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«Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1106 – God-general Mid Rank Part 4

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Chapter 1106 - God-general Mid Rank Part 4

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She paused for a moment after saying that before she continued, “Qian Ye, you are just lucky. Your fortune allowed you to be born as a royal. Thus, the Qi family is cracking their minds to fawn on you! They don’t even mind trying to have a marriage alliance with you! But Elder Brother Qi Mo and I mutually love each other. It’s all due to you that even if Elder Brother Qi Mo wants to marry me, the Qi family won’t agree!”

“Why? Why are you able to obtain the recognition of the Qi family? Yet, the reason for them rejecting me is just due to my ordinary status. No matter if I am able to reach the God-king Low Rank cultivation at my age, I still can’t enter the eyes of the Qi family! In my point of view, a woman like yourself really isn’t compatible with Elder Brother Qi Mo. Everything is just all due to your Princess identity!”

Xiao Yu’s voice was gloomy. There was obvious jealousy revealed from her eyes.

‘I can’t imagine Qian Ye to look so pure after removing her makeup, almost making me fail to recognise her. Furthermore, isn’t the reason why Elder Brother Qi Mo likes me is due to that kind of pureness? If he sees the current Qian Ye, the outcome will be undesirable…’

“Qian Ye, don’t worry. Once we enter the interior of God Mountain, I will surely give you special treatment.”

Xiao Yu smirked. Her black eyes lit up with a faint peculiar glow, enhancing the happiness expressed on her face…

“Cough! Cough!” Liu Ye cleared his throat again before he continued with a cold and stern tone, “If you’re all ready, let’s depart now. There is a teleportation array in the plaza that will enable you all to be sent to your designated spots! If you’re well prepared, let’s head out now! You must return back to the God Academy within half a month’s time. If you fail to do so, you will be deemed as disqualified!”

Qian Ye’s expression changed drastically as she exclaimed hurriedly, “Please wait!”

“Do you have something to say?” Liu Ye’s brows creased slightly as he glanced lightly at Qian Ye.

“Chief Manager Liu Ye, I wonder if I can request changing the person that is in charge of taking us to the training ground?” Qian Ye gritted her teeth as she glared viciously at Xiao Yu and continued, “This woman and I have grudges against each other. She may have ill intentions, wanting to set us up!”

“Oh?” Liu Ye creased his brows slightly as he glanced at Xiao Yu and clarified, “Is that such a matter?”

“Lord Chief Manager,” Xiao Yu explained innocently with eyes filled with resentment, “I indeed have a grudge against her. It is due to her liking Elder Brother Qi Mo. Nonetheless, Elder Brother Qi Mo had hurt her mercilessly for me. However, since Elder Brother Qi Mo doesn’t love her, why do I have the need to cause harm to her? I know Qian Ye dislikes me and I don’t like her either. But I am not that kind of woman that’s insensible. More importantly, I won’t do anything that goes against the rules of the academy. No matter if it is on behalf of her being childhood friends with Elder Brother Qi Mo, I similarly won’t cause her harm…”

Everyone started criticising Qian Ye after seeing Xiao Yu’s innocent expression.

“Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu isn’t the type that abuses her authority. She knows what she is supposed to do!”

“That’s right but what Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu said is right. Elder Apprentice Brother Qi Mo dislikes this woman so what reason does she have to harm her? Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu has already obtained Elder Apprentice Brother Qi Mo so she doesn’t need to do such revolting matter!”

Qian Ye was so angry that her face flushed red upon hearing what those people were talking about her.

She glared furiously at Xiao Yu and rebuked, “You didn’t say as such previously.”

Xiao Yu blinked her eyes as she replied innocently, “What I said previously? I just advised that we should be wary of our surroundings within God Mountain and that you should follow my instructions after entering the training ground. Is there a problem with that piece of advice?”

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