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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 1609 - Shell Cracks (R-18)

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Chapter 1609 - Shell Cracks (R-18)

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'I see!'

Davis instantly formed a hypothesis.

'Evelynn's body went through an extreme change during the transformation, but it doesn't make up for the fact that she hadn't fully become a spider. She successfully became a fey without losing herself.'

'However, I also know that there are fey's who even don't show almost any features relating to the blood of the magical beast they consumed and some other feys who have gone fully anthropomorphic… One good example is Mival Silverwind, who only has fox ears and tail, but there was another example where Ulysses Claw possessed a tiger head and its features…'

*Crack!~* *Crack!~* *Crack!~*

Davis's mind trembled as he saw Evelynn coming to wear her baby suit in his hold, utterly naked yet so devilishly seductive.

But… Davis looked dumbfounded as he saw her facial features. Her eyes were still purplish-golden, but that freaking enhanced her charm along with her refined facial features.

"You're so beautiful…"

Evelynn was practically dumbfounded as she looked at her spotless, creamy jade-white body. She couldn't believe her eyes, but when Davis uttered that she was beautiful, her heart skipped a beat while she began to feel extremely shy.


Davis began attacking her with his thrusts again. This time, he captured her cheeks and sealed her fruity lips as he thrust all the way inside that she practically twitched while holding him.


Evelynn moaned into his mouth in pleasure.

Without stopping for a single moment, Davis relentlessly attacked her while still using the life energy that made her sensitive many times than usual, causing her to go crazy!

*Pahh!~* *Pahh!~* *Pahh!~*

Davis lusted after both her mouths. His scalding hot member brazenly causing waves in her wet folds for an unknown time, causing them to reach orgasm again at the same time.


With a pleasurable grunt, Davis released his seed into her again.

By the time he finished releasing his yang essence inside Evelynn all over again, she had shed all the shell covering on her body. At the same time, her skin appeared creamy smooth, having a charming white tone that naturally mesmerized him.

He buried his face on her big bosoms as he took deep breaths of her scent. Surprisingly, the poisonous aroma on her body also left. When he sent his soul sense inside her, he knew that she was still a fey, but the poisonous atmosphere in her body was no longer present as though Fallen Heaven's life energy purified them.

But while he took heavy gasps, Evelynn's face kept twisting in pleasure. She still seemed to be reveling in the twin attack of his thrusts and life energy covering her entire body. Moreover, her walls were still clenching and undulating over him like mad while yin essence was massively flooding over like a tide.

Indeed, Evelynn kept orgasming like she was a sex-crazed woman, but what could she do? The pleasure was just too overwhelming from the twin attack.

Only after whole five minutes did she regain herself from this short-circuit, but Davis took this chance to caress her whole voluptuous body to his heart's content, sucking on her tits, licking her neck, stroking her insides ever so lightly.

Davis removed his face from Evelynn's bosoms as he once again glanced at her entire upper body and nodded in appreciation but couldn't help but lament.

"Ahha~ I kinda miss the purple-skinned Evelynn now…"

"Davis… You're so…" Evelynn didn't know what to say.

Was this man for real?

She was extremely content and glad that she received her old appearance.

Who would want to be in that spider-like shells and dragon-like scales? She definitely didn't want to.

"What? I felt good with your fey spider body. I will admit that but if you want to call me a pervert or something, go ahead. As long as you don't become a man, I'll still crave your warmth."

"What!? Who'll become a man!? That's hideous and stinky than becoming a female spider! Ah!"

Evelynn punched his chest in embarrassment and anger, but Davis's body was naturally weak against her light punch, that it slightly pained him upon impact, as revealed in his change of expression as his mouth went agape.

"Sorry… I didn't mean to do that. I apologize…"

"Damn it, Evelynn." Davis smiled while his brows were narrowed, "You've become too strong, reaching the peak level of the ninth stage. Is it with the help of the Earth Dragon's Blood Essences mixing with the Three-Eyed Chromatic Hex Arachnid?"

"Mhmm…" Evelynn nodded, "I figured that since its immortal level blood essence already assimilated with me, it might help me in becoming a fey, so I used the blood essence I kept for an emergency to suppress the Three-Eyed Chromatic Hex Arachnid's raging blood essence. Fortunately, I didn't die nor completely become a berserk spider…"

"You went ahead with a guess…?"

Davis's expression twitched while Evelynn pursed her lips and noddingly smiled.


"Don't do that." Davis's expression became solemn, "Only I am allowed to make suicidal moves, and before I completely die, none of you are allowed to do so."

Davis lightly bonked her head, causing Evelynn to hold her head as she pouted adorably.



However, Evelynn's expression froze as she looked towards the side.

"Wah~ Nadia, don't scare me like that…"

But she relaxed, seeing that it was only Nadia.

Davis also looked at Nadia curiously looking at them before his eyes welled up.

Wait… was this his chance to shed some light on the matter?



Evelynn embarrassedly smiled. Although it was Nadia, a magical beast, she was still conscious of being viewed naked by others. She didn't want to show her body to anyone other than Davis.

"I know this is kinda unfair that I hid from you, but I love Nadia."

Evelynn's expression froze.

Her eyes blinked before she looked at Nadia turning into her human form, possessing pale features, while Davis also became stunned, viewing her beauty that became more deadly. Evelynn moved her gaze between the two of them before she finally sighed.

"Isabella and Shirley already told me that, but it seems like that was the truth…"

"They did…!?"

Davis's brows twitched.

"Then why didn't you come back to see me even once?"

Hearing his pained voice, Evelynn became teary-eyed as she shook her head.

"It's not like that. How can I harm or endanger you? I'm still nameless, you know. No one knows that I'm Evelynn, your first wife, so I can't be seen with you or my sisters. The righteous path has practically locked on to me, but since I only targeted the Poison Lord Villa and their wicked path cultivators, they didn't dare to target me, knowing that I possess terrifying hex abilities. As for the other wicked path cultivators, they're on their toes, afraid that I might attack them. Even more than that, I didn't want to show you the hideous being I've become…"

"You were not hideous, Evelynn, so stop saying that. You can return to that form, and I'll still make love with you. Look, when you retained your human features, it only made you more refined, so I was right. You've become more beautiful that I'm practically raring to do you again!"

"You…! Don't!"

Evelynn felt so moved that she wanted to embrace him and get pierced again, but having Nadia beside her made her feel uncomfortable more after she heard that she was one of Davis's women. However, she didn't feel as uncomfortable as she thought she would, making her doubt if it was due to Nadia being a magical beast and not a human.

Moreover, that big orgasm just ended, making her feel a bit tired, and Davis had just probably recovered, and there were so many things to do. She pushed him away, feeling his member leave her insides as a needy sigh escaped her mouth, but knowing what was important, she held his shoulders and deeply smiled.

"You can do me all you want after you rest and do everything else you need to do."

Davis's horny mind was pierced as if it popped like a balloon, making him blink as he regained his clarity.

"That's right. Thanks for reminding me that, you Sexy Demoness."

"That's not my title!"

Evelynn adorably yelled at him as she kept smiling, relishing this lost happiness that she regained from the bottom of her heart. Truly, she was glad to have him back and have herself back, feeling herself becoming free of burden as though he had taken it all away from her.

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