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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1758 Freeing The Salt Dunes From The Swarm Of Ants

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Chapter 1758 Freeing The Salt Dunes From The Swarm Of Ants

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"Whoever finishes her off first gets the stone!"

I quickly jumped off Aquamarine, as he fully fused with the armor.

While Frank and the rest were watching at my marvelous magic, I took the opportunity to go for the Queen!

"H-Hey! Wait! We had a deal! You can't do that!!!"

Frank followed me from behind, but it was too late now, I was right in front of the Ant Queen!


The Ant Queen opened her jaws as she unleashed a beam of flames and cosmic energy against me, impacting against me with all her magic power!


However, an enormous shield made of ice emerged, protecting me. Combined with the armor, barrier magic, and the Yggdra and Black and White's magic, I've managed to create an even stronger and more reinforced magic shield made of ice than before…!

"[Reflective Skadi's Ice Mirror]!"


The enormous mirror I summoned gathered the beam's energy and then fired it back to the Ant Queen, shooting her down into the ground.

B A A A A A A M M M M!!!


The Ant Queen didn't wasted a single second, unleashing miasmic cosmic flames around her surroundings and shaping them into gigantic tornados, spiraling pillars of purple flames surging from underground, easily attempting to melt the ice of her surroundings and take over everything else with her.

This devastating attack could burn a whole country to the ground, and might even defeat anything we've fought before except a few big bosses… but right now? Not so much.


"I'm on it."


Equipping Colora, I combined her power with the rest of my Egos. A beautiful illustration emerged within her Grimoire this time, and it resembled a titan made of ice, looking graceful like a knightess, holding two enormous ice spears and two floating mirror shields.

"[Summon Painting]: [Eternal Frost Queen]!"


Suddenly, my body and my Egos equipped to me were all absorbed and distorted. Reality itself warped whenever Colora summoned her power, and then, we fused in a single second.


My body reached the ground once more, I was now a gigantic lady covered on ice armor, I had take over a golem-like body of incredible power. My Egos had successfully merged with it as well… this is one of the truest strengths of Colora, the ability to not only summon her drawings to create attacks or summon creatures… she can also modify preexisting things and alter them, or even shape them into different things altogether. Of course, it is only temporarily, but it brings immediate power!

"What the heck?!"

Frank himself was shocked, stepping back in surprise as he saw me change. This only lasts around five minutes at most, so I've gotta finish it quickly.

"Let's see… [Twin Frozen Spears Arts]!"

My two frozen spears, one black and the other white in color, and which held the egos of the same name as their colors, bean overflowing with black and white auras filled with icy mana. In mere seconds, both of them unleashed powerful, piercing blows against the Ant Queen's body, the flames were completely ignored, of course.


"GRYSHAAAAAAA!" The Ant Queen cried in agony impaled her. The monster's horrendous scream was rather horrible to get used to, but I didn't really cared, she was getting killed sooner anyways.

Her flames erupted from her body rapidly, spiraling towards my body. I blocked them with my two mirror shields and then threw them back to her like beams of flames and ice, the enormous blow hit her hard, throwing her into the ground once more.



Her sharp pincers began to crush my legs, but I merely raised my legs and crushed her back, piercing her exoskeleton with the ice of my heels.



An enormous quantity of ice spread further, all over her body, freezing half her body, including her head. And then, I quickly gathered the power of the three trees I made beforehand…]

"[Skadi's Judgement]!"

The ice of the spears pierced through the ant's entire body, reaching the deepest areas of her exoskeleton and then her internal flesh, in mere instants, she was completely frozen alive and then…

Crack… crack!


She was shattered to death, leaving only but an enormous quantity of pieces of her body.

"Well, that was entertaining, I got to try out this new power and all…"


Oh, guess time's out already.

I quickly fell from the skies, reaching the snow below.

"Phew… Oh, the other ants died all frozen, would you look at that. Ice is certainly overpowered against things that cannot even resist a bit of cold, hahaha…"


[Your Party has defeated [Giant Fiery Red Ant Soldier (A+ Rank)] x126!]

[You earned 4410000 EXP!]


[Your Party has defeated [Giant Fiery Red Ant Queen (Rank A+++)] x1!]

[You earned 1500000 EXP!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 73 to Level 74!]

[All Your Stats have increased!]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points.]

Aaaaand another level up for me, that's nice.

Oh right, everyone else also leveled up too…

[The rest of your Egos and Summons have acquired a large sum of EXP]

[Bubu] Level has increased to Level 48!]

[Colora] Level has increased to Level 45!]

[Shadrach] Level has increased to Level 40!]

[Shadrach] has reached Max Level]

[Shadrach] can now evolve]

[Black] Level has increased to Level 41!]

[White] Level has increased to Level 41!]

[Aquamarine] Level has increased to Level 41!]

[Silva] Level has increased to Level 38!]

[Yggdra] Level has increased to Level 50!]

[Yggdra] has reached Max Level]

[Yggdra] can now evolve]

Yup, everyone got stronger. And above all, I can now evolve Shadrach and Yggdra! The two hit max level in this whole fight, the hundreds of ants really helped at that, to be honest. Also I am only around six levels off max level to evolve again… Maybe against the next monster I'll finally reach max level. Well, let's hope for it.




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