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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1880 The Demon Lord Of Pride Appears!

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Chapter 1880 The Demon Lord Of Pride Appears!

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"My name is Hercules, and as you can see, I am the Demon Lord of Pride." The giant stepped forward, his aura continuously growing larger and stronger.

He wasn't as weak as the other Demon Lords at all, in fact, he must be the strongest so far, if the Gluttony Demon Lord exists, and hasn't appeared yet, it could be even stronger.

But as of now, this Giant man exuding an incredibly powerful and imposing aura might be the strongest demon lord we've ever fought so far.

"And I'll delightfully take all of your lives, in honor of my lord, the Demon King." He smiled, his black and red aura kept expanding around our surroundings, suddenly generating a powerful Divine Domain.

The skies became black and red, and the ground turned the same color, it was as if we were all teleported to a different world altogether, I guess this is indeed a Divine Domain of the highest quality I've seen so far coming from a being originally of this world.


[The [Demon Lord of Pride: Giant King Hercules: Lv170 (Rank S++)] has stepped forwards.]

[His powerful Divine Aura of Pride has expanded into the [Divine Demonic Domain of Pride]!]

[While trapped within this Domain, all of his foes receive a debuff of -25% to all Stats, and all Skills become -50% weaker.]

Everyone quickly felt the shock in power, as they felt weakened by merely being trapped inside of this Divine Domain.

"Ugh! H-He's strong! What is this domain?! It feels like it is just draining away at my strength…" Cried Ariant.

"Sis, stay at my side!" Eriant gritted his teeth.

"This power is weakening our strength severely." Luminous analyzed. "This might actually be not a cakewalk like before…"

"Lady Elfina, stay behind us." Sol said valiantly.

"Yes, please do not step into the frontlines." Fiere said.

"O-Okay! I wasn't going to do that anyways…" Elfina said while looking at the scene. "Though… Giants? Are they evil? But why? I do remember that you said you were friends with their tribe, right?"

"And Brunhild is also their representant, the daughter of their chief…" I said.

"This Giant… He is a true devil! I remember him when he arrived here, destroying everything with his steps… Mercilessly stomping at our people and houses…" Tahat-litu sighed.

"Giants are probably the strongest race in this entire world. Their base strength is already ridiculous, and once they start growing stronger, they become incredibly powerful rather quickly, especially when they're talented…" I analyzed, as I glanced at Brunhild. "Brunhild, do you know this man?"

"I…" Brunhild sighed, looking at him. "I do not recognize him, but I do know his name… Hercules, the traitor."

"Hahaha! I never imagined I would get to see a Giant from the original tribe in here." Laughed Hercules, glancing at Brunhild with a smile, but then, his face changed, looking at her more closely. "That appearance… That aura… You remind me of someone, someone I once killed."

Brunhild glanced at the man while furrowing her eyes, her face looked extremely serious, more than I had ever seen her before. Her Divine Aura expanded around her constantly, glowing with multiple colors of magical prowess.

"I know, because you killed my mother." Brunhild said, gritting her teeth.

"Eh? He did…?" I asked, glancing back at the giant.

Hercules laughed.

"Hahaha, I knew it was you!" He said. "You're that woman's… the witch of the giant's tribe daughter? How is that old man I spared? Living well without his right arm? Hahahaha!"

Brunhild's face grew darker as the countless tattoos across her body started glowing brightly, with divine colors and brilliance I had not seen before, but that I had sensed when she and the twins fought the Necrotic Death Overlord.

"We never knew this…" Fiere said.

"He's…?" Sol asked.

"My father told me the truth before we departed." Brunhild said. "Mother didn't truly died just because of her overuse of Mana… There was once a traitor in our tribe, a barbaric man that loved my own mother and envied my father for having taken her away from him, even when she never loved him… The one that led a revolution that left our already small tribe in ruins… Hercules, the Traitor, who betrayed us and sold my mother to the Demon King."

"Heh… HAHAHAAHAH! It has been so many years since then that I've kind of forgotten about that." Hercules laughed. "I appreciate you refreshing my mind, lad."

"Why? Why did you killed my mother? Why did you betray us so much only for something like unrequited love?!" Brunhild asked.

"Is that the whole story your father told you about?" Hercules asked with a smile. "There was another reason why the Demon King wanted your mother dead, and that is the same reason you'll die today, kid. Can't you sense it? All over your body? The power glowing in those tattoos, and the reason your physical strength has always been lacking?"

"E-Eh?" Brunhild felt surprised. "What are you talking about- Huh?!"

Brunhild hadn't realized it, but her entire body was glowing with incredibly high-quality amounts of divine energy converged together, countless elements fusing and giving her strength.

This is most likely the power she had used to fight and defeat the Necrotic Death Overlords, Brunhild's true strength, the one that had been sealed within her for all this time.

"We giants are special. Despite being so few, we are the direct descendants of our Creators, the Ancient Gods!" Hercules started stepping forwards, his entire body glowing with divine power, as tattoos similar to Brunhild appeared around his body, but instead of glowing with rainbow luster, they shone with black and red color, demonic in nature.

He raised his weapon, which suddenly turned into liquid metal and transformed in the shape of a gigantic hammer with black and purple jewels, emanating the aura of a Miasmic Ego.

"What are you talking about?" Brunhild asked, furious, as she raised her magic staff, which emanated a powerful magical rainbow.

"You know what I mean. Once in a while, some Giants are born with a part of our ancestors divine powers." He laughed. "Your mother's magical talent wasn't coincidence, it emerged from her having inherited this power… The [Ancient Gods Crest]!" Hercules smiled. "And I… have stolen it from her."




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