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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4140: Celestial Scorched Sword

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Chapter 4140: Celestial Scorched Sword

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Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

Ninth wasn’t trying to put up an act or anything and said it in a matter-of-fact manner. Nonetheless, the crowd still took a deep breath.

“If he stays alive, even if he doesn’t become a dao lord, he’ll be able to become someone capable of killing a dao lord. His spirit and mindset exceed all of his peers.” A mighty ancestor quietly analyzed.

Ninth’s best aspect wasn’t his talent but rather, his terrifying tenacity and obsession.

Even the neutral members of the crowd hoped for his death. Having an existence like him around was rather dangerous.

Though he never challenged weaker cultivators, he didn’t actually mind killing the weak. What happened back at the Tang’s plain was the perfect example.

Morality never held him back. If he wanted to kill, he would certainly kill mortals with no qualms regarding public sentiments and backlash. Other big shots would never attack a junior but this wasn’t the case for Ninth.

“Unsheath your sword.” Ninth pointed his blade towards the sword lord.

“Clank!” The sword lord removed the sheath. The blade seemed to be made from ebony with complicated lines and a black luster.

The wooden sword didn’t have a mighty aura but gave off the impression of being quite heavy. Spectators thought that they wouldn’t be able to raise it.

“Its name is Celestial Scorched.” He waved it around and said: “When I changed from my demon form to a human form, the celestial flames descended and burned me, leaving this one root behind. I refined it into a sword and have been using it since.”

“Celestial Scorched?” Others weren’t familiar with this wooden sword.

“Why didn’t he bring a dao lord sword? I’m sure Wooden Sword has one.” Another wondered.

Though their progenitor, Wooden Sword Holy Devil, wasn’t a dao lord, the sect had produced a dao lord before. Jade Bamboo Dao Lord was brilliant so any weapon left behind would be incredible. Plus, Wooden Sword Holy Devil should have left behind great weapons as well.

However, in this crucial moment, Pineleaf Sword Lord didn’t bring any of them.

“Right, I don’t get it either. He would have a higher chance of winning with a dao lord weapon.” A last-gen cultivator found this bewildering.

Some thought that he was courting death by choosing an inferior weapon. He could definitely ask for the weapon considering that he was their king.

“The best weapon is the most suitable one.” A powerful ancestor said: “This is something that can help him use his grand dao to its full potential.”

Another ancient high elder nodded: “Yes, the sword was made from his main root, the reason for his birth and fate. Plus, it was refined by a heavenly flame so this is special. It has both his foundational power and the power of the heavenly dao. The only thing it lacks is popularity due to his reclusive nature.”

In the broader sense, the sword was no match for a dao lord weapon. However, it was perfect for the sword lord.

Shedding his original form caused flames from above to come down and reduced the tree to ashes. However, the main root remained, albeit scorched.

This was a testament to its toughness. Thus, he refined it into a personal weapon.

“It’s a good sword, a good companion after death.” Ninth said, once again reiterating his confidence.

“It began with it aso ending with it isn’t bad either. Let us start.” The sword lord didn’t become angry at all.

The conversation stopped as the two glared at each other. The sword lord assumed a starting sword stance.

Even the winds stopped while the spectators held their breath - a great battle awaited.

Ninth’s eyes were as cold as flowing water with an ice affinity. Their sword energies rampaged and began a fierce contest.

If anyone were to be caught in their battle, they would be reduced to a bloody mist by the overwhelming energies.

“Die!” Ninth’s shout echoed in everyone’s ears. He leaped into the air while holding his sword behind his back.

The next swing unleashed a torrent of slashes, tearing apart the sky vault. Everyone beneath seemed rather tiny in comparison.

The ten thousand slashes could massacre millions and millions of lives, turning them into lost souls.

“The fourth variation, Lifeless.” People saw the illusion of them being decapitated; their head flying in the air while blood gushed out. This terrifying scene of carnage and death left them screaming in horror.

Mountains of corpses and oceans of blood would be a common denominator in the three thousand worlds after being subjected to these slashes.

Ninth skipped the first three variations to start the battle. There was no need for him to hold back against this rather capable opponent.

Meanwhile, the sword lord still stood beneath the pine tree. “Clank!” The countless leaves turned into swords and gathered in front to protect him.

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