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«Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1856: The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty One)

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Chapter 1856: The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty One)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He typed, ‘Did you see that?’

Ming Ansheng asked, ‘Is Zhou Shuang a woman? She is way too crazy.’

Yan Rusheng replied, ‘I have never treated her as a woman.’

He clicked on the photo to enlarge it, and he scrutinized the photo again. He was envious… when he saw the marks on Lu Yinan’s body.

When would Wen Xuxu be able to go wild and do that to him one day?

Young Master Yan felt a mixture of jealousy and envy when Young Master Lu replied with another message.

‘You have no idea how initiative and passionate she was. I almost couldn’t take it.’

‘But the feeling is great.’

Young Master Yan couldn’t be bothered to reply to him.

Ming Ansheng couldn’t help but retort. ‘Don’t be so gross and stop boasting. Who called me two hours ago, whining about how his woman refuses to sleep with him. Who was that? Who was that person?’

Young Master Lu fell silent.

After some time, he sent a message and changed the topic. ‘Tomorrow night, meet at The First Wealth.’

Yan Rusheng asked, ‘Why? Are you missing Lulu from The First Wealth?’

Lu Yinan typed, ‘Change the venue to Beautiful Metropolis then.’

Ming Ansheng asked, ‘Treating us again?’

Lu Yinan replied, ‘Yeah, I’m giving a treat tomorrow night.’

Ming Ansheng replied, ‘Young Master Lu is feeling good these few days.’

Lu Yinan replied, ‘I have my Shuang with me, so I’m feeling good every day.’

Young Master Ming and Young Master Yan were too lazy to bother with him anymore.

And the group chat fell silent.

The cool breeze ruffled his hair and Lu Yinan felt a little chilly. He glanced at his phone, but there weren’t any messages.

“These fellows are all jealous of me.”

He muttered under his breath and was about to turn around.

A familiar voice stopped him from moving. “Really? Why should they be jealous of you?”

She spoke in an eerie and intimidating tone.

The smile on Lu Yinan’s face froze and he met her eyes. It sent shivers down his spine and his body was rooted to the ground.

It was Flourish & Splendor’s parent-teacher conference for the top ten students today.

There was a meeting room allocated for every level. This was how wealthy the school was.

It was Friday and there were only two lessons in the afternoon. The students could choose to do whatever they want after that.

The parents arrived in groups. Those who came to attend the parent-teacher conference looked proud of their child’s achievement. Almost all parents came today, instead of sending their butlers or housekeepers.

Luxurious and branded cars filled the school car park in no time.

The children recognized their parents’ car as they rushed forward. For some, it had been a long time since they had last seen their parents.

Beibei was waiting at the ground level, near the staircase. He quietly leaned against a marble pillar as he watched the students enter the school with their parents.

His eyes darted to the car park, waiting in anticipation.

“Ming Beichen, didn’t you say that your mommy is coming?”

Suddenly, a girl of his age stood next to him. She asked with her chin raised smugly.

Beibei lazily turned his face and threw her a long look. “Yeah, my mommy will be here. Anyway, it isn’t time for the parent-teacher conference yet.”

He bent to peer at his watch. There were fifteen more minutes before the parent-teacher conference.

‘Mommy said that she would come. So she definitely would.’

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