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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 2245 Twelve Heavenly Thunders

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Chapter 2245 Twelve Heavenly Thunders

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Initially, Prince Yun Lei was ranked ninth on the Earth Ranking stele. Because Su Zimo killed Immortal Tai Hua, Tie Han and Qing Chenzi, his ranking was raised to sixth.

In the third round, Prince Yun Lei's opponent was a rank 21st Earth Immortal from the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom.

Although the combat strength of this Earth Immortal was rather extraordinary, he was clearly weaker than Prince Yun Lei.

After watching for a while, Su Zimo had already deduced that his opponent in the fourth round would be Prince Yun Lei!

From the fourth round on, apart from Feng Yin, there were only 12 people left.

The 12 Earth Immortals could be considered as true monster incarnates among Earth Immortals!

What was worth mentioning was that in Heaven and Earth Academy, apart from Su Zimo who advanced to the fourth round, Princess Scarlet Rainbow defeated her opponent without any doubt and was still ranked third.

After assimilation, Liu Ping's body was reconstructed and he underwent a complete transformation. He advanced all the way and entered the fourth round, temporarily ranking tenth as one of the top 12 Earth Immortals!

In Heaven and Earth Academy, three Earth Immortals entered the top 12!

This was also the best record in history for Heaven and Earth Academy!

If Su Zimo's sudden appearance was the most shocking, Liu Ping's rise was the most enviable and mysterious of fate.

This was the effect of opportunities!

With just an opportunity, Liu Ping went from an ordinary disciple of Heaven and Earth Academy who could not enter the Earth Ranking to a dazzling monster incarnate of the Earth Immortal realm. His fate was completely changed and his future was limitless!

Before long, the third round of ranking battle ended and the fourth round began.

Feng Yin was still given a free pass.

In the sixth battlefield, Prince Yun Lei was up against Su Zimo!

“Fellow Daoist Su, we didn't have the chance to fight at the Immortal Sect Selection a thousand years ago. Today, I've fulfilled a load on my mind.”

Prince Yun Lei said with a conflicted expression.

A thousand years ago, he participated in the Immortal Sect Selection with Su Zimo but was outshone by the latter.

It was also because the pressure of facing Su Zimo was too great that he changed his mind at the last minute and joined Mountain Sea Immortal Sect.

From time to time, Prince Yun Lei still thought about the matter and worked diligently on his cultivation, wanting to compete with Su Zimo on the Earth Ranking.

However, the battle in the Nine Heavens shocked him way too much!

Prince Yun Lei knew in his heart that this battle was completely unfair to Su Zimo.

If it was a fair fight, even 20 of him would not be a match for Su Zimo!

“This concerns the ranking of the Earth Ranking. I'll do my best. I hope you understand, Fellow Daoist Su.”

Prince Yun Lei cupped his fists.

“It's fine, just attack.”

Su Zimo still had a calm expression and gaze.

Prince Yun Lei channeled his Essence Spirit and the Essence Qi in his body surged. Beams of resplendent lightning appeared on his body and coiled around him like snakes as his aura rose continuously!

Dark clouds filled the square and rumbled, emanating a tremendous pressure that was suffocating.

Instantly, the skies darkened!

“I heard that when Prince Yun Lei was born, the sound of Instant Thunder reverberated through the world. He is innately acquainted with the power of thunder and cultivated many thunder cultivation techniques and secret skills with terrifying killing power.”

“That's right. If not for the appearance of Prince Yun Ting later on who was even more terrifying, Prince Yun Lei would have been the number one paragon of the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom's younger generation.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunder rumbled and the skies darkened, enveloping the Yan Yang Palace as though the apocalypse had arrived.

Up till this point of the ranking battle, this was the first time a universal phenomenon descended due to the attack of an Earth Immortal!

Su Zimo raised his head slightly and looked at the lightning that filled the firmaments. A strange glint flashed through his eyes as he murmured softly, “Thunder…”


Suddenly, Yun Lei opened his mouth and released a sound domain secret skill.

The secret skill resonated with the thunder in the firmaments and created an extremely terrifying energy fluctuation that struck Su Zimo!

At the same time, Yun Lei released his visual technique!

A thunderbolt tore through the dark void and descended before Su Zimo.

Sound domain secret skills and visual techniques descended almost at the same time!


Su Zimo hollered as well and released the secret skill, Thunderclap Kill, to negate the power of Yun Lei's sound domain secret skill.

At the same time, he conjured hand seals with both hands and channeled his Essence Spirit. His hands seemed to be gripping a gigantic spear as he stabbed into the void!


An incomparably blinding light burst forth from the void, illuminating the world like daylight!

In fact, even the dark clouds in the firmaments were torn apart by the resplendent light, revealing cracks that shone.

“Nine Firmament Instant Thunder!”

At the spectator area, Xie Ling exclaimed.

As though he thought of something, Prince Yuan Zuo's expression darkened and suddenly turned extremely terrible.

That was Feng Cantian's secret skill!

He had long known that Feng Cantian was related to Su Zimo. To think that even that terrifying secret skill was imparted to Su Zimo!

Back when Feng Cantian was at his peak, this secret skill alone blinded a Perfected Immortal at the Nine Firmament Meet!

That was also the reason why an Immortal King granted this secret skill its name, Nine Firmament Instant Thunder, in a stroke of emotional inspiration.

Although Prince Yun Lei's visual technique was strong, it melted instantly against the envelopment of the resplendent light like a blazing sun striking ice and snow—it could not defend against it at all!

Yun Lei's eyes stung as well!

In that instant, he felt a violent and savage aura surge towards him. It was like an ancient ferocious beast that was filled with a tragic blood stench, as though it wanted to rip him into two!

“This is bad!”

Prince Yun Lei's heart skipped a beat as he realized that Su Zimo had already closed in.

He had witnessed how terrifying Su Zimo was in melee combat and knew that he had no chance of winning in melee combat.


Prince Yun Lei released his Thunder Escape technique and transformed into a streak of lightning. Instantly, he vanished from the spot and retreated, distancing himself from Su Zimo.

At the same time, Prince Yun Lei channeled his Essence Spirit to its limits and conjured hand seals repeatedly with both hands, letting out thunderous sounds!

“Divine Firmament Heavenly Thunder!”

“Five Elements Heavenly Thunder!”

“Wind Heavenly Thunder!”

“Rain Heavenly Thunder!”

“Cloud Heavenly Thunder!”

“Torrential Heavenly Thunder!”

“Ice Heavenly Thunder!”

“Sound Heavenly Thunder!”

“Sandstorm Heavenly Thunder!”

“Food Heavenly Thunder!”

“Fiend Suppression Heavenly Thunder!”

“Ghost Devouring Heavenly Thunder!”

12 Heavenly Thunder Dharmic arts were released in the blink of an eye and instantly, the world changed!

There was heavy rain, hailstorms that blanketed the skies, torrents that surged over, wild winds that sent sand and rocks flying, malevolent ghosts that roared out of cages and fiendcelestials that were faintly visible…

Countless phenomenons filled the world and every single phenomenon contained an endless power of thunder that blanketed the skies in all directions!


“12 Heavenly Thunders! Prince Yun Lei sure is capable!”

A series of exclamations sounded from both sides of the spectator area.

The power of thunder was the most lethal.

Every single Heavenly Thunder possessed immense power.

Now that 12 Heavenly Thunders were released at the same time, it was absolutely devastating!

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