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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 975: Cannot fight head on

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Chapter 975: Cannot fight head on

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“Yuan Wushang? How is he here?”

The white light was really quick, even exceeding the normal Saint Realm Experts in Zong Shou’s impression.

However, it couldn’t hide from his World Burning Blood Eye. A slight bloodiness appeared in his eyes and he was able to see the person within the white light clearly.

Wasn’t one of them Yuan Wushang?

As for the other one, it wasn’t a person.

At this point, he had started to merge a portion of the Essence of the Source Life Spirit Breathing Technique into his World Shocking Spiritual Art.

He was really sensitive to life force.

His blood eyes couldn’t look through this person’s body, but he knew that the one who was carrying Yuan Wushang and escaping didn’t have any life.

Looking at the situation, it seemed to be a puppet. Moreover, it was a puppet with Saint Realm strength!

A Mohist Jade Puppet!

The pinnacle creation of the Mohists who were on the same level as the Taoists, Demon Sect, and Confucians during the Cloud Desolate Era!

It was said that they only crafted six and each had the ability of a Saint Realm Cultivator!

The ancient Qin’s 12 Copper Men were crafted with that as a blueprint.

However, along with the destruction of the Mohists, the six Jade Puppets were lost too.

Who knows where this Yuan Wushang managed to find them?

However, looking at the situation, he wasn’t in a good state.

Zong Shou looked into the distance at the people chasing.

To be able to force Yuan Wushang who had the Jade Puppet protecting him to such a haggard state…

Just thinking about it, one knew that his background had to be amazing.

However, when Zong Shou looked out, he was stunned.

He didn’t recognize the others, he only saw one of them who he was familiar with and saw several times.

Daoling Vast Habitat Qingming, legend had it that she was the Daughter of Kunming who was most probably at the End Realm.

However, didn’t this person take control of the Vast Habitat and was the first female to be recognized as the Vast Habitat Head?

Why was she so free to head over here?

Qingming didn’t seem to want to see him. The moment she saw him, her face turned extremely ugly.

Zong Shou sensed something and thought back to the few Formless God Demons that day.

Maybe what happened today was related to those few God Realm Shadow Demons?

There weren’t such coincidences in the world…

Without hesitation, he stepped forward quickly, his Sword Intent gathered as he protected the fleeing Yuan Wushang.

He could see that there were at least two Saint Realm Cultivators opposite, otherwise, Yuan Wushang wouldn’t be in such a state.

Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to stop all these people alone. He did that just to express his intentions to protect Yuan Wushang.

His shield was Yexuan and also the 184 Source Ocean Demon Slaying Warriors.

The Taoist Cultivators in the distance all stopped.

Yuan Wushang heaved a sigh of relief, smiling as he slowed down.

“How dangerous! I nearly lost my life this time. Women really are vicious!”

He didn’t bother to hide his words, not caring about the ugly expression on Qingming’s face.

With a few breaths and he managed to stabilize his breathing. Yuan Wushang calmed back down and gave Zong Shou a weird smile, “Long time no see! I really miss you. Speaking of which, I fell to such a stage all because of you and was you nearly killed me. After this, you must thank me!”

Zong Shou’s brow rose up and he didn’t speak, his expression was one of anticipation of Wushang’s words.

Yuan Wushang waved his sleeves and a person rolled out.

His face was purple gold. After he came out, he looked around in trepidation.

When he saw Zong Shou, his pupils constricted and became filled with Wu viciousness.

Next was tragicness and helplessness.

“Xiao Xiangzi?”

Zong Shou exclaimed and then sighed, how did the talent of the past fall to such a stage?

Looking at the situation, his situation wasn’t good and he actually became Yuan Wushang’s prisoner…

Before this, this person treated the Six Pinnacle Swords as ants.

With just a thought, he guessed the front and back of this entire matter.

He also knew why Yuan Wushang would be chased by the Taoist Faction so fervently…

“That day, when I was ambushed by the Formless God Demon, was this Xiao Xiangzi looking on from the side? You, Yuan Wushang, passed and captured him?”

The moment these words were spoken, Yuan Wushang didn’t reply, he just smiled, “We haven’t met in a few years and you are becoming smarter and smarter.”

Zong Shou’s lips twitched and he felt his goosebumps rise. He looked forward back at Qingming.

“Did the Taoist Faction have anything to do with the Formless God Demon matter?”

Qingming was speechless, opening her mouth and then keeping her words.

At this moment, the evidence was there, and retorting would only let people look down on them.

She decided not to speak and only silently acknowledged it.

Zong Shou waited for a moment and laughed. His laughter became more and more maniacal, and joyous.

After a long while, fury appeared on Qingming’s face. Just as she couldn’t take it anymore, Zong Shou’s laughter stopped.

“A few years ago, our sides had an agreement. That I would leave the Cloud World for 20 years and that you couldn’t have any vicious intent to Great Gan and people close to me. For you to do that, are you disregarding the agreement, and becoming a shameless and dishonest person?”

“It isn’t that we are disregarding it!”

Her expression was calm, “It was an accident…”

It wasn’t an accident. Yuan Wushang passed them and heard their words, and then snatched Xiao Xiangzi.

This matter was originally buried deep in their hearts and Zong Shou didn’t know about it.

Zong Shou shook his head and couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath with Qingming.

“Since your Taoist Faction has destroyed the agreement, then I have no need to protect it. In other words, I can just return to the Cloud World now right?”

The moment he said this, she couldn’t help but shudder.

Return now? This Blood Sword Monster Lord, a total demon?

The scenes of him killing several Formless God Demons a month ago were still fresh in her head.

How would any Celestial Realm cultivator in the world be his opponent?

Even if the Taoist God Realm and Saint Realm Experts ignored the agreement and headed back to the Cloud World, under the rules of the Cloud World, they might not be able to suppress this Blood Sword Monster Lord whose sword techniques were unparalleled!

After leaving for a few years, this person became even more of a devil.

Anxiousness rose up in her heart and she understood something; the person in front of her… his wings had grown and his horns had formed.

Each and every action of his could give the Taoist Faction a headache.

She took in a deep breath, suppressing her emotions. Her tone was still really calm.

“Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty went all out and based on what I know, there are 10 Saint Realms there,100 God Realm, and 300 Celestial Grade Dao Soldiers. To say something ugly, your life and death is unknown! Even if you don’t die, then it would be them letting you off…”

She paused, raising her glowing eyes.

“However, our Taoist Faction might not allow you to leave safely. Some accidents might occur in the world right?”

Yuan Wushang felt a chill down his spine and praised, “What a vicious old witch, the 10,000 years of Taoist Faction has someone to carry on.”

Qingming scoffed, not bothering as she stared right at Zong Shou.

She was vicious? That year she personally witnessed Zong Shou kill her Senior Brothers one by one.

He then charged into The Central Cloud Continent and wiped out dozens of sects.

Just because Daoling Vast Habitat offended him and killed some so-called innocent civilians.

Since they worked for this evil devil, how could those people be innocent?

Since things had reached such a state that it couldn’t be changed, then it was time to end it all!

She was willing to pay any price to be able to kill him. No matter how vicious she was, it was okay.

However, Zong Shou was laughing, seemingly unfazed. He didn’t seem arrogant but instead really helpless.

“Speaking of which, your Taoist Faction is also going to join in this battle. I don’t need to show mercy right?”

Qingming’s brow rose up and she wanted to say something. Suddenly, someone pulled her back.

Turning around, she saw that it was Senior Master Chengxing.

During these two months, he had let her handle things, but at this moment she could sense from his strength.

At this moment, Chengxing didn’t allow her to reject.

He was looking at a person holding a sword behind Zong Shou.

“Is that Xiaoyao Xuan Dao Xiaoyao who used one sword to injure three saints 200 years ago?”

Yexuan was originally listening on from the side like this matter didn’t concern him. When he heard this, he looked over in shock and smiled, “You recognize me? I have not used that name since I broke away from Xiaoyao Xuan. I am also not willing to let outsiders talk about my past.”

Chengxing’s face turned white and then he asked Zong Shou.

“Then Aokun’s injuries have healed?”

Zong Shou smiled and didn’t reply. His eyes showed a weird glow. This person was far brighter and sharper than Qingming.

Chengxing also obviously didn’t think he would get a reply.

“Since Aokun is here, then Aoyi would follow. She loved him for thousands of years and naturally will stay by his side now. Aokun created the Existence and Destruction Dao. It has been a long time since he entered Saint Realm. Aoyi has cultivated for 1,000 years. Although I heard that it was much tougher for dragons than humans who have shorter lifespans, for her half step End Realm to fight five to six Saint Realms won’t be much of an issue.”

Zong Shou smiled and didn’t speak. So what if he knew? What could he do?

Qingming’s expression fluctuated.

She knew that Chengxing was saying this for her to listen.

She felt her hand turn cold. There was a gap among Saint Realm too.

If those two worked together, not to mention those 10 Saint Realm Experts, even if the Emperor Lord came himself, it wouldn’t end well.

With these two, why would Zong Shou be afraid of Nine Capital?

What a misdirection. He was also certain that Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty desired Yuanlian World.

However, all the more they couldn’t retreat now! If they let Zong Shou succeed then…

Another voice rang out behind her, “Palace Head retreat quickly! This person has blistering King Energy like oil poured on fire. He has signs of an Emperor Lord. Under such a momentum, we can’t fight him!”

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