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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 299 Chill Flame Dragon Millipede

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Chapter 299 Chill Flame Dragon Millipede

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“Chakra turning intense dragon energy. Who knew that before the cloud desolate era there was already such magical thinking.”

A moment later, Zong Shou closed the book. His soul ocean was rapidly calculating, those specks of light were also continuously flashing.

The great sky changing meditation technique, roughly when he entered meditation, it split into 2 Ying and Yang, these 2 opposing forces each with their minds. Then they would meditate and simulate in an orderly manner.

Not only was the soul power cultivation speed increasing, but it also had a miraculous effect when one was thinking and comprehending.

Within his palm, a ball of red and blue energy was spiraling once more.

However, different from before, this ball of energy seemed more circular and merged. Before, there were many conflicting areas.

Zong Shou was also slowly able to control it according to what he wanted to. The speed followed his heart, and the strength of the world shocking true energy followed his thoughts, either decreasing or strengthening as he wished.

His senior brother was truly a Saint realm expert, really observant and had great foresight. In just one night, he saw through the weaknesses and lacking points of his world shocking spiritual art. Naturally, he also understood the future potential and route of this cultivation method.

The martial path techniques he left were all precisely catered to that, helping him make up for the weaknesses. Taking the essence to help merge into his world shocking spiritual art.

This cultivation method was pretty much close to perfect at the body chakra stage. As for the earth and heaven chakra stage cultivation, he had a clear picture in his head.

However, Zong Shou also understood the way this common people path did things. As what the rumors said, they let their disciples learn by themselves and left them unrestrained just like how eagles threw their not yet mature babies off the nest to force them to fly.

The method of the common people path was around there. With Wei Xu’s saint realm cultivation, he could have easily perfected the world shocking spiritual art for him, but he didn’t choose to do so. Instead, he left the helpful martial arts secret techniques for him to comprehend and simulate himself.

What was more overboard was that after he took this direct disciple in, he directly tossed him aside, not bothering about him.

If he didn’t know that direct disciples of Seven Spirit Sect and Qingyin School Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan were also like this, he was pretty much going to think that this common people path were burning bridges.

People could borrow the help of their teachers and seniors to obtain numerous benefits just as they enter the sect, their cultivation greatly increasing. However, when he entered the sect he had to depend on his strength to grow his power.

“I am meeting bad people, I regret it! If I listened to Lei Dong and joined Wujue Villa why would I have such a tragic end? However, this sect’s great sky changing meditation technique is not bad…”

Zong Shou continued to deduce and derive in his head whilst he shook his head. After he had a rough outcome in his heart, he stopped the meditation. Instead, he used the illusionary heart mirror to form various illusions in his brain.

This time, he chose tens of martial ancestor realm experts as his opponent to try this world shocking true energy that had been improved by him. Pretty much with a massacre-like momentum, he crazily slaughtered these opponents.

Coincidentally, Xuan Yunlan started to play outside of the large door. A quiet soul calming spiritual tune caused his mind to enter a stage where he forgot all about himself.

Once he regained his senses from that meditation state, 2 hours had passed.

Within his illusionary realm in his brain, a single opponent also didn’t die. At most, they were heavily hurt, losing their ability to fight.

Zong Shou couldn’t help but purse his lips and kept the illusionary heart mirror. The Qingyin School’s soul calming spiritual tune was truly a top sound element technique. Be it to help one comprehend or meditate it had shocking use.

The only thing not good about it would be that the more one heard the tune, one’s state would become terrifyingly peaceful, losing all killing intent.

Like just now, with his personality within the illusionary realm, after the zither sounded out he was unwilling to go down viciously, pretty much like he became a different person.

Naturally, he didn’t exclude the possibility that Xuan Yunlan was purposely using her zither music to influence his heart to help improve him.

Luckily, this girl came from the common people path. With her character, she would probably not survive in those righteous path sects.

Changing one’s personality was attacking the foundation of one’s path, it was what martial cultivators and spirit masters prohibited and cared against!

Luckily, the person that Xuan Yunlan met was him. If they weren’t in the same sect and he also needed to use this girl’s tune to cultivate, his heart was really clear and certain and not be tempted and corrupted. With what she did, it wouldn’t be too unreasonable for him to kill her in one sword.

Although he didn’t go on a killing spree in the illusionary realm, he had truly merged some of the essence and exquisite parts of the chakra turning intense dragon energy into his world shocking spiritual art.

None of those tens of opponents died which meant that his control of the spiral energy had reached a fine level. As long as he wanted to, he could control the strength of it.

If it was him before, he found it hard to show mercy.

“This cultivation technique has been deduced to a great amount. It will probably take a month to perfect a few details and I can step into the martial ancestor realm!”

He suddenly took out a 5 story purple pagoda, casually reaching with his hand and 2 spiritual veins were absorbed by him and charged into his body.

It was different from last time where his body started to tear. This merger was peaceful, simply absorbing the 2 fire spiritual veins into his major organ chakra meridians.

Then he could feel his heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidney all strengthen at a shocking speed.

The vital energy that was surging in his body was at least 3 times stronger than before.

Zong Shou suddenly pulled out a spiritual sword, cutting a wound on his fingertip. In just a moment it healed totally, only leaving a thin white scar.

This was a sign of the life essence energy in his body greatly increasing. In the future, unless it was a true injury or a life-threatening hit, some small wounds could be healed up in just a moment.

Zong Shou clenched tight with his palm. The grade 2 spiritual weapon in his hand instantly broke into shrapnels.

His right arm could see 6 thin spiritual veins like serpents flowing and spinning around, providing strong spiritual energy.

“300 thousand kilograms! A 5 meridian martial ancestor has just about this much strength. I have 6 earth veins on me and in terms of the length of the spiritual veins mine should be even above!”

Zong Shou’s lips curled, revealing some happiness. Bad luck and blessings came together. A dual meridian body might make improving tough for him in the past but once one broke through the initial barrier, he instantly showed shocking ability.

Once he merged completely with 18 earth veins, who knows he might be able to use the strength of a peak Xuanwu ancestor to compete against ascended ancestors. He would be much weaker than that genius who comprehended martial arts and spirit merging as one.

His mind swept that small heaven and earth-bag, and only one last secret manual was left within.

“Chill flame swift image technique, cloud desolate era, grade 7 legendary technique!”

Zong Shou’s brows rose up. Out of the tens of books that Wei Xu left, apart from the insight mysterious lightning body training art and great sky changing meditation technique, this one was the most valuable.

It was of Legendary grade, on the same level as his six gods defensive knife.

Taking it out from the small heaven and earth-bag, Zong Shou flipped it open. He was delighted as he looked. This wasn’t a cultivation method and wasn’t a fist technique or sword art, instead, it was a movement technique, allowing one to swiftly travel a thousand miles. True to exchange and clashing of fire and water true qi to make one’s body illusionary, deceitful and indiscernible.

However, the cultivator had to be a dual cultivator. Not only must the true qi have both fire and water merging characteristics, one’s soul ocean needed to form the fire and water true spiritual talismans.

What surprised him was that this Chill flame swift image technique didn’t even need to be modified. His dual meridian body and spiral energy could directly cultivate it.

In the last life, he focused purely on the sword path. He wasn’t good at bodily techniques and movement techniques. Out of the 7 emperors, he was the weakest one.

Based on what the shadow emperor who died under his six gods defensive knife technique, if he fought others, he would die.

If he could win then that was fine, but the moment he lost, even if he wanted to escape, he couldn’t. Luckily, before he got the book of eon extreme life, he had been through 9747 battles and had never lost so he didn’t think about fleeing.

However, it would be a lie if he said he wasn’t envious of those people who travel a thousand miles in an instant. If his body was quicker, then his sword speed would probably be quicker too. However, it was just that he couldn’t find a suitable cultivation method.

Looking closely page by page, Zong Shou’s body started to move along with the incantations and methods recorded in the secret manual. All of a sudden, several illusions appeared alongside his body.

Just as he was slowly focusing, suddenly a note drifted off from this Chill flame swift image technique.

Zong Shou was startled and picked it up only to see that on it wrote “Chill Flame dragon millipede”, 4 big words.

With just a blink Zong Shou recognized that this was Wei Xu’s handwriting. His words were like his character, gentle and introverted. However, it also gave of a hot flame intent like it was going to burn a person.

“Chill Flame dragon millipede? Wasn’t this one of the grade 9 beasts that grew under the cloud ocean? Legend had it that it had the bloodline of the dragon race, the moment it was born it had grade 7 strength. Once it lived over ten thousand years, it could step into the same group as god beasts. Why did the senior brother leave this note in the secret manual?”

He didn’t understand in his heart. Zong Shou also didn’t continue comprehending the Chill flame swift image technique, slowly entering deep thought.

Only when he saw the words chill flame he knew that Wei Xu didn’t leave it there in the past. In this world where there were so many coincidences? Leaving this note was also far from him randomly firing arrows to see which hits.

Although he didn’t see this chill flame dragon millipede in the past, one said that this beast was good at using the cold and could also manipulate flames. Its combat strength was several times stronger than beasts of the same grade.

His world shocking spiritual art had something large to do with this beast. Maybe in the future, the continued perfecting of this cultivation method was going to depend on this grade 9 beast.

However, it was still too early to speak about such methods now. Not to mention an adult grade 9, he couldn’t even win a baby grade 7.

Zong Shou quietened himself down, holding the secret manual in his hand, studying it calmly.

However, this time he just saw tens of lines and he felt his left army shake slightly.

Zong Shou was instantly delighted and knew that it was Little Gold evolving once more.

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