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«Dragon Monarch System (Web Novel) - Chapter 299: Sisters [I]; Introduction

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Chapter 299: Sisters [I]; Introduction

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Within 30 minutes Alicia, Riya, Julia, Leo, Sophia, Watson, Spencer, and the 7 Generals, had gathered in front of the portal. This was the first time all of them were gathering in one place after 30 days. This is true, especially for the goddesses who did not see each other’s faces for days. In their own ways, Aditya’s wives were depressed and sad. Neither of them had the courage or the strong mentality to comfort the other. Instead, the goddesses needed someone to comfort them.

“When did the portal open?” Watson asked in an excited tone.

This entire month felt like a year to Watson and others, despite the fact that 30 days might seem like a small thing to an immortal. The excitement in Watson’s and others’ hearts was unbearable. Without their Emperor, the entire Istarin empire seemed empty. There was no sign of liveliness within the Dragon Palace without their king.

“Sir, the portal opened exactly around 30 minutes ago.” The Dragonian replied in a loud and clear tone.

“Good.” Watson turned to the 7 generals and said. “Some of you would need to stay outside. While the rest of us enter the portal, some of you can stay behind and guard the portal. Make sure that no enemy can do anything to the portal.”

“I will stay behind.”

“I will join you.”

“I will wait for His majesty outside.”

“Me too.”

In the end, Josh, Eleanor, Henry, and Scott decided to stay outside of the portal. Amber, Nathan, and Tyler were going to join the others.


“You guys make sure to protect this area with everything you got. If anyone tries to enter the portal stop that person even if you have to kill him.” The three generals nodded their heads with serious faces.

After that, The goddesses, and others entered the Icy Shattered Ruin.



Scene change back to Aditya______

She has never seen Her Highness cry in such a way. Princess Lara had always had a strong mind and heart, despite the difficulties that faced them back then. Although she may have had a weak body, she still had a strong heart. Rose was hurt when she saw someone cry like this. It was painful for Rose to see her lady cry in such a way.

“Milady, Aditya…His Highness is still alive. I can feel his Aura.” Rose’s words seem to have given the little bit of hope that Lara wanted to cling to.

“Really? You’re not lying right?” Rose smile before nodding her head.

“Don’t worry so much. This brat isn’t going to die anytime soon. I won’t allow him to die especially when he had stolen something very precious from my daughter. I am not letting him die before he gives me a few newborn dragons to play with.” Adam couldn’t help but imagine him playing with his daughter’s child.

Rose and Lara watched Adam foolishly grin while staring at the sky.

In Adam’s imagination, he was playing with seven little dragons, sitting on his chest and pulling his clothes and his hair. As he laughed out loud, he drew pictures of the seven dragon babies sitting on his chest. Out of the seven babies, three of them were boys, and the remaining four were girls.

“What exactly did my husband steal from your daughter?” Poor Princess Lara’s imagination was quite limited as she couldn’t understand Adam’s words. But her maid Rose was able to understand what Adam was saying.

Adam snapped out of his daze and answered with a smirk. “Aditya is my son-in-law. He and my daughter have been engaged and in a few more years, both of them would get married.”

As for the rest, Princess Lara was able to understand. Lara couldn’t help but blush as she recalled Adam calling Aditya’s children ‘Little Dragons’. As for being jealous or sad by the fact that Aditya already had a fiance, Lara found this to be completely normal.

In Lara’s time, it was completely normal for strong and influential men to have multiple wives. Kings in her times used to marry Princesses from several neighboring or foreign Kingdoms or Dynasties to establish strong connections and increase their political and also military power. In fact in Lara’s time, having multiple wives had become so common that 9 out of 10 Kings always had multiple wives. Though in this age, this ratio has changed to 7 out of 10.

Lara’s mother was known as the Vampire Empress or also Mother Empress. Lara’s mother had equal if not more power than the Emperor himself. This is why the other wives of the emperor were given the status of concubines and were not allowed to have any children.

Lara knew that an amazing man like her husband would have multiple spouses. As long as she wasn’t thrown aside and forgotten, Lara was fine with the title of a Concubine.

What else Lara can ask for from her husband? Usually, when a Princess gets married to a King or an Emperor, the Princess’s family gives expensive gifts or parts of its territory to the Princess’s husband as a dowry. But Lara didn’t give any of that to Aditya. Instead, it was because of her, her husband had been trapped in this world and had to face so many obstacles. Even though she will be a burden on his shoulders, he did not push her away. For that, Lara is very grateful and very happy.

A few more minutes passed but Aditya’s condition did not heal. Although his breathing and his Aura had stabilized, the injuries all over his body didn’t start healing for some reason. This started to worry Adam who was keeping a close look on Aditya even though he was talking with Lara and Rose.

Soon Lara and Rose discovered Adam’s worries. Lara also noticed that Aditya’s wounds were not healing. “Why isn’t my husband’s body healing?” Lara asked in an anxious tone.

Adam’s face turned ugly as he realized that just one 5-star pill isn’t enough. The injury that Aditya has suffered is too big. Aditya was very close to dying and would have died in a minute if Adam hadn’t arrived in time and had given him a 5-star healing pill.

A portal began to open a few kilometers away from Aditya.

“I have checked his storage ring. There weren’t any 5-star healing pills left. This means now we will have to rely on lower-star pills. I will have to take him back as soon as possible.” Adam was preparing to pick up Adam but then he stopped sensing some familiar presence.

Seeing Adam stop, Princess Lara was confused. But soon her confusion was cleared as she saw Adam and her maid Rose staring in the direction of north.

A few minutes later silence, from the north a group of 9 people were heading in this direction.

‘Judging the Auras of these 9 people, except for the weakest one, I don’t think I can defeat any one of them.’ Rose prepared to defend herself and Her Highness if in case these people tried to harm them. But her worries were unnecessary as she noticed the worried faces of the strangers as they came closer.

Adam stood up and stepped towards the woman with long purple hair. Sophia came running to him and hugged him. Sophia hugged him back with all of her strength as if she is afraid that she might lose her husband again. These 34 days have been a nightmare for Sophia. Without her husband, she felt her entire family had been broken.

“I missed you.” Sophia began to sob while burying her face in his chest. Adam didn’t really know how to comfort his wife.

“Aditya” Julia sat in front of Aditya. She completely ignored the two strange people sitting next to Aditya. She gently lifted his head and put his head on her lap; not caring about the blood that ruined her clothes.

The goddess hurriedly took out a 5-star healing pill that she had made a while back and kept it with her in case of an emergency. As she fed him the healing pill, Riya did not just stand there.

A green Aura radiated from the Nature goddess. Soon a green Aura surrounded Aditya’s entire body and rapidly began to heal his wounds both internally and externally. The pill and the Nature goddess’s powers healed all of Aditya’s wounds within a few minutes but Aditya did not open his eyes.

The skill that he had last used against the Maneater had burdened not just his physical body but also his soul. It will take him a while before he can get up.


Alicia sighed in relief seeing Aditya healed up. The goddess then turned her attention to the pale-skinned woman who was worriedly looking at Aditya.

“Who are you?” Alicia asked. The goddess could feel that this woman had a very deep relationship with Aditya.

Now that Aditya was healed, she took some time to observe the feature and the appearance of the three kneeling around Aditya. The one who questioned her appeared to be very beautiful. Not even her Mother Empress was this beautiful. From what it looks like this woman is a few years older than her. This means that this woman will become even more beautiful as time passed.

‘It seems she is also one of the husband’s wives. Since I am meeting my sisters I should properly introduce myself.’ With her weak body, Princess Lara stood up before elegantly offering a bow to Alicia.



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