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«Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities (Web Novel) - Chapter 776: Ordering His Father Around

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Chapter 776: Ordering His Father Around

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In fact, he felt very guilty and was ashamed of wetting his beds. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be crying so loudly.

He also wanted to be hugged and comforted.

He felt anguished.

At such a time, if parents looked disgusted, it might make the child more anxious.

Fortunately, Mo Boyuan didn’t say anything.

Although he despised the fact that he wetted the bed, he still hugged the child in his arms.

After a long while, Ningning finally spoke in a very low voice.

“Dad, I just had a dream. I dreamed that I wanted to pee, so I peed.”

Who knew that the dream and reality were completely opposite.

The corner of Mo Boyuan’s mouth twitched twice before he put the child down. He looked at Ningning face to face and said very seriously,

“You are still young, so you have a small bladder capacity. Your brain isn’t mature yet, so you can’t consciously control yourself.

Stop crying. This is very normal!”

It was rare that Mo Boyuan had such a side!

What else could he do?

He was his son. Moreover, it was a fact that the child was young and couldn’t control himself at all.

Parents shouldn’t scold children for wetting the bed!

Those parents were stupid for blaming the child!

If he really wanted the child to not wet the bed in the future, he would teach him.

It wasn’t that there was no way. He could drink less water before going to bed, or he could remind the child to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and so on.

After Ningning heard his father’s words, he pursed his lips and nodded after a long while.


He looked embarrassed.

Mo Boyuan ruffled the child’s hair.

“Take off your clothes and take a shower.”

“Yes, Dad.”

At this moment, Little Ningning was very obedient.

Mo Boyuan opened the door with a basin and went out to fetch water.

In the courtyard, when the camera crew saw Mo Boyuan come out, they hurriedly greeted him.

“Good morning, Brother Mo…”

Mo Boyuan nodded in response.

Only then did someone have the guts to continue to speak.

“Brother Mo, we just met the Young Madam over there.”

As expected, when his wife was mentioned, Mo Boyuan had a big reaction.

“What was she doing?”

“Nothing much. She just went over to fetch water to wash up.”

Hearing this, Mo Boyuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

“You guys usually fetch water when you wash up? What about taking a shower?” He asked.


Taking a shower?

“Oh, the program team had an agreement with the two families over there in advance. They will pay for the water and electricity.”

Mo Boyuan’s eyelids immediately twitched.

“You mean, all of you are taking a shower in those two families homes?”

The men in the group nodded at the same time.


Mo Boyuan’s expression darkened. He had just received enough water, so he carried the basin into the house.

After Ningning stripped himself naked, he hid under the blanket shyly.

When he heard the noise, he stuck out his head.

“Dad, hehehe.”

Mo Boyuan lowered his breath and shouted at the little guy.

“Come over and take a shower.”

“Oh, Daddy, close the door first!”

Despite his young age, he was quite good at ordering people around.

Mo Boyuan once again went to close the door without complaining. He saw that the little guy had already stepped into the shower tub by himself.

“Daddy, Daddy, come quickly.”

While playing with the water, he called out to his father.

After the shower, the father and son changed into clean clothes. It had taken nearly twenty minutes.


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