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«Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1088 – Big Harvest Part 1

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Chapter 1088 – Big Harvest Part 1

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Mu Ru Yue could only feel she was free-falling within boundless darkness.


She landed on a soft body. After that, a groan was heard beneath her.

She hastily stood up. With the assistance of the weak light within the hole, she looked at the man’s handsome face lying on the ground. She asked nervously, “Wu Chen, are you alright?”

Ye Wu Chen creased his brows tightly. A faint glow was shone on his gravely pale face, making Mu Ru Yue’s heart tighten.

With a worried gaze, she asked, “Wu Chen, have you really gotten hurt by me?”

Ye Wu Chen smirked slightly. With a charming smile and cunning gaze from his purple eyes, he said, “If you kiss me once, I will be fine.”

“Ye Wu Chen!”

Mu Ru Yue’s face turned black. She wanted to punch him on his chest badly. Yet, when she saw his cold sweat-drenched face, she couldn’t will herself to do that…

Suddenly, an arm tugged on her arm momentarily falling toward the man. She was then pressed under his body before she could come back to her senses.

“We’ve never been able to spend time by ourselves even since you headed to the purgatory. Now, it’s perfect there isn’t anyone here. How about…”

The man narrowed his eyes slightly as his purple eyes sized up the impeccable appearance of Mu Ru Yue that was pressed under him. His smile turned increasingly charming.

His finger caressed her skin that was covered by a layer of soft clothing. His lips slowly neared hers.

They could both feel each other’s breathe clearly at this instant.


An intense light shone at this instant, illuminating the entire mountain cave. Following that, a demon beast egg leaped into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace, giving off a buzzing sound.


Ye Wu Chen’s gaze turned gloomy. He smacked the demon beast egg flying with his handsome face turned ashen. His purple eyes were so gloomy that it seemed to carry a tempest within it.

If someone was to interrupt a person’s fun time… oh no~ it should be an egg this time. He wouldn’t have a good mood towards it.

The eggy felt really wronged.

‘I don’t know why but this human isn’t allowing me to near them. I was only feeling the nostalgic feeling from that human’s girl body…’

“Wu Chen,” Mu Ru Yue raised her hand to push Ye Wu Chen away and tidied up her clothes. She said, “I don’t know where Flame Phoenix and Lin Ru Suo has ended up. Let’s check out this place now!”

‘It’s obscure why I keep feeling something is luring me to it, making me want to investigate the source…’


The eggy shook its spinning head from the fall before rapidly flying out of the mountain cave.

“Wu Chen, let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze turned serious as she stared at the direction that the eggy had gone to…

“I don’t know if I’m overthinking but I feel that something here is summoning me to it…”

Ye Wu Chen looked at the woman beside him. He didn’t say anything and a gentle and charming smile graced his handsome face…

The two of them followed behind the eggy. That glow increasingly intensified as they advanced forward. It was like parting layers and layers of clouds and mist.

“Hmm! Is that…”

Suddenly, a golden ray of sunlight shone. Mu Ru Yue blocked her eyes by reflex. When she was accustomed to the radiance, she then slowly opened her eyes…

Her pupils contracted suddenly upon what she saw. She was staring at the large three before her that was emitting an eye-piercing glow…

“Is this the Sacred Gold Tree?”

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