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«Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1857: The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty Two)

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Chapter 1857: The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty Two)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He glanced ahead towards the school entrance. Branded cars in a variety of colors streamed in slowly.

Most of the parents had arrived in the past five minutes. Beibei peered at his feet, looking despondent. He stole a quick glance at his watch and the corners of his mouth sank.

Ten more minutes to the parent-teacher conference. Would she be here?

“Ming Beichen, you’re a liar. How could you possibly have a mother?”

The girl interrupted his thoughts again.

Even though most of his classmates’ parents didn’t attend the previous parent-teacher conferences, they would personally at least send their children to school during the first week.

At a prestigious school like this, the children would secretly compete with their friends by comparing their parents. On the first day of school, it was a spectacular scene when all the branded cars convened.

Ming Ansheng’s schedule was usually pretty hectic. Although he came on the first day, he left after going to the office.

He had only attended one parent-teacher conference. He was thrust into the limelight since everyone recognized him. He had appeared on TV and magazines.

And it soon traveled to the entire school that Ming Beichen didn’t have a mother.

Although he feigned nonchalance whenever others gossiped behind his back, he felt inferior and dejected deep down.

He turned his head and glared at the girl. “I’m not lying. I don’t care even if you don’t believe me.”

He turned around and marched towards the staircase.

His back was straight and stiff as he walked. When he reached the staircase, he rushed into the elevator.

The girl yelled after him, “Liar! You don’t have a mother! How can you lie to us that you have a mother? We have never seen her before!”

Beibei was unhappy when he heard her, and he covered his ears. He turned around and bolted for the toilets.

‘Su Yue is a liar! She is a bad stepmother! She broke her promise!’

He entered a cubicle and locked it after squatting down.

“Ming Beichen, is that really your mother?”

Beibei finally came out of the toilet after a long time. He splashed his face with water and his face was still dripping with droplets when he came out.

As he walked, he wiped the water away with his sleeves. His eyes were red and puffy.

The girl who had labeled him as a liar earlier on ran towards him. She gestured to the upper level as she spoke.

‘His mother?’ Beibei was confounded for a moment that he couldn’t comprehend what she was saying.

The girl eyed the dazed-looking Ming Beichen with suspicion. “That pretty sister said that she is your mommy. Is that true?”

Pretty sister?

Beibei’s eyes literally sparkled at that moment. “Yeah, she is my mommy!”

He strode eagerly towards the third level.

The parent-teacher conference was held on the third level. He gripped the railing as he climbed the stairs.

The girl yelled as she tried to catch her breath. “Ming Beichen! Wait for me! Why are you running so quickly?”

Beibei ran upstairs without stopping at all. He ran to the meeting room and stopped outside the entrance. He saw some of his friends from his class and the rest were from the other classes.

Everyone turned their attention to Ming Beichen and they smiled at him. Someone spoke up. “Ming Beichen, is that really your mother?” A boy pointed to a pretty woman with a long ponytail wearing a red-checkered coat.

Beibei didn’t answer and simply parted the crowd.

He caught a glimpse of Su Yue and exclaimed, “Mommy!”

His voice echoed clearly around the room. He was visibly emotional and excited at the sight of her.

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