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«Emperor of Steel (Web Novel) - Chapter 680: Swords Clash 4

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Chapter 680: Swords Clash 4

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Carmel, an elder of Veritas Magic Tower.

A disciple of former elder Lenuk, he was asked to sneak into the Symphonia Kingdom along with a few trusted men.

He and his men were tasked with summoning the monsters with dark magic in Brandon and the nearby cities, or to spread the zombie disease in the Symphonia army, and cause massive chaos.

Then, those against Luke would rise up, and Symphonia Kingdom would be in a turmoil for power-seeking nobles.

‘If only this turns out successful, the nasty Luke will no longer be able to interfere with our work. I will be able to establish a name for myself next to elder…’

He wasn’t sure if Arsene knew, but there were many factions that were divided into Veritas leaders.

They were all trying to showcase their power to Arsene and solidify their status in the tower.

It was because, in the dark world which Arsene wanted, they too wanted to reign as a high force.

‘How far is Master leading his monster legion, did he reach safely?’

Carmel’s party heard about the war in the northwest region of Symphonia from the intelligence agents of Libiya.

However, it was said that the advancement of the monster legion hasn’t been very smooth.

The terrain was unpredictable, and the Symphonia troops too were struggling.

Somehow, it felt like bad news and Carmel seemed uncomfortable.

Because of that, he thought that he had to succeed in his given mission at all costs.

‘I need to relieve the Master a little off his burden. If the central region was put in a mess, the Symphonia army in the northwest will have no choice but to withdraw!’

After thinking that, Carmel hurried and moved to Brandon.

In front of the large gates which lead to Brandon, he saw a strange sight.

Those who seemed like Dwarves, were carrying several wagons of beer, and were giving beer to the people in the checkpoint.

“What are they doing? Festival during the war?”

Soldiers, who were waiting at the checkpoint in the front, replied to as if he heard Carmel’s mumbling.

“A new brewery has been opened up in the capital. After tasting it, they will ask you if you like it to buy the beer.”

When Carmel first heard that, he wasn’t sure.

Well, he later thought that it would be okay to get a cup of beer as he was thirsty.

“Come on, drink it, and cool down. Our Krom Bar is different from the other breweries!”

“It is made with a secret recipe of the Golden hammer tribe, it tastes so bitter and is excellent!”

“If you drink this with fried chicken and potatoes, you never know when you’ll fall into love with it!”

The words of the dwarves who were promoting their beer were heard behind.

After a while, Carmel’s turn came.

He was handed the golden beer which was poured from the dwarves which had glass tin and he brought his mouth to the glass.

‘Th-this is…!’

It didn’t seem like an ordinary one.

That didn’t mean that it was so tasty. It was because the moment he sipped the beer, it felt like his lips went numb.

‘No way… is it holy water?’

He did hear the stories of mixing the holy water with wine in the temples and sanctuaries.

However, there is no reason for it to be used in typical breweries.

There had to be some special reason for adding that.

“No, why aren’t you drinking it?”

The dwarf who poured in the beer, asked Carmel.

Carmel kept on making excuses.

“Well, I stopped drinking for my health…”

“Would anyone be sick from having a beer? This beer is healthy, which is why ours is so great!”

“Yes, even sick people get up and walk.”

Carmel saw the dwarves sneakily lifting their axes and hammers.

At some point, some of the checkpoint troops at the city gate too approached them.

‘Damn, we got caught. Those cunning men!’

“Uh, why are you hesitating to drink?”

“Is something not feeling right?”

Unable to withstand the questions of the dwarves, Carmel threw the beer mug, and pulled out a wand from the back and used magic.

“Dark Impact!”

“I knew it, you little rat!”

The moment Magi spread from Carmel’s wand, a yellow bearded dwarf rushed ahead and struck the hammer.

A white light flashed from the hammer he swung, and Carmel’s dark magic got extinguished.

“Di-divine power?”

“What are you so shocked about? Never seen a dwarf priest?”

It wasn’t comparable to the priests of El Kassel or the Mars faction, but the fairies also have traditional beliefs and they believed in priests.

The dwarfs in front of Carmel’s eyes were priests who followed such traditions or beliefs.

The existence of priests was a trouble to the warlocks.

“I don’t know much about divine power. Instead, we’ll take you down in our traditional way, so be prepared!”

“F*ck, Dark Bullet!”

After that, not just the dwarf priest but the other dwarves too began to go to Carmel, Carmel avoided them with Blink magic and fired dark magic.

“Ohh, what is this all of a sudden?”

“He is a warlock, come on hurry up!”

Those who were waiting near the checkpoint scattered all of a sudden.

Fortunately, they weren’t too confused.

It was because Carmel was focused on fleeing and not fighting, but because a talented person was secretly waiting behind the gates.

“Black Bind!”

“Ah! No!”

Suddenly, black plants rose from the ground and trapped Carmel who was shocked at it.

“Tch Tch, your Magi is unpleasant. What kind of dirty tricks do you even have?”

“Ahk! Y-you! Who are you? Who are you using dark mag…?”

When Carmel was getting his Magi absorbed by the dark plants, an old man wearing a dark blue robe answered.

“This old man is Johas, from Black Tower.”

“J-Johas? No way, from the Dark Moo…?”

“Huh, you seem to know well. Just like any other Veritas Magic tower warlocks.”

‘Not a henchman…’

Carmel wanted to refute, but he had very little energy left and lost consciousness.


When he fell, the dwarf priest approached and asked.

“Man, you didn’t kill him right?”

Veritas magic tower warlocks, when found, were asked to be captured.

Because there was a lot of information that they had to find out from them.

“You think I will be that clumsy? And the Dark Moon warlocks might be in the dark for long, but we respect the words of God more than our lives.”

The dwarves and knights couldn’t take the fluster off their faces when they heard of Johas’s answer drawing out God’s name.

Although they heard that the warlocks belonging to the Black Tower were different from existing warlocks, it was because they seemed very different from the others.

“Take him quickly and question the man. Shouldn’t we dig up the information?”

At the words of Johas, the knights and soldiers quickly lifted Carmel with magic restraints and dragged him somewhere.

Arsene’s plan to cause confusion in the royal city, Brandon and other cities went out of hand right from the start.

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