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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4139: Pineleaf Sword Lord

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Chapter 4139: Pineleaf Sword Lord

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Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

Those in Cloud Dream Lake felt as if they were in a forest with towering trees. They breathed in the refreshing air and life force seeped into their organs.

“Rustle!” Roots started growing on the treacherous peak, looking like dragons drilling in and out of the smooth cliffs. Next came flowers and vines appearing on both the large roots and on the walls themselves.

Lakeshine Peak was lonely no more due to all the new lifeforms popping up; a verdant layer was added to the surface.

“Pineleaf Sword Lord’s here.” People realized that he was here despite not actually seeing him.

The sword lord’s true form was a pine tree demon with boundless life force. That’s why his presence resulted in trees and flowers blooming.

A great tree finally appeared on top of the peak; its branches and leaves fluttered to the wind. It wasn’t particularly large but looked quite tough. It stood strong and survived the test of time after millions of years.

The body pointed straight upward just like an indomitable sword ready to split the sky. Spectators knew that it was special right away.

Beneath the tree was an old man with an ancient aura containing an indescribable hint of ferocity. He was an unsheathed sword ready to shock the world after the first slash.

“There he is!” Someone shouted after seeing the old man.

Pineleaf Sword Lord was here to answer the challenge. He might not be the strongest out of the Six Sect Masters but he was the oldest and has been one of the longest-tenured kings in Wooden Sword. Conversations about him always had a respectful tone.

Today, the situation was grim for him so the crowd was quieter than usual.

“It’s time.” An older expert looked at the full moon.

Ninth changed his focus back on his opponent, still having the same gaze of indifference. It seemed as if the only thing he cared about in this world was his sword.

“You’re here.” He coldly uttered.

There was no aggression in his voice yet listeners felt like there was an invisible sword cutting their heart. Each word resembled two swords grinding together and made them uncomfortable.

“Yes.” The sword lord had fully prepared for this fight and was ready to face anything.

“Got everything settled?” Ninth asked, certain of victory.

This might greatly pressure the sword lord since his opponent seemed rather confident.

“Thanks for asking, I have arranged everything. This will be a fight to the death, everything will end here. No feud and grievances.” The sword lord smiled.

He appeared ready for death. Even in the case of his defeat, Wooden Sword would not pursue this any further. Of course, Ninth has never been afraid of retributions and others seeking revenge.

“The sword lord’s mentality is exceptional. I can’t compare to him.” Terra Sword Saint sentimentally sighed.

Though he looked to be at a significant disadvantage, the crowd still respected him.

“Very well, till death.” Ninth said.

The sword lord focused on his opponent and sword energies manifested in his eyes. The visible rays signaled the crowd that he was about to start.

“He lives up to his reputation.” One expert said after sensing his energy.

“Till death.” The sword lord said.

“Clank!” A hymn could be heard before he unsheathed his sword. Other swords started harmonizing and vibrating as well.

His sword energy began engulfing the region in an all-encompassing manner, reaching every crook and crevice and allowing him to be dominant.

He seemed to have complete control of this battlefield. The sentiment started becoming more positive for him.

“He has the initiative right now.” An expert commented: “He’s stronger than expected.”

The sword lord made the first move and surrounded the battlefield with his all-encompassing energy.

“Clank!” A sharp clank could be heard and assaulted the sword lord’s domain, easily tearing it apart.

Ninth had unsheathed his sword, releasing a cold air accompanied with murderous intent to the horror of the crowd.

Though he was merely holding it, some crowd members groaned in pain as if they were pricked.

“Ninth’s sword is just too sharp.” One sect master praised after regaining his composure. His chest was still throbbing.

“That’s a good sword.” Pineleaf Sword Lord praised while looking at the weapon.

“Indeed, it prefers killing the worthy.” Ninth coldly responded.

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