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«Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1224 Poor Chu Yi, So Pitiful (3)

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Chapter 1224 Poor Chu Yi, So Pitiful (3)

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This man helped the Huo family avert danger so easily and provided the Huo family with so much money to develop in China. If he could build a relationship with someone like that, he would have a bright future.

Huo Lin hesitated for a long time. In the end, he did not dare to abandon his overseas enterprise. After all, that was the Huo family’s foundation. The next day, Huo Lin got on a plane and flew back to France.

Mo Beihan was paying close attention to the Huo family’s actions!

He informed Qiao Xinming the moment Huo Lin left. “Huo Lin left so quickly?” Qiao Xinming was very surprised. The Huo family over there was already on the brink of collapse?

Surely not?

Mo Beihan laughed and said, “The Huo family is in trouble. I’ve blocked all those financial groups who want a share. Now you’re the only one operating. Huo Lin knows how the Qiao family is related to the Huo family. Of course he’s afraid that you’ll take the entire Huo family for yourself!

“Their enterprise in China is still in the initial investment stage. It won’t be affected if Huo Lin is away for a few days. He’s clearly more worried about his business overseas.”

Qiao Xinming laughed and said, “No matter what, I must thank you this time. But Mo Beihan, where do you get your power from? You weren’t that powerful when you were in France?”

Mo Beihan smiled, “Older Cousin, I’m obviously not that great. I just dabble in a few small businesses to earn a living!”

Qiao Xinming: “…”

If he was earning a living, then what were they doing?

“Does Yao Yao know how much power you have?”

Mo Beihan laughed in response. He said meaningfully, “Of course she does. Believe me, Yao Yao is no less powerful than me!”

Qiao Xinming: “…”

Did he hear it wrongly?

Was there something wrong with his ears?

Mo Beihan had already hung up, but Qiao Xinming was still in a daze.

He knew that his younger cousin was very capable and talented. But…

No less powerful than Mo Beihan?


Cousin Qiao was filled with doubts!

Cousin Qiao was now questioning all his assumptions. He acted viciously. He must hurry up and take over the Huo family and expand his financial strength. What was the gap between him and his younger cousin?

Just Jin Jiang Restaurant alone was enough to make him question his life. But Qiao Xinming could not sleep when he thought of Mo Beihan’s words!

At this time, Chu Yi was still worried about his doctors.

All the famous doctors in the capital were related to Gu Qingyao. He did not dare to consult them, for fear of Mo Beihan finding out.

He could not get hold of anyone in the medical group for now. How bothersome!

Fortunately, the days had grown warmer, and he did not suffer as much.

At this moment, his subordinate ran in. He was panicking. “Sir, Sir, something has gone wrong. Something has gone terribly wrong!”

Chu Yi had been happily sunning himself and enjoying the sun’s warmth. His good mood evaporated when he heard his subordinate’s shout.

“What’s the matter? Why all the fuss?”

The subordinate hung his head. He did not dare to look his master in the eye. “Europe… the European coastal business is in trouble!”

Chu Yi was stunned when he heard that. He could not react for a long time.

“What… what are you saying?”

The subordinate’s head drooped even lower. “The European coastal business has essentially been… destroyed.”

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

“Who is responsible?” Chu Yi was hopping mad. He jumped out of his recliner with a murderous expression.

It had taken him more than half a year to start that business. He had invested an immense amount of time and money in order to acquire it. But in a few months, it had been destroyed… destroyed…


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