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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4138: Combatants' Arrival

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Chapter 4138: Combatants' Arrival

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Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

“Clank!” A sword descended and was pinned on top of the peak. Murderous energies immediately swept the four directions like a tsunami.

“Oh, mother…” People became afraid while weaker cultivators were sent flying, injured.

They had already kept their distance at the start yet the energy waves still wounded them.

“Ninth!” When the waves dispersed, they saw someone standing on the peak.

Silence took over right away as people watched with bated breath.

Ninth had healed from his previous injuries due to Li Qiye. It seemed that his cultivation has improved as well.

He had the same air of indifference and emotionlessness, looking at the crowd as if they were nothing more than corpses.

“So that’s Ninth.” Everyone felt uncomfortable in his presence.

Those stronger still didn’t dare to underestimate him since his murderous aura was denser than that of an assassin. Being stronger or having a powerful background didn’t stop one from potentially being hunted by him.

Those who saw him for the first time today thought that he was worthy of his fame.

He was glaring intensely at Li Qiye. This prompted the crowd to think about a potential fight between these two.

Ninth nearly lost his life in the previous battle. Most would consider it humiliating and try to come up with a way to erase it.

However, Ninth showed no sign of emotion - no anger either towards Li Qiye. It looked as if he might have forgotten about their encounter.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye clapped and said: “Recovering and becoming stronger in such a short time. Your sword dao has improved as well. Such courage and spirit are admirable.”

Others thought that Li Qiye was fearless, daring to speak to Ninth in this manner. They thought that he was truly special and treated everyone the same way.

“Impressive indeed.” A big shot nodded in agreement.

Anyone else would be furious at Li Qiye right now for bringing up their defeat. It would be difficult to hide this emotion but Ninth had no fluctuations at all. Such mental control made him special.

“Has he improved more?” Others became afraid of Ninth’s incredible development. Even the Six Sect Masters and Six Kings were afraid of him now.

For example, Terra Sword Saint observed Ninth carefully with a serious expression, not daring to underestimate the enemy.

“No wonder why he managed to kill Wavesplitter Sovereign.” One ancestor said softly: “Few from the last generation can take him on in a one-on-one fight. If he makes it to the tenth variation, the Five Overlords will have no choice but to fight.”

“Really? His tenth variation is enough to fight them?” A junior became alarmed.

For the common cultivators, the Five Overlords stood at the apex in Sword Continent.

“Maybe, or at least it’ll be very close.” The ancestor responded: “Tenth is enough for him to do whatever he wants. Remember, the thirteenth killed a dao lord before.”

“So Pineleaf Sword Lord can’t win?” Friends of Wooden Sword became worried.

Ninth had proved his power to everyone. However, people feared him more than other experts such as the two saints. They felt as if he was death incarnate despite the fact that he wasn’t a mass murderer. There was just something about him that instilled a deep fear into everyone.

They knew that the situation was terrible for Pineleaf Sword Lord.

“The sword lord will fight no matter what.” An expert in the know sighed softly.

Pineleaf Sword Lord naturally wouldn’t run or refuse the challenge due to his reputation.

Ning Zhu quietly watched despite knowing the inevitable result. Alas, there was nothing she could do. Her master had the right to make his own decision.

The round moon was up high at this point. It was time.

“It’s starting soon. Where is Pineleaf Sword Lord though?” Some looked up at the moon.

“Buzz.” A majestic force answered them.

It wasn’t unbearable and didn’t send anyone flying. On the contrary, it was brimming with life force. This comfortable affinity seeped into the very core, causing the spectators to become entranced.

This life force had an unyielding nature just like a boulder at the bottom of the lake. Nothing could ever move it.

“He’s here.” People recognized the sword lord’s aura.

“Splash!” Water splashed violently.

People looked over and saw something moving at an incredible rate. From the reflection in the water, it resembled a green dragon crossing through Cloud Dream Lake.

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