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Chapter 1324: Mo Yang Arrives

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Chu Yi said, “Son, in the past, Father and Mother really did not know each other too well. Having the two of you was an accident. It only happened because we fell into someone’s trap. I did not know that your mother had given me two children.

“But you must believe that I love you. I specially came here to look for you.

“As for your mother, she is wonderful. She raised two children for me. So I’ve decided to court your mother. As long as she is willing to marry me, I will be with you forever. All right?

“I will do whatever your mother wants. If she likes me and wants to marry me, that’s fine. If she doesn’t like me, I won’t force her either. She can marry whoever she pleases. But I will definitely take care of the two of you. All right?”

Lin Zheng was silent for a long time before he grumbled, “That’s more like it!”

Chu Yi laughed!

He stroked the boy’s head and said, “All right, no need to mention this to your sister. Your mother and I… even if I tell you, you won’t understand. I will explain it to her myself in the future.”

Lin Zheng looked at him, then suddenly asked, “Do you need my help in courting my mother?”

Chu Yi: “…”

How should he respond?

Why was his son so intelligent?

He even knew about such things?

After bustling around for a while, the children were finally bathed. The little girl, Lin Yue, was basking in her father’s delight. They were father and daughter. That kind of kinship was impossible to replace. So when it was time to sleep, the girl wanted to sleep with her parents.

Lin Yin was instantly embarrassed.

Lin Zheng stared straight at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi cleared his throat and said, “Yue Yue, your mother’s bed is too small. It can’t fit all of us.”

The little girl was immediately upset. “But… but I want to sleep with Father and Mother! My friends all sleep with their parents.”

Chu Yi thought for a while and said, “How about this! I will sleep with you and your brother. Mother is not feeling well, let her have a good rest by herself.”

“Yue Yue! Father has been away for so many years, and Mother has had to take care of the two of you by herself and also go to work. She’s exhausted. How about letting her have a rest?”

The girl did not think too much. She immediately agreed when she heard that her mother was tired.

Lin Yin sighed in relief.

In that way, Chu Yi moved into the Lin house.

With his resources, he had plenty of big houses in the capital. But Lin Yin would never move there!

If he told Lin Yue that he had made enough money to buy a big house and brought them over to stay, then Lin Yue would certainly agree.

But Lin Yin would be embarrassed.

Although she and Chu Yi had children together, they were not married. They were not even former lovers.

Their past had been unique and embarrassing. She did not know to face Chu Yi.

After interacting for a few days, Chu Yi got to know Lin Yin better.

She was a good woman.

She had brought the two children up single-handedly and taught them so well. The more he interacted with the children, the more grateful Chu Yi felt to her.

When he looked at the two children and thought about their future life, he suddenly felt that it would be great if Lin Yin could be by his side.

Then their family of four would surely be very happy?

He would not need to envy Mo Beihan any longer.

In fact, he had one daughter more than Mo Beihan. Shouldn’t Mo Beihan envy him instead?

Chu Yi was in an excellent mood. He played with the children every day and was very happy.

That day, Mo Yang came to look for the two children to play with.


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