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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 1608 - Rigid Excitement (R-18)

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Chapter 1608 - Rigid Excitement (R-18)

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Davis brought Evelynn to a scenic forest nearby. He entered its wilderness and appeared near a clear lake. The magical beasts living near the area had already scrammed by the time they sensed Evelynn's sinister aura, so there was no one here, absolutely no one, which put a wicked smirk on Davis.

"Davis… please, no…" Evelynn tried to convince him, "I understand that you still love me, but I'm poisonohmm!?"

Abruptly, Davis turned around, suddenly pulling Evelynn in for a kiss. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed his lips against hers, causing her to freeze again, and just when she thought of pushing him back, he lifted her up from the ground, forcing his way front all the way until her back was against a tree.

"What… are… you… doing?"

Evelynn's eyes kept trembling from his blatant and forceful advances. Her lips were rubbed, caressed, and smacked with love, causing her thoughts to become haywire. However, she still kept a hazy eye on him, wondering if he would be poisoned.

But he was aggressively devouring her lips as he held her against the tree with such strength even after a few seconds, so how could he be poisoned?

He did not appear to be weakened at all, causing her to finally understand!

Indeed, Davis circulated Fallen Heaven's life energy as it purified Evelynn's poisonous saliva the moment it entered his mouth. Even her body fluids and blood carried poison, making him understand why she would reject him like that.

Without Fallen Heaven's life energy, he wouldn't have dared to touch her either.


Davis let go of Evelynn's lips as he observed her take heavy breaths while her face remained expressionless, her eyes looking at him full of love. It weirdly turned him on, causing his stiff member to become harder as it tried to pierce out of his pants.

"Evelynn, you always didn't like doing it outside, right?"

Davis began to remove his clothes, but before she could even answer, he continued.

"Well, today, I'm going to have you here nonetheless because you wouldn't be convinced unless I make love with you in this form that YOU think is hideous…"

Once he threw away his clothes, Davis dropped plenty of kisses on her body, caressing all the way from her closed vertical eye to her neck and cleavage, all the while stripping her off of her clothes.


Evelynn slightly moaned, which made sure to him that she still possessed her sensitivity. Her shell and scales were substituted for the layer of skin. Nevertheless, her moan allowed him to be bolder.

Once he took off her upper robe, her voluptuous breasts spilled out as it came into his view. She still had her purple tone to her layer of skin, but that was expected with her transformation into the fey race. It felt new to him, making him feel that he might derive a fetish from it but still, the color of her delicious buds remained almost the same, slightly red and pink that made him pounce on it.



Evelynn released a cry of pleasure as she threw her head up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, not knowing what to do but subconsciously locking him down on her big bosoms.

*Suck!~* *Suck!~* *Suck!~*

Davis sucked on her tits while holding and groping both of them in his hands. Despite Evelynn's face appearing rigid and expressionless, she felt that familiar feeling of having her tits sucked, making her feel good immensely. Her sexy eyelids and charming eyes shook with pleasure, sometimes making her head in denial that this could end badly.

However, she could no longer suppress her desires as she simultaneously felt his hardness rubbing over her labia. It kept provoking her folds, making her feel wanton and desiring of his touch. Her hands that were on his shoulders held him tightly, ready to get pierced when she felt it entering.


Evelynn clenched her teeth felt his rock-hard dick pierce her inside. Davis momentarily stopped as he could feel that his first wife's inner walls felt slightly different, but it was undulating as if pulling him in more, making his lips go agape as he almost drooled.

Nevertheless, holding himself back from ejaculating instantly from this sudden unexpected, overwhelming pleasure, he lifted up her thick and sultry thighs and made him straddle his waist.


Davis passionately called out her name as he pulled back slightly and thrust inside, feeling her hot and voluptuous body envelop him. Within a few more thrusts, the sound of flesh slapping began to echo, and Evelynn's inner walls were already coated with love juices, making it clear that she was craving it as much as him.

"Hfh~ Ha~ Ah~ Ahn~"

With each thrust, Evelynn forgot to clench her teeth. The fact that she was not in a room was not exciting to her, but it strangely made her feel turned on at the fact that she tried to suppress her voice while her back was against a wall, only to fail at it as she felt his passionate thrusts penetrate her insides.

*Pahh!~* *Pahh!~* *Pahh!~*

She could feel his hot scalding member, sliding in and sliding out of her slippery cave hole.

Without even noticing, she subconsciously moved her spider legs behind and grasped the tree. Her spider-legs had seven segments, making it possible for her to move them as flexibly as she wanted while receiving his thrusts with increasing intensity, which made her feel crazy.

"Hex Demoness? Ha! More like the Sexy Demoness…!"


Davis pounced on her poisonous lips again. He devoured her like crazy while Evelynn also began to reciprocate, reaching out with her venomous tongue. They licked their lips and slimy tongues, seemingly wanting to taste more of each other.

Davis couldn't get enough of her. Doing Evelynn in this scenic place was such a turn-on for him, but at the same time, she was new in the sense that she tasted different.

*Pahh!~* *Pahh!~* *Pahh!~*

He kept pounding her insides, almost reaching climax. However, looking at her remain expressionless, his heart burned with intense passion as well as the feeling of wanting her expression to twist in pleasure welled up within him.

However, with taking more poison into his mouth, the more he felt exhausted to use his soul force to counter that he could no longer afford to keep life energy active just in his mouth, throat, and over his member.

Suddenly, pure white light enveloped the two of them together.


Evelynn gave off an incomprehensible moan as she felt as if though she was suddenly encased by pure, overwhelming pleasure. The piercing inside her cave hole felt extremely pleasurable that when Davis made two more deep thrusts, she threw her head back again, entering a deep orgasm that deeply shook her body.

*Pahh!~* *Pahh!~* *Pahh!~*

Davis felt Evelynn's wet insides tightly envelop him. It was undulating as if almost massaging him, instantly making him reach his peak. Knowing that he could no longer delay, he began to furiously thrust while wrapping his arms around her.

"AhhaHh~ Ahn~"

Evelynn sexily moaned under his thrusts and orgasm before she finally felt his hot seeds entering. It gave her immense pleasure that she put her tongue out, wanting to kiss him. However, he was not there but sucking her neck with an intense passion that made her twitch in his embrace.

Davis released his yang essence while he held Evelynn's voluptuous body. He could see that her tongue was out in the corner of his eyes, making him move his head away as he wanted to suck on it. However, noticing that her expression remained rigid, he couldn't help but bellow.

"Fuck! I'll melt your icy expression someday!"

He captured her tongue with his while he still kept ejaculating inside her cave hole. Playing with her tongue, caressing and sucking on each other, they remained loving each other in the afterglow.



The shell-like skin on Evelynn's cheek cracked, causing the both of them to freeze.

*Crack!~* *Crack!~* *Crack!~*

They noticed a few more cracks appearing on her shell before the shell on her cheeks broke off, falling down the floor.


Davis wondered out loud, but his expression immensely shook when he saw her fair white skin behind the fallen shell.

Realization dawned on his mind.

This… this wasn't molting, but her human appearance was making a comeback from the life energy healing her body!

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