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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 973: Everything slain

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Chapter 973: Everything slain

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Sword energy swept out. Not only did the city wall collapse, everywhere it passed, all the soldiers who were struck were all destroyed.

Their physical bodies were all smashed into dust!

Zhuang Yu’s mouth was opened wide and he was totally stunned, unable to come back to his senses for a long time.

This was the strength of the Imperial Demon Slaying Formation?

If it was a normal city then it wouldn’t be much, normal Spirit Realm cultivators would be able to do that. However, this was a strong fortress that Mufang had run for a long time!

Just the restrictions and formations within could be compared to Yuanjing Celestial Palace!

However, at this moment, it couldn’t block a single strike from the Imperial Demon Slaying Formation!

One could see the panicked looks of the people in the city wall in the distance.

And also the few ashen white faces of the few at the front, they were really devoid of blood.

“It seems like there is no need for two hours, just an hour is more or less enough…”

Zhuang Yu grinned and then he calmed back down.

“To fight a strong enemy with weak troops is what a strategist is afraid of. However, with such a trump card in my hand, why won’t I use it? Do I need to wait till the losses are heavy and when I had no choice? Although Zhuang Yu was arrogant, it never reached the point where he had no opponent on the battlefield. A power like Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty, even a lion will go all out when it fights a rabbit. Will I dare to be careless?”

Feng Taiji seemed shocked on his side but he had long ago seen the strength of the formation.

However, he didn’t expect it to be this strong. He really underestimated it…

At this moment, he came to his senses when he heard this, shaking his head, “However, it isn’t good to use it too early. Those God Realm experts might interfere early.”

“Since Ruler gave me full power and didn’t give me any special instructions, then it is my responsibility to use the smallest price to kill the enemy here. As for the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty’s reaction, it isn’t something that I will consider.”

Zhuang Yu paused and then his eyes flashed, “Actually, this is what we have to do! Aren’t you looking forward to it?”

Feng Taiji was stunned when he heard that and looked back in shock.

Rather than continue to delay like this and wait in trepidation, why not strike out swiftly at full strength to force out the hidden cards of both sides?

Just as they were speaking, a second bright Sword Light slashed down from the Imperial Demon Slaying Formation from above.

Along with a “si” sharp ring, the Sword Energy tore open the air and swept across. A full 30,000 elite troops were instantly turned into dust.

On the city walls, Hong Jiuchen’s face was green and he felt a bone-chilling coldness in his body.

Those two Sword Lights were actually aiming at this place. However, the restrictions of the city and the combined efforts of the dozens of people was only barely able to push it aside.

Even Guyue was forced to act. At this moment, his expression became really ugly.

“The restrictions of the city can’t block it anymore. At most, it can only withstand one strike…”

“What kind of Dao Soldier is this, what kind of formation is this? Why is it so strong? Why have I never heard of it before?”

“The first two strikes, one stronger than the last, it seems like he hasn’t reached its extreme.”

“Where are the Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials? Didn’t Commander order them to strike out?”

“Those people are the direct troops of the Emperor Lord and are always arrogant…”

Many discussions broke out. Although the people on the walls could maintain their calm, they couldn’t help but be a little terrified.

With just one more strike and the restrictions wouldn’t be able to hold on anymore.

Maybe Lieque and Guyue would be fine but the rest of them, even if they didn’t die, they would suffer from heavy injuries!

Luckily, at this moment, there were a full 600 Spirit Realm Cultivators who flew up into the air.

Six men in one formation and then between six formations there were some connections, pretty much merging into one.

Like a black plum blossom which bloomed.

Numerous thin black blades spun in the sky.

They also gave off a majestic aura, going against that Dao Soldier formation in the distance., causing the people on the city walls to relax slightly.

With the six hundred Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials here they might be able to fight against the enemy.

“They finally came!”

“This aura, is it not the Ten Thousand Blade Cloud Pushing Formation? I have finally witnessed it. It was said that the Nine Capital Celestial Emperor rose up due to this. He fought many worlds and rarely had an opponent, shaking large regions…”

Hong Jiuchen’s eyes shone a weird glow, his uneasiness once again calmed back down.

He thought to himself if there was a day when he was fortunate enough to control such a strong army, then he would win all wars. Even in Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty he would be able to hold some power.

Just as he was thinking this way, the corner of Hong Jiuchen’s eyes saw that Lieque’s expression turn ashen white, face dark as death.

He actually suddenly turned around and headed to the bottom of the city walls.

Hong Jiuchen didn’t understand but he didn’t bother much about it. He just thought that Lieque was returning to the formation to personally lead the troops.

Looking out, once the Plum Blossom shaped Ten Thousand Blade Cloud Pushing Formation was formed, numerous black blades gathered and formed 4,000-foot blades that spun about.

However the formation opposite was storing up power too.

After the two swords, those five hundred Dao Soldiers of unknown names started to fly seven thousand feet up and stood beneath the clouds.

The entire formation spread out once more. They were scattered around a 30,000-foot space.

It was like a bottomless abyss swallowing the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy.

A really strong intent suddenly charged out from the formation.

It actually forced apart the dark clouds that had gathered! The clear blue sky was once again in front of everyone’s eyes.

A white light was flashing and jumping around.

“What are they doing?”

Hong Jiuchen’s eyes were filled with confusion and then his pupils constricted.

“Tribulation, tribulation lightning! How is this possible…”

How could an Earth Grade Dao Soldier Formation give rise to tribulation?

In that moment, a sharp blade-like energy shot down from the sky!

One could only hear a slashing sound as it silently tore open the void.

It was faster than lightning, only experts like Hong Jiuchen and the others could see a thin white light charge toward the black plum blossom formation.

When the black blade and white light clashed, the entire Heaven and Earth went dark. The sun in the sky seemed really dark at that moment.

What followed next was a really strong energy spread out in all directions, striking out like ripples.

Hong Jiuchen forcefully stood still and didn’t fall down. He lost his vision for a moment before he barely managed to adapt.

When he looked forward, his mouth was agape and his tongue was tied.

That four black colored blade wheel was in tatters. The entire formation was forcefully pierced through by the white light!

Dozens of Nine Capital Blade Feathers Celestials were burning in white flames as they fell from the sky.

From afar he could sense that these people had lost their lives. There was even a dozen of them who had turned to dust when he looked over like they had never existed at all.

Hong Jiuchen was shocked. Although the first two strikes were strong and shocking, it couldn’t be compared to the third one.

Was the formation just warming up and it hadn’t yet shown off its full ability?

What kind of Dao Soldier was this? What kind of Sword Formation was this? To be so strong?

In an instant, a second white light flashed in the sky and landed.

It was going in the exact same trajectory, the speed of which was even faster and even fiercer.

Hong Jiuchen was stunned and he could sense that the power of this strike was much stronger than before!

Before this, the Ten Thousand Blade Cloud Pushing Formation was already broken and 10% of the 600 Dao Soldiers were already killed.

Then, what would this strike be like?

Behind him Tanjing’s alarmed voice rang out.

“Impossible! What Dao Soldier is this? How can it beat the Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials? Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty had once fought Sky Burning Lu Family head-on, even three against one and they didn’t lose. How can they lose here…”

Fuyue was also at a loss, “They look like the Common People’s Path Source Ocean Spirit Changing Warriors, but they are also a little different!”


Mufang shook his head, “The Sword Energy is so sharp, it must have came from the Sword Sect. However, they wouldn’t be so extreme, it must be from an ancient artifact cultivator!”

When he said these words, that white light struck onto the Ten Thousand Blade Cloud Pushing Formation above.

The blinding white light spread out once more which was too painful to look at made everyone subconsciously close their eyes.

The people behind all felt a stabbing pain in their bodies.

When they looked into their bodies, the thin scattered pieces of energy actually pierced their body-protecting energy and entered their bodies, piercing many holes in their skin.

“Slaying Sword Intent, this is the Slaying Sword Intent! How can it be so pure…”

Slaying Sword Intent, it in itself was really rare.

It was impossible that the hundreds of people above all grasped it.

This formation was formed by Dao Soldiers, people’s hearts are mixed and normally speaking the Sword Intent they formed shouldn’t be so pure…

Fuyue was dumbfounded as he looked into the air, only to see that a large half of the black plum blossom was wiped out.

After this strike, another more than 100 Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials were in flames. They flew down from the sky and turned into dust!

…Just two strikes and the formation that the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty relied on was destroyed!

This wasn’t the end. The third white light landed.

At this moment, everyone didn’t want to look.

What happened next was definitely going to be brutal!

Hong Jiuchen suddenly comprehended and understood why Lieque’s expression would become like that and why he left.

He knew that the so-called Nine Capital Blade Feather Celestials weren’t able to compete against those simply dressed, basic magical sword Dao Soldiers opposite them.

When the two fought, he could clearly sense that they were being suppressed!

To his side there was a furious roar.

Hong Jiuchen looked out to see Guyue’s eyes were popping out of his sockets as he flew up towards that white light.

However, before he reached it, a Sword Intent descended, locking onto Guyue’s body.


With a shout, his body turned into blood rain!

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