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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4381: Competition

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Chapter 4381: Competition

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Secret information networks flowed in full swing as a result.

For example, it became public knowledge that Goldbird Monarch has entered isolated cultivation, leaving Phoenix Ground to the ancestors.

This caused members of Dragon and even external sects to gossip.

“Why did the monarch choose to train right now?” A Dragon member wondered since this was too much of a coincidence.

“I don’t think it’s related at all, the three branches do not interfere with each other and work together against external enemies. Peacock Monarch might be your leader but he can’t exert influence over Phoenix Ground. He’s from Dragon Platform, the ancestors from Phoenix Ground will not allow this.” His friend from another sect speculated.

In another conversation, a disciple from Dragon whispered: “I heard Peacock Monarch conspired with the enemy.”

“What the hell are you saying?” Someone else who has just gotten back to Dragon found this unbelievable.

Most felt the same way because Goldbird was one of the four monarchs on top of being the ladder of Phoenix Ground. His status was only slightly inferior to Peacock Monarch.

“Don’t you know? He invited Li Qiye to Phoenix Ground.” Another quietly added.

“Li Qiye?” The person had no idea.

“The leader of a tiny sect who conspired and killed our young lord along with many members. The sect master has ordered for his death.” Someone answered.

“Damn right, if he killed our brothers, then he’s our enemy, I can’t believe Goldbird Monarch is conspiring with the enemy.” The listeners became unhappy.

“That is a serious offense. He’s probably being put under house arrest, they might cripple his cultivation too.” A disciple from Phoenix Ground became worried.

In reality, many from Phoenix Ground truly respected Goldbird Monarch and didn’t want to see this.

“Either that or death.” Another interjected.

“Not quite.” An older disciple shook her head: “The problem between the sect master and Li Qiye can be construed as a personal feud. The ancestors haven’t stated their stance on this and we don’t have a rule forbidding members from interacting with enemies.”

Others exchanged glances. If Dragon wanted to go all-out against a sect or a cultivator, this required the consensus of the three branches.

If this was strictly a personal feud between Li Qiye and Peacock Monarch, then Goldbird Monarch could still befriend Li Qiye. This was not considered traitorous.

“Either way, we need to be united, befriending an enemy is a bad look.” One more supported Peacock Monarch: “If we don’t destroy the enemies, regardless of who they are, then others will not take us seriously.”

“Yes, we have to take down anyone who offends us.” One disciple felt his blood boiling.

They thought that Peacock Monarch represented their sect. Offending him was the same as offending Dragon. All members should work together to help him.

“So who is this Li Qiye? He actually dared to provoke us?” Another became curious.

“Just an insect from Little Diamond.” Someone answered with disdain.

“Just destroy this tiny sect, they must be tired of living.” The third uttered coldly.

“If we don’t do something about this, others might think we’re easily bullied. They deserve it for challenging our authority anyway.” The majority agreed with this point of view. It wasn’t a big deal to destroy a tiny sect in their mind.

“Disciples of the three branches, return to the sect.” Amidst the turmoil, Peacock Monarch gave this order.

It became apparent that something big was going on.

“There has to be something going on.” All three branches thought the same thing.

The three branches only made up the core of Dragon, not everyone else. In normal circumstances, this command would only be given when Dragon was invaded.

“Is this escalation necessary over a nobody?” One of them asked.

Another piece of information traveled across the city next.

“I heard Li Qiye escaped with his fellow members already.” Someone from Phoenix Ground murmured.

“Escape?” This surprised quite a few members.

“What else can he do? He killed Senior Brother Sky Eagle’s group, I’m sure Phoenix Ground hates and wishes to destroy him. He would be dead if it wasn’t for the monarch’s protection. Now that the monarch is in isolated training, he obviously has to run away.” Another elaborated.

“Is that all? I can’t believe the overreaction then.” An older disciple complained.

Meanwhile, outsiders staying in the city had a different opinion.

One of them said: “Looks like changes will be happening, this is actually part of an ongoing competition between the three branches. Dragon Platform might be taking advantage of this to take over Phoenix Ground.”

“Impossible, the stalemate has gone on for millions of years. There is an implicit agreement to maintain the status quo. No one can break it.” A cultivator from the last generation disagreed.

“But the personnel might change. The Jian has been in charge for too long. Not to mention Dragon Platform or Tiger Pond, even some from Phoenix Ground are tired of this.” The first speaker retorted.

This made the crowd ponder quietly. The Jian has indeed been in charge for a long time now. The other demon clans in Phoenix Ground naturally wanted to see a change in leadership.

If Peacock Monarch and Dragon Platform were to exert pressure, maybe they would agree to push the Jian down a notch in order to replace them.

Therefore, the city found itself in the calm before the storm.


Back in the pinnacle of the roost, the flames appeared again only for a split second. A figure appeared afterward - Li Qiye.

“Young Noble Li, you’re back just in time.” Someone was ecstatic to see him and rushed over.

Li Qiye slightly frowned after seeing Jian Qingzhu and said: “What’s the problem?”

She smiled wryly and nodded: “There’s a problem indeed, my father is under house arrest and Peacock Monarch has returned to City of Demons. The three branches are on the move right now.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Young Noble, Father has already ordered people to take the members of Little Diamond to safety outside of Phoenix Ground.” She said.

“What do you want then?” He asked.

“Young Noble, please help me save my father.” She requested.

“Easy enough, you and I will go save your father and kill anyone who stands in our path.” He smirked.

“That’s not what I meant!” She hurriedly waved her hand after hearing the bloodthirst in his voice. By this point, she knew that he could actually start a massacre.

“No? Do you have a better plan?” He stared at her, amused.

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