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«Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 930 Life-Saving Treasure

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Chapter 930 Life-Saving Treasure

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"First and foremost, only bid on an item if you're serious and you have the funds to pay for it afterward! Failure to pay for a treasure after winning the bid will have serious consequences!"

The young beauty began speaking of the rules shortly after her appearance.

"Two! Please respect each other as fellow bidders! You are not allowed to pressure others into giving up simply because they are outbidding you by using your status or background as pressure!"

"If you break this rule, we will have to ask you to leave regardless of your background! If you wish to challenge us, just remember that the Golden Treasure Auction House is backed by Senior Qin, Lord of the Grand Celestial Plaza!"

In the Four Divine Heavens, one's status is incredibly important and is held in higher regard than even one's cultivation most of the time.

Because of this, it has become somewhat natural for people to use it for almost everything, and this included bullying others.

"Now onto the third rule! The Golden Treasure Auction House only accepts spirit stones and spirit jades for payment! Unless specified by us, we will not accept trades! Please keep this in mind!"

"Next rule is— no refunds! The moment you win an auction, that treasure is already considered yours, and the auction house will not accept refunds or returns regardless of the circumstances!"

"Last but not least, to save time, please respect the previous bid! If there is a bid before yours, your bid should increase it by a sensible amount! For example, if there is already a bid of 1,000 low-grade spirit stones, your bid shouldn't be 1,001 or 1,010 spirit stones! After all, we don't want to spend an entire day on a single treasure!"

"Now that you all know the rules, I hope you'll respect and honor it!"

After taking a deep breath, the young lady continued, "And without further ado, let's start the auction with our first treasure— the Silver Dragon Lance!"

A moment later, another beautiful young lady appeared on the stage while carrying a long tray with a silver spear resting on it.

"This Silver Dragon Lance is a Spiritual Treasure at the Empyrean-grade, and it's made from scales of a Silver Dragon, making it incredibly durable and near indestructible! Not only that, but it also enhances all fire element martial techniques!"

"The bid will start at 100,000 high-grade spirit stones!"

The moment the bid began, people began raising their hands to increase the bid.

"110,000 high-grade spirit stones!"




A few minutes later, the Silver Dragon Spear was sold for a grand total of 500,000 high-grade spirit stones.

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The second auction started shortly after.

"For the second auction, we have another Empyrean-grade Spiritual Treasure!"

Once the girl carrying the tray returned to the stage, she showed the crowd a pair of black and white daggers.

"This is the Yin Yang Dagger. It has a unique skill that allows one to ignore spiritual energy. This means that no matter how powerful your enemy, as long you can land a hit on their body, it will guarantee damage!"

"The bid will start at 300,000 high-grade spirit stones!"

"500,000 high-grade spirit stones!"



In just a minute, the price for the Yin Yang Dagger increased all the way to one million high-grade spirit stones.

After another three minutes of aggressive bidding by the crowd, the Yin Yang Dagger sold for a grand total of 1,500,000 high-grade spirit stones to some young man wearing a disciple uniform.

The auction did not stop for any breaks and continued in this manner for over half an hour.

"For our next treasure, we have a unique life-saving treasure in the form of a necklace! It was found deep within the Red Poison Swamp last year, and it has the ability to defend one against any attacks below the Ancient Sovereign Realm! However, according to our experts that examined the treasure, there is only a single use left in this treasure before it loses its effect."

"Regardless, it is still a life-saving treasure that can save one's life during a crucial moment, and life-saving treasures are generally very sought after because of their practicality and value! Therefore, the bid will begin at 1,000,000 high-grade spirit stones!"

"1,010,000 high-grade spirit stones!"

"I bid 1,100,000!"


To nobody's surprise, this auction with a life-saving treasure that could save one's life attracted more participants than any of the previous auctions.

In just minutes, the price for the treasure skyrocketed to 5 million high-grade spirit stones.

If one were to convert that to ordinary spirit stones, it would be equal to an astronomical amount of 500 trillion spirit stones.

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This amount of spirit stones was so massive that even if everyone in the mortal world Su Yang came from were to combine their money, it would not equate to a small fraction of this amount.

"Is there no one else? The current highest bid is at 5 million high-grade spirit stones!"

"Going once!"

"Going twice!"

"6 million." A voice suddenly resounded at the last moment, raising the bid by an entire million.

This sudden and massive bid surprised everyone in the auction house, and they all turned to look at the person who currently has her hand raised.

It was a young lady with ordinary features across the broad.

When Su Yang noticed that Luo Ziyi had suddenly participated in the bid, he turned to look at her before asking, "Why do you need something like that? It's worthless to you."

She smiled at him and said, "It's not for me, silly. It's for you."

Her words left Su Yang somewhat speechless.

"S-Six million going once!"

"Going twice!"

"And sold! Congratulations on winning the auction, esteemed guest!" The young lady said while looking at Luo Ziyi with an excited look on her face.

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