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«Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 931 Nightmare Dust

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Chapter 931 Nightmare Dust

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After Luo Ziyi won the bid, they continued on with the auction, as she would have to pay for the treasure only after the auction.

After another two hours of chaotic bidding, the young lady on the stage eventually carried out a tray that had a small bottle of purple substance resting inside.

"This is a unique treasure called Nightmare Dust! It is only found deep within the Nightmare Valley where natural hallucination occurs! They are usually used as an ingredient when concocting pills, being a key ingredient to multiple powerful pills such as the Nightmare Pill and the Purple Poison Pill to name a few!"

"The bid will start at 100,000 high-grade spirit stones!"

"500,000 high-grade spirit stones." Luo Ziyi was the first to raise her hand, increasing the price by 500 percent instantly.

Many people who had intentions of bidding immediately gave up after hearing the price, as they knew that their chances of winning were incredibly low if they didn't shell out a fortune for the Nightmare Dust.

However, there were still a couple of people who decided to bid against her.

"510,000!" A middle-aged man raised her hand.



"600,000." Luo Ziyi said.

The place quickly turned silent after Luo Ziyi's bid.

"600,000 going once!"

"Going twice—"

"1 million." A deep voice suddenly resounded from the top floors in one of the VIP areas.

Luo Ziyi's eyebrows lifted slightly when she heard this voice, and then she raised her hand and said, "1,500,000."

"2 million."

The deep voice quickly returned.

By now, the price of the Nightmare Dust was far above what it was worth, even breaking records in the auction house.

"Heavens… The last time Nightmare Dust was sold in the Grand Celestial Plaza, it went for 600,000 high-grade spirit stones at the Spirit Jade Auction House, and that already shocked people, but compared to this…"

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The bidders were dumbfounded by this auction, and they were curious why these two individuals needed the Nightmare Dust so desperately.

"3 million." Luo Ziyi continued the bid, adding another million to it.


The deep voice didn't immediately respond, clearly hesitating whether he should continue or not.

"3 million high-grade spirit stones going once!"

"Going twice!"

"And sold!"

"Congratulations, esteemed guest! You have won the Nightmare Dust for 3 million!"

In just a single auction, Luo Ziyi has spent a total of 9 million high-grade spirit stones on two treasures.

Of course, this amount wasn't anything too significant for her and was only akin to a drop in the ocean.

The auction ended after another hour.

After the last treasure was sold, the young lady on the stage said, "Thank you all for participating in today's auction! If you have won a bid, please follow one of these ladies, who will lead you to another room where you can pay for your treasures."

Over a dozen pretty young ladies appeared on the stage.

Luo Ziyi and Su Yang picked a random girl and followed her to another room a few minutes later.

"Your total will be 9 million high-grade spirit stones." The young lady said to them.

Luo Ziyi proceeded to hand over 900 flawless-grade spirit stones to her.

"Thank you. Here are your treasures."

The young lady then handed them a tray with the necklace and the Nightmare Dusk resting on it.

"Here you go."

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Luo Ziyi took the treasures before handing them to Su Yang in a casual manner.

"Thanks," he said as he tossed them into his storage ring.

"Just three more now, huh?"

However, before they left, the young girl said, "Excuse me, esteemed guests. Since you have spent over 5 million high-grade spirit stones at our auction, you have qualified for the VIP area. The next time you come here, you may show this to one of the workers here and they will take you to the VIP area."

She then offered them a medallion made completely out of gold.

Luo Ziyi accepted the medallion even though she doesn't intend on returning anytime in the future before leaving the auction house with Su Yang.

"When's the next auction?" Luo Ziyi asked him afterward.

"In four days," he said.

"Then let's get back to the hotel and have some more fun for the next four days," she said with a smile on her face.

However, before they could get very far away from the Golden Treasure Auction House, an old man wearing purple robes appeared before them and blocked their path.

Su Yang raised his eyebrows when he saw this old man's uniform, and he immediately recognized it as the Violet Furnace Academy's uniform, one of many alchemy sects within the Celestial Heaven.

And judging by the pattern on his clothes, this old man was a sect elder from the Violet Furnace Academy.

Although this old man hasn't said anything yet, it was clear to both Su Yang and Luo Ziyi what he wanted.

"How can we help you?" Luo Ziyi asked him.

The old man smiled and said, "My name is Gao Huan, and I am a sect elder of the Violet Furnace Academy. If you can't already tell by my voice, I was the one who was bidding for the Nightmare Dust."

Indeed, this old man from the Violet Furnace Academy was the one who went as high as 2 million high-grade spirit stones when bidding for the Nightmare Dust.

"And what do you want from us? If you're here for the Nightmare Dust, then I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere." Luo Ziyi said, not caring about his background.

The old man remained smiling despite her words, and he said, "If I could find the Nightmare Dust elsewhere, I wouldn't be bothering you right now. I have been looking everywhere for the Nightmare Dust the past year but to no avail, and I really need it to help my disciple with his breakthrough. Is there any way we can talk through this?"

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