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«Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 800: A Scolding From Old Master Bai (1)

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Chapter 800: A Scolding From Old Master Bai (1)

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Old Master Mo grumbled angrily as Mo Beihan entered.

The Old Master glanced at him. “You’ve learnt to beat someone up? You’re quite something! Weren’t you having a meal, why beat up that useless fellow?”

Mo Beihan smiled and explained what had happened. Old Master Mo was about to put on a haughty, grandfatherly air and reprimand his grandson, but he exploded in rage when he heard what happened!

“What? That bastard dared to look down on Yao Yao? That’s my granddaughter-in-law. How dare a bastard like him look down on her? You only punched him twice? Are you even my grandson? Under the circumstances, you should just have destroyed him. Wow! This will be the death of me!”

Old Master Mo recalled that that fellow Bai Jingcheng even had the gall to question him. He grew even more infuriated. He wanted to grab his gun, rush over to the Bai House, and shoot them.

Old Master Mo collapsed into his chair in a rage. He glared at Mo Beihan… He had expected better from him!

Mo Beihan tried to placate him. His grandfather was so hot-tempered!

“Grandfather, it’s not my fault! Our Mo family is so much more powerful than the Bai family. I’m the eldest grandson of the Mo family. If I can’t beat a playboy from the Bai family, it must be because you don’t dote on me enough.”

Old Master Mo: “…”


Old Master Mo gave him a sideways glance. “Don’t tell you’re just going to let it go.”

Mo Beihan smiled briefly. “Of course not. The Bai family playboy dared to look down on your granddaughter-in-law. This is a stain on the Mo family honor! As the eldest grandson of the Mo family, I have to consider the Mo family’s reputation. I can’t just let it go, right?”

Old Master Mo: “…”

He wanted to stand up for his wife but managed to drag the Mo family’s reputation into it. He was… really his grandson!

“What are you planning to do?”

A cold light flashed across Mo Beihan’s eyes, but his expression remained the same. “Don’t worry, Grandfather. I’ll deal with it. I guarantee that the Mo family won’t lose face. As for you! You’re so old, don’t worry so much!”

Old Master Mo’s mouth twitched, but he did not say anything.

“When are you and Yao Yao planning to get married?”

Mo Beihan laughed. “Soon. I’ve already received news from overseas that Uncle Gu will be back in China soon. Then he will probably be preparing to marry Aunt Qiao. When their wedding is over, it will be my turn.

“I think around autumn this year!”

Autumn. The new year was over; autumn would be here soon.

Old Master Mo thought about it and nodded. “Alright, we still have a few months. Let’s wait. We prepared everything for your wedding years ago. If anything is lacking, you can make up for it. Don’t let anything slip.”

“Also, didn’t you say that Yao Yao’s mother is Qiao Jewelry’s chief executive? They must be very rich. We had better give a bigger wedding present so as not to offend them.”

Mo Beihan smiled sweetly. “I understand. Don’t worry, Grandfather, the wedding won’t embarrass you.”

Old Master Mo grunted. “Our Mo family’s eldest grandson’s wedding must not appear to be cheap. If you need anything, just speak up. Do you hear me?”


The two of them chatted for a while before Mo Beihan went home.

When his grandson had gone, Old Master Mo angrily called the Bai House. Coincidentally, Old Master Bai had just returned, so he took the call.

Old Master Bai was not at home just now. He had just returned when Bai Jingcheng complained that Mo Beihan had beaten up Bai Chi. He had just figured out what had happened when Old Master Mo’s call came. Old Master Mo’s angry roars could be heard over the telephone line!


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