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«Dragon Prince Yuan (Web Novel) - Chapter 1200 Divide the Main Veins

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Chapter 1200 Divide the Main Veins

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Translator: Yeow & Aran

A 6.3 inches Nascent Source.

Everyone stared at the little figure suspended above Zhou Yuan’s head in long silence, which showed their shock and disbelief.

Generally speaking, from the moment of reaching the Nascent Source stage, all Nascent Source experts would do everything they could to make their Nascent Source grow, similar to cultivating their own son. However, it was much more difficult than raising a real son.

There was indescribable hardships to make it grow even one inch.

A Nascent Source was considered an advanced Nascent Source only when it exceeded five inches.

Many people had to put in immense efforts to grow their Nascent Source to five inches and some might not succeed in their lifetime.

But Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source was already 6.3 inches after the breakthrough.

Not only did he reach the advanced Nascent Source stage in one step, his Nascent Source could be considered at the top level.

The experts from the five heavens who also took advantage of the opportunity to break through to the Nascent Source stage all wore complex expressions because the gap between them and Zhou Yuan was too huge that they knew they would never catch up. They could only gaze in awe at him.

There was nothing they could do because a 6.3 inches Nascent Source was too terrifying.

They might never reach that level even if they put in all their efforts.

Of course, even Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others stared blankly for a good while and couldn’t help calling Zhou Yuan a monster.

Although they already speculated Zhou Yuan would reach the advanced nascent Source stage in one step, they didn’t think his Nascent Source would exceed 5 inches and reach 6.3 inches.

If it grew a little more than 1 inch, it would reach the perfect Nascent Source stage, right?!

Then, it would be the Law Domain stage?!

Such an ascension was too outrageous.

They, however, also understood that Zhou Yuan was only able to achieve this from the many opportunities combined. The Nine-Claw Heavenly Sun gave him the opportunity to skip a level and reach the advanced Nascent Source stage while the ancestral qi from the nine main veins provided him with endless Genesis Qi. But his Saint Glass Body, which helped him withstand the immense force, was the most important.

The combination of all those allowed Zhou Yuan to achieve a Nascent Source that made everyone marvel.

To put it simply, it was an explosion of what Zhou Yuan had accumulated in his many years of painstaking cultivation.

Zhou Yuan didn’t show off his Nascent Source too much and stored it into his Divine Dwellings with one thought. It immediately disappeared from everyone's sight.

He carefully examined his present state. He first felt the closer connection he had with the world. Although he simply stood there and hadn’t activated any cultivation technique, the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth was still surging endlessly into his body.

He didn’t need to control the Genesis Qi that entered his body because the Nascent Source automatically refined and absorbed the Genesis Qi. With the Nascent Source, even if he didn’t cultivate the Genesis Qi, his Genesis Qi foundation would still slowly increase.

Zhou Yuan closed his eyes and felt the changes. Then, his brows twitched uncontrollably.

A Genesis Qi foundation of 70 billion!

It was an increase of more than ten times compared to that at the Heavenly Sun stage!

If he met Jia Tu now, he could kill Jia Tu with one blow.

The transformation at the Nascent Source stage was truly terrifying.

He was now considered at the top of the Nascent Source stage and could even face cultivators at the perfect Nascent Source stage with his numerous means.

If he encountered someone of the Law Domain stage, even if he couldn’t win, there was a high probability he could escape unscathed.

Zhou Yuan couldn't help falling into a trance-like state. He had only just reached the Divine Dwelling stage when he left Cangxuan Heaven, but he had come so far since then.

If he returned to Cangxuan Heaven, he would be ranked at the top of the Cangxuan Sect.

But there was still a gap between him and Sheng Yuan.

It didn't matter. He was already at the advanced Nascent Source stage and not far from the Law Domain stage. Once he reached the Law Domain stage he would return to Cangxuan Heaven to settle old scores.

Zhou Yuan suppressed his surging emotions and peered down at the countless five heavens troops. Then, his voice rang in everyone’s ears. "Everyone, after enjoying the cleansing from the ancestral qi, it’s time to get down to business.”

Everyone's expressions turned solemn.

The so-called business was of course to collect the nine main ancestral qi veins.

The five heavens would all benefit hugely if the nine main veins were directed into the five heavens. It would have a profound and long-lasting impact on the five heavens. It was unknown how many heaven prides would be created in the future as a result.

There could even be a Saint expert born as a result.

Saint experts were the most useful force against the Sacred Race.

This was because in a battle of such a level, anyone below the Saint stage was cannon fodder.

Under Zhou Yuan's gaze, Bai Xiaolu, Chu Qing, Guan Qinglong and the others soared into the air.

Ai Qing represented the Wanshou Heaven because Jiang Jinlin had died, and from the Wuxing Heaven was a new leader, also a new Nascent Source expert.

However, the Nascent Source expert from Wuxing Heaven showed no arrogance and was extremely polite and respectful to Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan, in a sense, had saved them all. As for Li Fu's death, Zhou Yuan couldn’t be blamed for that.

When Ai Qing looked at Zhou Yuan, an extremely complex look filled her narrow and beautiful eyes. It should be said that she had never paid much attention to Zhou Yuan, who was concealed by Guan Qinglong’s brilliance. But who would have thought that the seemingly ordinary guy was the real crocodile.

The leaders of the five heavens met and had a fierce discussion about how to divide the nine main ancestral qi veins.

Zhou Yuan didn’t participate and only waited for the result of the discussion.

After almost an hour, Bai Xiaolu and the others breathed a sigh of relief and ended the discussion.

The final result was that Hunyuan Heaven would take the first and sixth veins.

Qiankun Heaven would take the second.

Wanshou Heaven would take the third.

Wuxing Heaven would take the fourth.

Cangxuan Heaven would take the fifth.

The remaining seventh, eighth, and ninth veins would be absorbed and divided among the four Heavens, Qiankun Heaven, Wanshou Heaven, Wuxing Heaven and Cangxuan Heaven.

Hunyuan Heaven was clearly the biggest winner, but the other heavens couldn’t raise any objection. After all, Zhou Yuan represented Hunyuan Heaven and he was the one who turned the tide.

Regardless, the result was much better than in the past.

From what they heard, almost all the main veins were occupied by the Sacred Race in the past Battle of Guyuan Heaven, and only the remaining five veins were left to them. The Sacred Race’s plan was even more ruthless this time. They intended to not leave any to them. But who would have thought they would fall into their own trap.

Chu Qing was very satisfied with the result. After all, their initial goal was very low—they only aimed for the ninth vein! But now, not only were they allocated the fifth vein, they also had a share of the three remaining main veins. The result was much better than anticipated.

Of course, he also knew the other heavens only allowed Cangxuan Heaven to have a share to give Zhou Yuan face.

This was because the cooperation between the heavens had ended and the nine main ancestral qi veins could lead to infightings between heavens.

Cangxuan Heaven was considered the weakest of the five heavens and so would be targeted. This sort of situation had also happened in the past.

This wasn’t considered out of line because everything was always decided by strength.

But the conflict didn’t happen because of Zhou Yuan's existence.

When Zhou Yuan learned about the result, he nodded slightly to express his approval.

He raised his head and stared at the nine main ancestral qi veins in the black hole’s depths. He exhaled deeply, and his tensed shoulders finally relaxed a little.

The Battle of Guyuan Heaven finally came to an end.

He was very surprised with the final result, but regardless, he succeeded.

Once he gets his hand on the Ancestral Dragon Flesh, he could awaken Yaoyao!

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