy of the Heavenly Immortal is not as important.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“You’ve already gone through so many palaces. Were there no Longevity Fruits at all?” Xue Luosha asked, a displeased look on her face.

“No. I am wondering if your information is correct. Regardless of what I obtain here, the Longevity Fruits are the main reason I came here.” Chen Feng’s face then turned dark.

Chen Feng had discovered that this Xue Luosha was not easy to control. At any rate, someone who could cultivate up to the high-level True Immortal stage would be a powerhouse anywhere.

“I am certain that there are Longevity Fruits inside. But whether or not you can obtain them will depend on your abilities,” Xue Luosha responded coldly.


Chen Feng harrumphed and his figure leapt up as he flew forward once more. He didn’t care if Xue Luosha would be able to keep up with him or not.

Light flashed across Xue Luosha’s eyes and bloody light radiated out from her body. Next, she too, flew up. Although her flight speed was not particularly fast, she was able to steadily follow Chen Feng.

In truth, Xue Luosha was also feeling somewhat helpless about it. Amongst the four parties of key owners to enter this treasure hoard, she was the weakest. Partnering up with Chen Feng was the best choice. At the very least, it would appear that Chen Feng was trustworthy.

And so, the two of them ventured forward, one in the lead and one trailing behind. With his formidable eye technique, it did not take long before Chen Feng found another palace. Promptly, he rushed towards the palace.

Due to what happened to her last time, Xue Luosha chose not to take the lead this time. She watched as Chen Feng safely made his way into the palace.

After entering the palace herself, Xue Luosha found that Chen Feng had looted all the items inside the palace.

Seeing that, blood nearly sprayed out from Xue Luosha’s mouth.

“Let’s go. Next,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“No matter how you cut it, this place is the treasure zone that a Heavenly Immortal left behind. Unfortunately, the grade of the items here is too low.”

Looking at the smile on Chen Feng’s face, Xue Luosha felt a swelling urge to give him a good slap.

In the end, Xue Luosha forwarded the question that had been hovering within her mind.

“How did you know that there was danger in the palace back then?”

“I guessed.”

“… … …”

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light as he kept on inspecting the road ahead, ignoring Xue Luosha, whose face had turned utterly warped from rage.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, this place must surely house some good items. He simply hadn’t found it, yet. Additionally, Chen Feng had also secretly activated the Longevity Scripture. He would be able to detect the aura of the Longevity Fruits immediately.


A ball of flames flew out from Chen Feng’s hand to drive away the surrounding darkness. Flames could also be seen dancing within Chen Feng’s eyes. It was none other than the Longevity Flame.

Their surroundings were becoming increasingly dismal and cold. If it weren’t for the winding pathway, Chen Feng would have assumed that they had reached the icy depths of the universe.

“I wonder, what kind of harvest will the others gain?” Chen Feng suddenly stopped moving. A mighty-looking humanoid puppet - exuding an icy aura - was blocking his way.

“A combat puppet.” Xue Luosha moved forward as well.

“An obstruction is a good thing. This means that there are some good items up ahead.” Chen Feng felt somewhat excited. Before this, he had ransacked a good number of palaces and obtained some items. However, only a small number of items there were truly of interest to Chen Feng.

“I’ll leave this to you,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Xue Luosha said nothing. Wielding her battle lance, she charged forward.


The combat puppet moved the instant Xue Luosha attacked, responding to Xue Luosha’s move with a punch aimed at her.

The punch was accompanied by a blade, which slashed down from above.

Chen Feng took several steps back and he watched the fight with interest. The quality of this combat puppet was very high and its combat methods were very unique. This was Chen Feng’s first time seeing one like it.

Xue Luosha became like a Goddess of War, unleashing highly ferocious attacks right from the very beginning. On the other hand, the combat puppet displayed an astonishing level of defensive and offensive power.

Despite the ferocity of the battle, Chen Feng had no intentions of intervening at all. Instead, he simply observed the fight with a smile on his face. He was able to better evaluate Xue Luosha’s combat power.


Waves of sky-vaulting blood energy radiated out from Xue Luosha and the power within her battle lance kept rising. As for the combat puppet, it was forced to constantly give ground and wounds could be seen on its body.

Chen Feng knew that Xue Luosha would emerge victorious soon enough.


Xue Luosha’s battle lance pierced through the chest of the combat puppet and its combat power fell. In the end, Xue Luosha collected it.

The combat puppet itself was extremely valuable. The materials and methods used to craft it were all factors that could attract even Chen Feng’s attention.

After she finished off the combat puppet, a crude-looking thatched house appeared before them. Swiftly entering, both Xue Luosha and Chen Feng saw a corpse seated on a mat.

“We found the Heavenly Immortal so easily? Surely not.” Chen Feng was surprised.

“It’s the corpse of a half-step Heavenly Immortal. He must have been one of the Heavenly Immortal’s followers.” Xue Luosha’s eyes lit up and she entered. It was time she finally gained something.

Next, however, she cast a wary look at Chen Feng, fearful that he might attempt to snatch the items from her.

Unexpected, Chen Feng ignored Xue Luosha. Streams of light undulated out from his eyes as he stared intently at the corpse of the half-step Heavenly Immortal before them.

“What are you doing? This is mine.” Xue Luosha’s face sank and she stretched her hand to grab the corpse.


A formidable power spread out from the corpse, forcing both Chen Feng and Xue Luosha to back away.


Next, a faint-red halo of light spread out and Chen Feng and Xue Luosha, who failed to endure, were sent flying.

The thatched house shattered apart and a tangible pillar of light charged up into the sky. It was unknown just where it was leading to. However, the power of a half-step Heavenly Immortal expanded outwards in every direction.

“Oh, no! This will surely alarm the others!” Xue Luosha cried aloud.

“Who asked you to recklessly take action?” Chen Feng berated her.

“It’s all your fault for trying to snatch what’s mine!” Xue Luosha glared at him.

“First of all, it still wasn’t yours. Secondly, I had already sensed that something was amiss. Due to that, I wanted to inspect it. What are you so anxious for? I seriously wonder how you managed to cultivate to this level.” Chen Feng scoffed.

“What now?” Xue Luosha decided against arguing with Chen Feng.

“Since you said this belongs to you, you figure it out.” Chen Feng shook his head and retracted his aura. As predicted, the world-encompassing aura of majesty stopped assailing Chen Feng.

Seeing Chen Feng give up on it, Xue Luosha grew delighted. Next, she waved her hand to send a cosmos pouch forward. A grand power of space emerged from it to envelop the nearby corpse of the half-step Heavenly Immortal.

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