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«Dragon Prince Yuan (Web Novel) - Chapter 1274 Huge Disturbance

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Chapter 1274 Huge Disturbance

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Translator: Yeow & Aran

Drenched in fresh blood, the baby stood on Chi Xuan’s head with an indifferent expression. He looked no bigger than two fists and seemed to be frail and powerless.

However, a sliver of fear rose in Zhou Yuan’s heart when he saw the baby and he immediately retreated without hesitation.

In his body, the usually always fearless Tuntun also released a low growl that was filled with wariness.

This scene also landed in the eyes of Ai Tuanzi and the others.

They dazedly stared at the baby that had crawled out from Chi Xuan’s body. Although they were not facing him directly, they had a sinking feeling that a disaster was about to happen.

Zhuang Xiaoming finally managed to ask with clear difficulty, “What is…that?”

Even Ai Tuanzi turned a little pale as she said, “That thing is likely the Sacred Race’s final trump card.”

A pseudo Law Domain expert could not help but ask, “Could a Law Domain expert have slipped in?”

Ai Tuanzi was silent for a moment before she said, “I’m afraid…that it’s even more terrifying than that.”

A Law Domain expert might pressure them, but could not possibly make them feel the endless fear they were feeling now.

At these words, the atmosphere seemed to solidify as everyone's pupils froze in place. Not a Law Domain…does that mean that it was a Sacred Race Saint expert?!

“How can this be…a Saint expert can’t enter the Dragon Spirit Utopia without anyone knowing.” Their scalps turned numb.

It was as if an evil dragon had suddenly descended into a brawl between wolves.

They were on completely different levels.

While the Wanshou Heaven side was frozen with inconsolable terror, the baby on Chi Xuan’s head wiped the blood on his tiny body before turning a pair of eyes void of any emotion towards Zhou Yuan. “Brat, you’re really like a ghost that refuses to disappear. You’ve repeatedly foiled our Sacred Race’s plans.”

Although the Sacred Race Saint experts did not view someone at his cultivation level as much of a threat, he had foiled their plan in Guyuan Heaven. Hence, Zhou Yuan’s name and some information about him was naturally known by the Sacred Race Saint experts.

Zhou Yuan vigilantly watched the baby as he said, “I felt something was strange earlier. How could Chi Xuan possibly draw such an enormous amount of fiendish qi into his body without being overwhelmed? I finally know the answer now.”

Chi Xuan had used the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s fiendish qi to drastically amplify his strength. However, it should normally be impossible for a pseudo Law Domain expert like him to retain his rationality in that condition. Zhou Yuan had previously thought that he had some kind of special artifact on him. It was now clear that it was mainly because a Sacred Race Saint expert had been hidden in his body.

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “Besides, what exactly is the Sacred Race up to? To think that you guys have invested so much to secretly send a Saint expert into the Dragon Spirit Utopia. Is the Ancestral Spirit Mountain really so important to you guys?”

With how the situation had developed, it would be too stupid to believe that it was a random operation by the Sacred Race.

Zhou Yuan had a faint feeling that even the Ancestral Spirit Mountain might not be their ultimate goal.

Or perhaps the mountain held some secret he did not know.

Regardless, this was now out of his league. Although the Sacred Race Saint expert should not be at his peak, Zhou Yuan had zero intention of attacking. He understood that even in his weakest state, a Saint expert was an impossible mountain to cross.

Now, he could only hope that the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts were taking action.


While such thoughts flashed past in his head, the sky in the Dragon Spirit Utopia suddenly began to ripple violently.

Every head abruptly jerked upwards to see the sky warping. Next, several giant faces appeared.

An indescribably vast and mighty pressure appeared, making everyone feel as if they were being crushed from all directions.

However, instead of being afraid, Ai Tuanzi and the others were overjoyed. They recognized these faces. The faces belonged to the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts!

As expected, they were observing the Dragon Spirit Utopia!

A voice boomed like thunder from one of the giant faces in the sky, “Shi Ying, why has a mighty Saint expert like yourself sneaked into the Dragon Spirit Utopia like a rat?”

“You old ghost, to think that you would sacrifice half a Saint Lotus and turn it into a Saint Nascent Source to sneak in!”

“Get out of the Dragon Spirit Utopia at once! Otherwise, you will suffer tremendously when we destroy your Saint Nascent Source! Who knows, you might even fall from the Saint stage if that happens!”

The pressure of several Wanshou Heaven Saint experts enveloped the land, their roars shifting the wind and clouds.

Feeling the Saint experts’ rage, the Wanshou Heaven members could not help but tremble in fear despite knowing the anger was not directed at them.

The Sacred Race Saint expert called Shi Ying released a piercing laugh, “Hahaha!

“You Wanshou Heaven Saint experts are truly ridiculous. If you guys were really capable of easily entering the Dragon Spirit Utopia, feel free to go ahead.

“As long as you don’t mind the Dragon Spirit Utopia and all your elite grade-7 experts being destroyed!”

The faces in the sky violently shook in anger, causing the Dragon Spirit Utopia to creak dangerously as if unable to bear the Saint experts’ rage.

A Wanshou Heaven Saint expert icily asked, “Shi Ying, what exactly is your Sacred Race scheming?!”

A mocking smile formed on the baby-form Shi Ying. “Ignorant fools. Do you really believe this Ancestral Spirit Mountain belongs to your Wanshou Heaven? I’m guessing none of you know why it was created?”

The giant faces in the sky were clearly taken aback before their expression darkened.

“What do you mean?”

However, Shi Ying had no intention of explaining any further, clearly enjoying the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts’ helplessness.

Outside the Dragon Spirit Utopia, five terrifying wills were communicating.

“Regardless of what they’re scheming, we must stop Shi Ying!”

“The Dragon Spirit Utopia cannot endure a Saint’s full power. Moreover, our grade-7 experts are still inside. If the Dragon Spirit Utopia becomes unstable, they would be in a disastrous situation.”

“We don’t have time, tell them to withdraw immediately to the floating circular disk. It is the most stable location in the Dragon Spirit Utopia and might be able to save them.”

“We should still prepare the Saint Descent Art. Although it will hurt us, being overly cautious is not wise at this juncture.”

The other Saint experts fell silent. The Saint Descent Art was not much different from what Shi Ying had done. It would be a tremendous loss to them if their Saint double was killed,

However, they did not have any time to come up with other countermeasures. As practitioners that could become Saint experts, they possessed the most tenacious wills and immediately nodded decisively.

“Agreed.” Just as they were about to proceed, the space outside the Dragon Spirit Utopia was suddenly torn open.

In the next instant, terrifying presences flooded out from the spatial crack.

“Hehe, if you guys are lacking opponents, let us accompany you…”

Ancient painting seemed to float behind the spatial crack, a painting that seemed to contain a world of its own. Currently, five figures could be seen in the painting.

Every figure gave off a dreadfully terrifying aura.

The expressions of the five Wanshou Heaven Saint experts changed drastically.

“Five Sacred Race Saint experts?!”

“That is? The Sacred World Divine Painting?!”

In that moment, even the five Wanshou Heaven Saint experts felt a great sense of unease rise within them. Was the Sacred Race really playing so big this time?!

Were they trying to start a war again?!

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