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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 974: Outer Region Changes

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Chapter 974: Outer Region Changes

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The bloody pieces of flesh scattered down. Hong Jiuchen was totally distracted as he looked above.

He couldn’t believe that a God Realm Cultivator whose position in Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty was only lower than the few Saint Realm people just died like that?

He died for the remaining hundreds of Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials…

Hong Jiuchen roughly knew the reason. He had started this battle of Yuanlian World.

If all of them died here, then even if they won in the end, he would be blamed by the celestial dynasty and end up in a tragic state.

…In Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty, there weren’t more than 3,000 of such Dao Soldiers.

If he didn’t help out, then in just this battle they had already lost a fifth.

However, he still underestimated the might of the Dao Soldier formation.

Even when they were fighting the Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials, they still had excess strength to slay a God Realm Cultivator.

That white light continued to land down. No one dared to block it anymore as it forcefully smashed into the half plum blossom above.

Another blinding white light spread out, the spiritual energy intensely constricted and then swelled.

Once everyone’s vision returned, one could see that the remaining half was gone too.

The half a black plum blossom was totally broken. The remaining 300 Celestials all scattered.

The four giant black blades had long disappeared.

“They are crushed!”

The moment the formation scattered, they knew that the Nine Capital Celestials had lost in the battle against the enemy Dao Soldiers.

They were unable to form back up and 280 of them died right away.

The remaining few had white flames wrapped around their bodies. The Slaying Sword Energy had already surged into their bodies.

How to get rid of it was a problem. If not, sooner or later they were going to be killed by the energy striking their hearts.

The Dao Soldier formation was still running.

The formation retracted slightly, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy they absorbed was slightly weaker.

However, when the sixth slaying sword energy was gathered, everyone felt their hearts shake. At this time, without the Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials blocking, and the formations within the city all crashing already, even if the strength of this sword was slightly weaker they would be unable to fight back at all!

This strike was enough to wipe out 100,000 troops!

However, right as the white light landed, a streak of light suddenly stabbed into the air.

Looking out, it was a short spear that knocked into the white light.

A silent clash caused the surrounding 10,000 feet of space to be instantly destroyed.

That formation didn’t shake at all but that extremely terrifying sword energy was totally wiped out along with that spear, totally dissipating.

“It is Commander Lie!”

Looking out in the direction of the short spear, everyone exclaimed.

Only to see that Lieque had already rode his warhorse and stood in front of the close to 24,000 Nine Capital Domineering Cavalry Guards.

Using the strength of the three million troops here to strike, in the end, he was able to go up against the unknown formation!

Hong Jiuchen wasn’t as joyous as the other people, his face turned more ashen white as he looked out.

To go up against that formation, they needed Lieque to use the strength of the entire army to block.

Then, what about the 70,000 Elite Dao Soldiers pressing over?

The joy of surviving the disaster lasted only for a short moment before the entire area was deathly silent.

They all heard a loud explosion opposite them.

Hundreds of thousands of infantry troops pushed forward and drew close.

The footsteps of a few hundred thousand people reverberated at the same time like thunder. It was orderly and shocking. They raised their foots at the same time and placed them down at the same time.

In the loud commotion, their aura and fighting spirit rose to its peak.

In just a short moment, there were worried cries breaking out.

“I am afraid we won’t be able to block these 70,000 Dao Soldiers…”

“No matter how strong Commander Lie is, he is unable to face enemies from all directions. Who knows how strong these Dao Soldiers are, but they can’t be as strong as those in the sky right?”

“What about the people above? Why aren’t they helping? Didn’t your Celestial Dynasty send over 60 God Realm Experts? Why aren’t they appearing yet?”

“This is indeed weird, do they want to see our men die here?”

The people here suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

They were first filled with confusion and then in the next moment they felt a chill down their spines.

They weren’t able to see a single God Realm or Saint Realm Expert in the outer region.

…What was the meaning of this?

There was only one possibility, that the people outside were also facing a similarly large problem!

Such that they weren’t able to use a portion of their strength to interfere with this and help them out!

Hong Jiuchen’s eyes were filled with loss as he looked into the void.

He thought to himself, “What did Zong Shou do? Such that the four powers working together, the hundreds of God Realm cultivators and 10 Saint Realm Venerables are all nowhere to be seen?”

Would their Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty lose here today? How was that possible?

At the same time, the Great Gan army outside the city…

Zhuang Yu retracted his gaze, he stopped looking at the sky and focused on the battlefield in front of him.

“Although I don’t know what Ruler planned in the outer region, it seems like we have already won this battle…”

He said expressionlessly, he also didn’t purposely direct the troops, and just rode his horse toward the Black Fox Iron Cavalry.

At this moment, there was no need for any special commands or special tactics.

They just needed to use their momentum to suppress. The various generals and commanders had all gone through hundreds of battles and they knew what they had to do now.

He needed to personally command this newly built Xuan Grade Cavalry Army to charge formations and counter the enemy.

Toward the true strength of this strong army, he had high hopes.

In just 30 minutes he would be able to trample over the enemy!

He also needed to save some strength! While also wiping out the strong troops of the enemy!

After this battle they would conquer other worlds.

To rule the dozens of worlds around? Who knew that Yuanlian World which was occupied and bullied by others would see such a day.

To be able to rule over dozens of worlds, a true Celestial Dynasty’s foundations. Its potential was limitless.

“It seems like it really is the case!”

Feng Taiji was also stunned and he had a weird expression on his face.

If the many experts of the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty interfered in this, then they would have done so earlier before the Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials had suffered heavy losses.

However, even at this moment when they suffered heavy losses, they were still nowhere to be seen.

What exactly happened in the outer region? Such that the one in charge of the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty could only watch on and see those 600 Earth Grade Dao Soldiers die?

He wanted to go all out in this battle, even using the trump card given by his sect.

Not for Zong Shou but for the work that Sword Sect had spent so much effort to achieve in this Yuanlian World over these two years.

The outcome however was totally unexpected. He didn’t need to help out and the war matters were already settled.

He was curious in his heart, breaking the world barrier to step out into the void.

The war matters there no longer required his help.

Unless there were other changes, there were no chances of them losing…

At this moment, what he wanted to see was the outer region, what the exact situation there was like.


Two hours before the two sides battled, in Yuanlian World, they were curious about what occured in the outer region.

Zong Shou was stepping in the World River, his hands pressed onto his sword, and his eyes were clear.

Not far away was the World River which was pretty wide in his memory.

For the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty to interfere in Yuanlian World matters, this place was the most suitable location.

If this place was occupied by him, then if Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty wanted to do anything to the 1,300 miles around Moyang City, he could easily stop them from here!

However before that, the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty troops had already occupied this place.

If he wanted Zhuang Yu and the Great Gan forces near Dalin Country to fight safely and not be disturbed, then he had to first snatch back this area…

The war matters had started long ago. Commander Shi Ruolan’s 10 Taiyi God Lightning Ships and 40 Spaceships had started to probe the giant enemy forces.

They had several times fewer forces than the enemy. Luckily, for the two extra towers on the ships which had great strength, the difference in combat strength wasn’t that huge. Under Shi Ruolan’s command, they were able to use their strength 220%. They could line up and fight, then pierce through enemy forces. Their movements were really flexible.

However, the sailors opposite weren’t totally weak. To date, Shi Ruolan hadn’t managed to find anything usable weakness.

Both sides were barely maintaining such momentum. There weren’t heavy casualties on either side and no one had the upper hand.

This delighted Zong Shou. He didn’t need Shi Ruolan to win, he just needed her to delay and hold back the 200 Spaceships.

He only needed an hour before he would be able to deal with all matters.

At this moment, apart from Yexuan and Lu Wubing, there were 184 Source Ocean Demon Slaying Warriors.

They all walked forward with him expressionlessly.

As for the Royal Demon God Shuttle, it followed from afar, and no one was able to sense them through Spiritual Sense.

With Shi Ruolan restricting, those Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty Spaceships weren’t able to stop him.

In just a moment, he was in the middle of the World River.

Zong Shou looked out and saw a majestic and expensive-looking ship floating within the Spiritual River.

It flashed a seven-colored light and was hidden in the clouds.

Zong Shou laughed and knew that this was probably where the few Saint Realm Experts were.

Who knows, maybe even the Nine Capital Emperor Lord was within.

He stepped out and walked over.

However, just at this moment, a white light suddenly sped forth from another direction.

Then, there were dozens of strong auras that followed.

That white light was fleeing in another direction, but after noticing Zong Shou, it changed directions and charged over.

Zong Shou was really surprised.

“Yuan Wushang? Could it be him?”

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