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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4137: I Lead, Swords Follow

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Chapter 4137: I Lead, Swords Follow

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Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

Sword Temple had three dao lords so it was absolutely a top sect on this continent. Its peers included Virtuous School and Daoist Sword Ground. As for Nine-wheel Citadel, it had a total of four dao lords.

Sword Temple was different from its peers. Virtuous School had ties and relationships everywhere. Daoist Sword Ground started by War God Dao Lor focused on fighting and battles, becoming quite famous in the process.

On the other hand, Sword Temple kept a low profile and rarely interacted with outsiders. Nonetheless, this didn’t diminish their prestige due to their number of dao lords and innate powers.

Its founder was Sword Queen. Some might connect this title to Sword Emperor of Virtuous School. In reality, the two had nothing to do with each other. Moreover, Sword Queen’s era was far earlier during the Chaotic Era.

She suddenly appeared and swept through the forbidden zones to make a name for herself.

Amusingly enough, the reason for her title was due to her renowned statement - I lead, swords follow. [1]

That era didn’t have the peace currently enjoyed in the modern era. The forbidden zones were on the move and strange things happened quite often to the detriment of all living beings. Even top cultivators were mere insects during that period.

Sword Queen came out of nowhere and swept through the chaos with her sword, killing her way deep into Sword Burial Zone. She kept her words and did indeed lead the world away from chaos, forcing everyone else into submission.

Later on, there were other dao lords versed in the sword. For example, Sword Emperor, Hallowed Dao Lord, Starshooter Dao Lord… Alas, they paled in comparison.

That’s why Sword Emperor disagreed with his title, not wanting to call himself “emperor” and preferring “Sword Saint” instead.

All in all, her slogan truly captured the zeitgeist of her era - Sword Queen leads, swords follow.

Rumor has it that during her youth, she obtained Terra Sword Dao and Terra Heavenly Sword. This astonishing fortune wasn’t her ceiling. Later on, she crafted a sword named Everlasting and an equivalent dao with the same name.

This sword dao was considered to be the best out of all dao lords’ sword dao. It was infinitely close to being on the same level as the nine.

Thus, some believed that to a certain extent, Sword Temple had a second heavenly dao just like Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

Therefore, Terra Sword Saint commanded respect from the crowd even though he was younger than the other five and rarely showed himself.

“A sky spirit.” Someone whispered while looking at the unique symbol on his forehead.

However, his rather large frame looked out of place for a sky spirit.

“Not completely, he’s a mixed blood with a strong sky spirit bloodline.” A big shot from the last generation shook her head.

No one was really surprised to see him here together. He was in the same boat as the others, potentially being Ninth’s next target.

When facing such a powerful foe, he had no choice but to exercise prudence. Preparation was necessary.

“Who will win between him and Ninth?” A similar question popped up.

Terra Sword Saint ranked first out of the Six Sect Masters but Ninth was a monster.

“If the sword saint loses, then no one from the last generation can take Ninth on. His true opponents will be the reclusive monsters such as the Five Overlords.” A clan master stated.

Everyone became startled. It seemed that Ninth’s growth was going out of control.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, a carriage as expensive as can be appeared on the horizon. It crushed the space beneath as it came closer while exuding a blinding radiance.

“Whoa! Whose carriage is that?!” The crowd was amazed.

“Luminosity Carriage, who actually bought it?” Someone wondered because the listing price was one billion.

“Who else has this pompous style outside of the world’s richest?” Another said bitterly.

“The brat changed carriage again, just how much good stuff did he purchase?” Another expert said.

Li Qiye’s previous carriage was extremely expensive as well but he switched it out after just a few days. Who knows how many more carriages he had available?

“Sigh, don’t be surprised if he swaps them every day, it’s not a big deal for him.” One sect master said with a tinge of jealousy.

After all, expensive carriages were also powerful treasures that could be used on the battlefield. In this case, Li Qiye was only using them for show.

Normally, only top existences were qualified to ride them. Li Qiye broke this mold completely.

“Hmph, he’ll go broke eventually if he keeps spending like this.” One youth snorted while secretly lamenting how unfair the world was.

Once the carriage got close enough, they saw Li Qiye lazily resting with three girls next to him - Ning Zhu, Lu Qi, and Xu Yiyun.

He became the topic of many conversations right away. Of course, the majority was negative towards him.

Some glanced over at Abyss Scion because of the feud between Li Qiye and Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

Though he didn’t directly kill Starshooter Prince and Hundred-blade Noble, he still played a considerable part.

Moreover, he humiliated them by taking their future queen. This was even more unforgivable.

However, Abyss Scion only had a cold expression and didn’t directly come to seek revenge, unlike his fallen peers.

Goldflow Young Noble’s group, on the other hand, had no problem coming to greet Li Qiye.

“Good, I’m not late for the show.” Li Qiye lazily lay there, looking like an unmannered young master in the eyes of others.

Most hated his style but couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

“Where is his legion?” Someone questioned because previously, Li Qiye had a legion and numerous maids.

“I think they’re camping at Black Tortoise Island.” A well-informed cultivator responded.

“Is he trying to take over this area?” Another asked a question looming on many people’s mind.

First, he destroyed Dark Dragon Monarch. Now, his army was outside of Black Tortoise Island. This made people think about his intention here at the lake.

“Okay, Little Ninth, it’s time for the two of you to fight. I don’t want to miss my nap.” Li Qiye yawned then shouted.

Others exchanged glances after hearing this. They were all afraid of Ninth due to his murderous nature. Here, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn at all.

“Is he suicidal?” One youth asked.

“No, he suppressed Ninth before.” A senior replied.

“He borrowed the power of the land then.” His friend disagreed right away.

1. 后 is the character here with several meanings - queen, behind, later, descendant. The most common usage is queen and when preceded by the word “sword'', Sword Queen is the most obvious translation. It has a different actual meaning here but “queen” still works, as long as the readers keep in mind the other meanings.

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