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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1760 The Cosmic Stones And New Ego Fragments

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Chapter 1760 The Cosmic Stones And New Ego Fragments

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These Skills granted me some new tools to play with. First of all the new icy skill grants techniques with each level, which is a mechanic I am up for. Reflective Ice Mirror creates small mirrors similar to those that Aquamarine can summon, but smaller and less potent.

However, their MP cost is very small, so I can summon them by the dozens way more easily. Lastly, Freezing Gaze is a powerful eye-related ability that freezes a target on the spot once I have conjured it. It is rather useful to intimidate foes and also to inflict the freezing status effect if it ever lands correctly on my target. If combined with other eye related skills, it becomes pretty amazing, isn't it?

And lastly, the Title Skill was made just because I killed a sh*tton of fiery ants, these damn six legged bastards are loaded with fire magic and are obviously fire type monsters. Killing a bunch gave me this skill, and I believe everyone should have it too. Not only does it increases damage against the fire guys, but it also adds a nice bonus resistance to fire element, just what I wanted honestly.

With that said and done, I checked my status again, finding I had a ton of Stat Points and Skill Points… Yeah, it is a lot. But I think I should hold back for now and administrate them later. Especially when we go against Elfina's army of the dead. I am already suspecting we'll fight not only just some random undead mobs, but something else…

It is already very coincidental that Elfina has Necromancer powers awakened after that damn ugly bastard of the blue genie tweaked around with her, so I want to know for sure what might that be… I have a few suspicious theories, but I want to concentrate on leveling up and getting stronger to save her as soon as she gets here. It is certainly convenient she's coming on her own accord, although to destroy this town, most likely.

I am just dead worried about her to be honest. I want her right here and not in the clutches of that bastard… Every time I think about the poor little Elfina, I get angrier. Let's get this done with so we can save her quicker. I was so ruthless against the ant because killing monsters seem to be the only thing that made me let out all my frustration, geez.

I used Black and White to carve out the frozen flesh of the Ant Queen and then took out the blue stone there, throwing it at Frank. I thought about eating it right there, but I knew he needed them. I am not someone that betrays his friends for some power up after all. At the end, these monsters infested with cosmic energy are enough cosmic-type materials I need for now, hehe.

"There you have, cowboy."

I threw the stone at him as he flew down to greet me.

"Thanks… you just killed the boss on your own…"

He seemed slightly annoyed.

"Hey! You did the same with the previous one. Also I am obviously the protagonist of this story now so you're a side character, don't think you'll steal my boss kills, that's my specialty!"

"This is not some sort of fictional novel world… But sure, if you're having fun that's alright. The faster we get rid of these things the better, honestly."

Frank quickly transformed the blue colored stone into a potion and drank it, regaining more and more of his power.


"Ooh, this one had more cosmic power than the previous one… this is nice. I think I've recovered around 30% of the lost power. Each stone is roughly 10%." He said with a happy smile. The boy was quite handsome, I had to admit it.

"Huh, so 7 left to go then? There's one in the dungeon, and another coming here, so that's two less, we'll still have five more to go." I sighed.]

"I know for sure they're all here, I can sense the presence of the rest farther into the south, probably in the Land of the Demons, or the Demon Kingdom, as you guys called that place." Frank said while rubbing his chin. "It wouldn't be farfetched to think the Demon King has the stone son his possession…"

"Huh, so you also thought about that possibility, eh? Black, use Predation on the Ant Queen for now." I talked with Frank while giving some basic orders to Black.

"Heh, time to feast!"

Black quickly transformed, turning into a mass of chaos and darkness of grotesque proportions and devouring the entire Ant Queen, bite by bite. I had already extracted materials from her carcass and had her soul trapped into the corpse using my Phantasmal Puppeteer Skill.




[You acquired a [Large High Quality Ego Fragment] x20]

[You acquired a [Fiery Red Ant Queen's Ego] x1]

"And done." I nodded with a smile.

"Amazing, is this how you create Egos? So it's all that black spear's power." Said Frank.

"Not really, back home I have something named Realm Core, I use it to create all sorts of wacky and insane abilities, one of them was the Ego Forge, by spending Divine Points, I can create Egos and imbue them into inanimate objects… It also works on trees, apparently, so also living beings as long as they're quite inanimate themselves." I said while remembering the rules I had been discovering over my journey.

"Amazing… Could it be possible if you transformed my weapons and armor into Egos?" Frank wondered. His clothes were some sort of super adaptable armor, and his two weapons, the Demon Sword Gram and his Holy Golden Spear were pretty powerful Cosmic Energy-imbued weapons he used.

"Hmmm… Maaaaybe." I said while thinking about it. "If you work hard and help us out, I'll think about it."

"Hey, come on, I've done enough for you…" He sighed.

"You can always do more, dear! Now let's go." I laughed, quickly storing everything in my Item Box as we gathered with the rest of the party.




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