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«Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 885: Mo Yunhao Goes Bankrupt (6)

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Chapter 885: Mo Yunhao Goes Bankrupt (6)

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“That’s enough!” Jiang Hongying pulled Bai Youran aside.

“Bai Youran, are you blind? Can’t you see how exhausted my son is? What car and villa? Don’t we already have a car? What are you babbling about?”

Bai Youran was shocked!

Since she had married into the Mo family, this was the first time Jiang Hongying had spoken to her in such a tone of voice.

“What are you looking at? Hurry up and give the kitchen instructions. You’re married already, but you don’t even know how to take care of your husband. Did we bring you into the family for nothing?”

Jiang Hongying might be selfish and arrogant, but she was not stupid.

She was used to having her way in the Mo family. Although Bai Youran was the Bai family’s young lady, Jiang Hongying was her mother-in-law.

Now that Bai Youran had married into the family, she was the elder, and she felt that Bai Youran deserved to be reprimanded.

“Son, don’t bother about these things. Mother will deal with it. Go and sleep.”

Mo Yunhao was still very submissive towards his mother, and he was truly angry with Bai Youran. He could not be bothered to placate her and simply went upstairs instead.

Bai Youran screamed, “Mo Yunhao, stop! Stop…”

“Shut up! Bai Youran, is this how the Bai family’s young lady was brought up? Shut up!”

The sounds of Bai Youran and Jiang Hongying’s quarrel drifted up the stairs. Mo Yunhao did not care. He went upstairs and toppled into bed, completely dispirited.


Bai Youran lost the fight with Jiang Hongying, and she went back to the Bai family, feeling aggrieved.

Of course, the first thing she did when she got home was to find her mother and complain to her. But Zheng Min just sat there, looking rather uncertain and distracted.

Bai Youran did not notice anything different about her mother. When she got back, she poured out all her woes, focusing on how she had been wronged.

“Mother, that old woman dared to scold me. When has anyone treated me like that? Besides, it was Mo Yunhao who wronged me. It’s true that he’s rich, but he can’t treat me like that either! After all, I’m the Bai family’s young lady. Without our Bai family, he cannot beat Mo Beihan.

“Now that Old Master Mo and Grandma Mo are old, they don’t really bother with the Mo family affairs anymore. This is Yunhao’s chance to take over the Mo family. With our Bai family, the Mo family will certainly be ours.

“But he’s not grateful at all. He has caused me so much embarrassment. There’s no sign of the car and house that he promised me. He didn’t mention that he would bring me to buy them but just went upstairs to sleep. And that old woman still dared to scold me.”

Her life had changed too drastically after marriage and Bai Youran could not get used to it. She had so many high hopes before her marriage, but they had all come crashing down after her wedding. She felt utterly humiliated.

As a result, Bai Youran passed the last few days in bitterness and resentment. She felt almost possessed.

Zheng Min looked at her daughter and listened to what she was saying.

She did make a little sense. Mo Yunhao had not accompanied her to visit her family on the third day. That had shown disrespect for the Bai family. But Jiang Hongying had come over to apologize and explain that something had come up in Mo Yunhao’s business and he had to deal with it personally. The day after his wedding, he had just gotten out of bed and left without even eating. He had not come back since then.

He had not deliberately avoided accompanying Bai Youran to visit her family.

The Bai family had just received more than 300,000 yuan from Mo Yunhao, so they were not in any position to reprimand him. As long as he came over to apologize later, that would be sufficient to show his respect for the Bai family.

But when her daughter came back, she did not complain about his absence on her visit back home but that he did not buy her a house and a car, which had embarrassed her in front of her young friends.


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