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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4135: Abyss Scion

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Chapter 4135: Abyss Scion

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Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

Numerous cultivators have arrived before the determined date in order to watch the fight between Pineleaf Sword Lord and Ninth.

Lakeshine Peak was packed - people floating in the air, staying on ships, or just walking on the water…

They knew that this battle would have rampaging sword energies and kept a distance, not wanting to risk an injury or maybe death.

Moreover, the eighteen islands seemed rather quiet. The bandits didn’t come out or stop anyone from entering.

It could be due to Li Qiye’s takedown of Dark Dragon Island or Ninth’s notoriety preventing them from interfering with his fight.

For these bandits, they didn’t mind provoking bigger sects. These sects had rules to follow but Ninth had no qualms of massacring. He never followed conventional paths which made him a headache to deal with.


The round moon finally came and illuminated the river in a peaceful manner. The great peak stood proudly just like a celestial sword.

The place was rather lively with discussions everywhere. People from all over the world have arrived, even sect masters and ancestors.

This was a grand occasion so they hoped to gain some dao insight from it. Furthermore, a few of them might be Ninth’s next target.

The young generation came as well - Snowcloud Princess, Goldflow Young Noble, Qingcheng Zi…

Ninth might be a monster but his achievements on the sword dao were as clear as day - a true genius. His opponent, Pineleaf Sword Lord, was also another famous swordmaster. He had studied the sword for years and should have special interpretations of this path.

These young geniuses hoped to watch the fight and learn more about this profound dao.

People began quietly discussing the fight.

“Who will win?” One youth asked.

“Ninth has a higher chance of winning.” His senior said seriously: “His dao probably improved after killing Wavesplitter Clan Master.”

“Maybe Pineleaf Dao Lord can rely on having more internal force and raw power.” One expert said: “He has an advantage there and should avoid direct competition. Prolonging the fight works better for him.”

“You don’t know about a swordmaster’s pride then, one of the Six Sect Masters will not fight like a cowardly turtle. He definitely looks down on that type of tactic.” A sect master disagreed.

Discussions became heated. Some thought that Ninth would win for sure while others believed that the sword lord still had a chance.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Suddenly, their swords started shaking so they immediately looked over towards the source of the disturbance.

They saw a youth walking in the air with many old men accompanying him. He wore a gray robe while embracing a sword, looking imposing and experienced beyond his age. He didn’t need to activate his aura to become the center of attention.

In fact, he was purposely hiding his aura and sword energy. Nonetheless, this ended up giving the impression that he was a boundless ocean or a bottomless abyss.

On the contrary, the sword in his embrace was exuding terrifying sword energies. Just one strand could crush any of the crowd members present.

“A dao lord sword.” The crowd took a deep breath after realizing the level of the sword and trembled with fear.

“Abyss Scion, a supreme sword genius, the number one of the Ten Sword Prodigies.” Someone shouted after seeing.

“So that’s Abyss Scion.” Others became shaken.

Starshooter Prince, Hundred-blade Noble, and he were all from Sea Emperor. However, he was far stronger than the other two.

“He has the Abyss Sword Dao.” Someone else said.

“Wait, I thought Goldflow Young Noble is the leader of the ten.” One youth curiously asked.

“Well, in my opinion, Abyss Scion is the number one because his dao is actually one of the nine. Nine-sun Sword Dao is not the real thing, I’m sure there’s a considerable gap.” His friend answered.

There were plenty of geniuses from Sea Emperor but he was the only one who had access to Abyss Sword Dao. This spoke plenty regarding his talent.

“He’s already so strong with the Abyss Sword Dao.” One youth murmured: “Then how strong would Peace Ocean Sword King be since he has the Vastsea Sword Dao too?”

“That’s why he's in the top three out of the six despite his young age.” A senior explained.

Sea Emperor was the only sect in Sword Continent possessing two heavenly sword dao - Vastsea and Abyss.

Vastsea Sword Dao came from the branch of their progenitor, Sword Sea Dao Lord. Abyss Sword Dao belonged to their third dao lord - Violet Abyss Dao Lord.

Violet Abyss Dao Lord was initially a mortal living under the jurisdiction of Sea Emperor. She wasn’t actually a member of this sect but eventually became its ruler. This was a rather interesting story.

This had a lot to do with her fiance. This engagement was agreed upon by the two families even before their birth.

Both came from a small village in Sea Emperor but he was lucky enough to be chosen as a disciple. Due to his immense innate gifts, he became a supreme genius there.

A disparity in status became apparent - a villager versus a genius from a great sect. The girl would only become a farmer later on - an existence perceived to be lowly. As for the genius, he had a chance of taking over Sea Emperor - a dragon among men.

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