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«Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1007: Yuan Yuan’s Parents (8)

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Chapter 1007: Yuan Yuan’s Parents (8)

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The girl had almost recovered. Although her head was still bandaged, she was running everywhere.

Today, she had come to look for Gu Qingyao to play, and Gu Qingyao had brought her here for lunch.

Gu Qingyao frowned as she looked at the alley up ahead. “That… looks like Zhou Furong?”

Zhong Bingyuan was still thinking about her wonderful meal and did not hear her clearly. “Uhm? Older Sister Gu, what did you say?”

Gu Qingyao was thinking that Zhou Furong was a troublemaker. The figure she had seen just now bore a great resemblance to Zhou Furong, and she seemed to be carrying something. That sack looked a little like a person.

Gu Qingyao said, “Let’s go and take a look.”


Meanwhile, Zhong Guangping had just emerged from his office when a child handed him a slip of paper. It clearly said that she, Zhou Furong, wanted to speak to him and that he should find her at the address written on the paper. The paper also clearly stated that Zheng Lin was with her.

Of course, Zhou Furong was not so foolish as to state plainly that she had kidnapped Zheng Lin. What if Zhong Guangping called the police?

Even if the Mo family managed to get her off, a visit to the police station would be embarrassing.

She did not intend to make a big fuss. She knew Zhong Guangping and was sure that he was not very wary of her. When he saw the note, he would certainly look for Zheng Lin immediately.

This proved that Zhou Furong still had some brains. Sure enough, when Zhong Guangping saw the note, he did not associate it with any kind of danger. He only felt that Zhou Furong would not leave him alone and kept making trouble. He must bring Zheng Lin home as soon as possible so that she did not have to listen to that crazy woman spouting nonsense.

So he hurried to the address.

He did not even think of bringing anyone with him. Because it was Zhou Furong, a woman whom he knew very well, Zhong Guangping did not think further.

If Zhou Furong had not said who she was but directly told him that Zheng Lin was in her clutches and warned him to come over alone and so on, Zhong Guangping might have been more alert.

Zhou Furong was unreasonable and kept pestering him. Zhong Guangping did not want anything to do with a woman like that. It did not matter much when they were in Yangcheng, but now that they were back in the capital, it was hard to get rid of this person. Zhong Guangping did not even want people to know that Zhou Furong knew him.


It was easy to get into trouble!

So Zhong Guangping went alone.

Meanwhile, Zhou Furong and Sun Huihui brought Zheng Lin to a remote little house. They tied Zheng Lin up and gagged her, then threw a basin of cold water on her to wake her up.

When Zheng Lin regained consciousness and saw that she had been tied and gagged, she realized that she was in danger.

She had been tied to a pillar and could not move at all.

Zhou Furong came over and smiled, “Zheng Lin, I’m inviting you to see an interesting show later. I guarantee it will be unforgettable!”

Zheng Lin stared at her with wide eyes but could not say anything.

Zhou Furong smiled. “Don’t look at me like that. We’ve known each other for so many years. I won’t do anything to you because we’re friends. Really, I’ve only invited you here so that you can be an eyewitness.”

With that, Zhou Furong began to take off her clothes. When Zheng Lin saw her actions, she felt disgusted. This woman was perverted.

Zhou Furong took off all her clothes and put on a set of beautiful and alluring clothes. She wore an old-fashioned abdomen wrap. It was the kind that was very small and somewhat transparent.

At that time, underwear was not that common, and many women still wore such undergarments.

When she saw Zhou Furong’s appearance, Zheng Lin immediately turned her head. She did not want to look. It was too perverse!


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