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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 911: End Realm Saint Venerable

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Chapter 911: End Realm Saint Venerable

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Just 8 hours later, above the broken ruins on the stone tower, a red-robed man, around 60 years of age, was stepping on the ruins.

He walked around the ruins with a cold mocking intent on his face.

“He didn’t even send out a single piece of news, how useless! He deserved to be soul scour…”

His eyes laid on a corpse whose head and bones were twisted and he stopped there for just a moment.

The red-robed old man shook his head and retracted his gaze before he looked all around.

“To kill 10 Celestial Realms in 1 strike and killing 6 people with Flying Knives. How amazing, how remarkable! How domineering, as expected from the person who was able to slash out that sword! Is he preparing to stop covering his tracks? Oh right, he can’t cover up his tracks here even if he wanted to. This is indeed problematic. Although he isn’t God Realm, his combat strength is even greater than normal Initial God Realm Cultivators.”

Back outside of the Death Jail he was still unable to deduce the true cultivation of this person’s current realm.

Now he roughly knew what it was about that person who forcefully stepped over these platforms and tower.

He looked toward the surrounding stone platforms, only to see that many of them had shattered. Hundreds of broken chains were scattered all over on the ground.

The person who attacked was really cunning and careful. Many marks had already been wiped away and he tried to set up a scene.

However, the death aura here was obviously not right, it was just too thin.

The red-robed old man thought about it before he laughed coldly.

“He saved them? Just a few dozen Celestial Realm and he actually bothered. He is a little stingy! Oh, he is using them to refine Dao Soldiers, that is not bad…”

There weren’t any remaining clues around and the old man also didn’t bother to look anymore.

He retracted his Spiritual Sense and entered deep thought.

This person was obviously prepared to come into the Nine Extreme Death Jail and was really confident.

However, his foundations had to be really shallow, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been tempted by just these few dozen Celestial Realm Cultivators.

Then why did he have to capture the person here to search his soul?

What did this person want to know? What was his goal for coming into this Death Jail?

The eyes of the old man flashed. Moments later his lips curled up and he smiled.

Killing intent appeared on his face.

“His movement speed is not bad, at least able to teleport hundreds of miles in an instant. You are confident that, even if I know where you, are I can’t find you?”

“This aura is so familiar like it is someone I have seen before. Unfortunately, it is too thin and I can’t recognize it…”

He looked deeply into that abyss, however, he didn’t head in.

He stepped into the air and directly headed out of this Death Jail World.

He walked confidently within the fire dust formation as well as heavy space storms.

An hour later, he was far away from where the Nine Extreme Death Jail.

A 100,000-foot space appeared in front of his eyes, a palace that was made out of fire red jade.

It was hidden in the space layers and was invisible.

However, his Spiritual Sense directly reflected this place known as the Fire Jade Palace into his mind.

He entered it and there were immediately several Lu Family disciples dressed as servants who walked up to stop him.

When they saw his look clearly, their expressions turned solemn and they all retreated, bowing respectfully.

The red-robed old man was extremely calm and he didn’t even take a look. He just walked straight into the main room.

Moments later, he came into a fire red colored hall.

Although it was said to be a hall, it was more like a giant piece of jade.

The moment the old man went inside, a calm questioning voice spread out from within, “Lu Tianqing, you aren’t guarding the Nine Extreme Death Jail and instead have come over here, what matter do you have?”

The voice was like jade, calm and cold but extremely pleasant to the ears.

The red-robed old man didn’t reply at first. He respectfully bowed in the direction of the door of the hall.

“Lu Tianqing greets Saint Venerable.”

After standing up, he opened his mouth and answered, “Tianqing came here to seek help from Saint Venerable!”

“Seek help? Does our Lu Family have any calamity? Or did something chaotic happen in the Nine Extreme Death Jail? You should know that I don’t bother about world matters and you shouldn’t come find me for normal matters.”

“Tianqing knows! I came here to ask Saint Venerable to act to claim the life of someone who snuck into the Nine Extreme Death Jail!”

Before he completed his sentence, he felt a suppressive furious intent press the depths of his soul.

He knew that the person in the palace was impatient. However, he said calmly, “If it was a normal person, I would easily be able to kill him, there wouldn’t even be a need to worry about him. However, his Instant Space Technique is amazing and when he covers his aura, it is tough to find him. I suspect that this person also has an End Realm Expert helping him from outside.”

He tried his best to keep everything simple. When he said the last sentence, that suppressing feeling faded.

Anything that involved End Realm Saint Venerables in this world was never a small matter.

“End Realm?”

A huge Spiritual Sense spread out all over. It swept across layers of space and beyond worlds.

Moments later, that jade-like voice rang out once more.

“Why did this person come into the Death Jail for? Don’t tell me you have no idea.”

Lu Tianqing’s eyes flashed, the cold intent became even thicker.

As expected, there was an End Realm Expert…

The Saint Venerable’s Spiritual Sense definitely sensed something which was why he asked this.

He was also not surprised by his question.

The Sky Burning Lu Family was one of the top powers in this region.

They had three End Realms and because of that, they couldn’t easily make enemies on all sides.

Especially when the enemy had an End Realm Saint Venerable too, they had to be really careful.

If the opponent’s goals didn’t harm too much of their interest, they could just allow them to do whatever they wanted, turning a blind eye.

Both sides would just silently acknowledge this matter and they could even make them owe each other favors.

“There are really few clues. I only know a little and guess that this person is the son of Lu Hanyan and he entered here for his mother…”


The jadestone door suddenly opened. A purple-robed, middle-aged man with a jade-face, red lips, and white teeth stepped out.

His face was cold, giving off a majestic aura even without showing anger as he looked at the red-robed old man.

“Hanyan’s son, are you joking? Did you deduce wrongly? Is there anyone else helping or is he alone?”

“There are two people, as for whether the other person is helping or not, I am not sure.”

Lu Tianqing smiled and said flatly, “However, Saint Venerable is a little too ignorant. I heard that her son has entered our direct bloodline name list and obtained the help of that Cangyan Hall Head Fangjue. If he had no skill, then how could that be so? As for whether or not I am wrong, I have no confidence. I can only guess from a few clues. I didn’t see him personally, so I have no confidence at all. Who knows, he might really be Hanyan’s son…”

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