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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 1151: Completing In Advance

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Chapter 1151: Completing In Advance

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Actually, if he was willingly sent, even if the few sides worked together to push them to him, they wouldn’t be able to force it on him. It was just that he wasn’t willing to debate with them. This outcome was exactly what he wished for.

Using a few teleportations of the Instant Space Dragon Pellet, Zong Shou avoided the corpse army. He brought Su Xiaoxiao and Chuxue appeared 200 miles away.

When he looked around, he noticed that the palace passageways here were interconnected.

20 miles north from here was where the revival artifact was.

Zong Shou carefully spread out his spiritual sense to search those tunnels.

In just a moment, he noticed a huge hall.

“It should be this place…”

Zong Shou was more and more careful and reached in with his spiritual sense. A moment later, he retracted it swiftly and was in deep thought with a weird expression on his face.

Su Xiaoxiao was really curious and asked, “Are there many Saint Realm experts? You should have fought with them. The Taoist and Confucian Faction have so many experts but are only in charge of one. They also wanted to pick and choose the easy ones… What a joke! To think they are considered a large sect of the Cloud World? If you dared to flip the tables what would they do? If the Qin Emperor revives, they will be the first to be hit, not Great Gan.”

The more was said, the more she felt it was unfair for Zong Shou.

Zong Shou instantly burst into laughter and explained, “This place is nearest to the Shanhe Hall! It is also the place which is in most conflict with the Sky altar!”

This reason alone was worth Zong Shou taking a risk. To snatch the 12 Copper Men, this place was the closest.

The Dragon Formation was ineffective and his Instant Space Ability was not restricted anymore.

Another reason was because of Shen Yuexuan. Qin Emperor Palace was crafted by the Mohist Faction blacksmiths. This underground palace was also made by them.

Shen Yuexuan spent two months of time preparing and he collected the various legacies of the Mohist Faction. He not only obtained some of the blueprints of the palace but he also grasped a secret that only Mohist Faction disciples knew about; there were other secrets beneath the palace.

After the underground palace was crafted, the blacksmith in charge was executed.

All the coolies were killed at the same time.

However, the blacksmith was prepared. Before it happened, he had already passed down his legacy. He also handed the complete blueprint of the underground palace to his good friend.

This was also the reason why Zong Shou didn’t argue and directly took on the responsibility. He also wanted to see what was hidden in this underground palace.

Was it another similar treasury? Or was there something else? He was really curious.

However, what he was most shocked about was the situation of the underground hall.

“It really is weird! There are only two generals protecting the revival artifact. There are no Qi Cultivators at all.”

Zong Shou was filled with doubt, “When did our luck become so good?”

When Su Xiaoxiao heard this, her mouth was opened wide. There were only two?

This place was really close to the Shanhe Hall, so she assumed that Xufu would guard it well.

How could two corpse generals block Zong Shou who had the Unlimited Beginning and End Body?

She comprehended something right away. No! It was because it was close which was why there were fewer corpse generals…

Chuxue entered the palace and frowned as she looked around. She said with a curious tone, “Young Master, just now I felt like someone was staring at us. It feels really dangerous…”

Zong Shou was stunned and his expression became cold. Chuxue had the Combat Martial Body and was really sensitive. For her to say that meant that she really sensed something.

In other words, there was definitely someone spying on him!

He was really skilled, such that he couldn’t sense anything.

However, what was the reason?

After thinking about it for a moment, Zong Shou once again brought the two of them and charged towards the hall at a speed that the naked eye couldn’t pick up.

Space flashed and he passed exactly where the restrictions couldn’t reach.

Zong Shou stopped and looked behind in a specious manner.

With such a high-speed teleportation, if the enemy didn’t want to be shaken off, he had to follow.

If he didn’t understand the structure, he wouldn’t be able to dodge them all. When the time comes, he would slip up.

However, the outcome was unexpected. That person was nowhere to be seen.

Was Chuxue wrong? Or, that the person knew that he would definitely head for the revival artifact which was why he wasn’t in a rush.

Zong Shou burst out laughing and then entered the underground hall.

It was a 10,00-foot space. Apart from an altar light platform, there was nothing else.

At the top, there were several Dragon eye sized Bright Night Stone which lit up the area.

The two corpse generals dressed in black armor stood above with cold expressions.

Beneath the platform, there were 3,000 Big Dipper Crossbow Warriors and Sword Soldiers. There were even 20 exquisite Crossbow Carriages and 2,000 Wooden Puppets.

When Su Xiaoxiao saw that she was shocked, “However, it’s not yet time!”

The agreed time was an hour later for them all to start at the same time.

At this moment, Zong Shou directly pounced towards the platform.

The Unlimited Darkness swallowed everything from 30 feet above his head.

Instantly, the arrows and poison needles that shot over were all swallowed.

Zong Shou smiled and his body flashed once more as he appeared above the altar.

“I didn’t say that I would attack together with them…”

It was too stupid to give up such a chance because they were waiting.

Su Xiaoxiao instinctively activated her Yuan Demon Seven Emotion Technique such that the 6,000 corpse soldiers all stopped.

Naturally, for a place where the artifact was, there would be more than these few things guarding.

There were 20 God Realm experts! However, due to the Seven emotion technique, their actions stopped.

Su Xiaoxiao said anxiously, “Don’t forget that there is still Xufu!”

She didn’t believe that Zong Shou would not consider how weak the defense here was.

It was definitely because Xufu was confident in taking care of this place!

The time for the revival hadn’t arrived and this person’s main body had enough strength to be distracted.

Even if a soul incarnation appeared, it would be bad.

Zong Shou didn’t bother and appeared in the middle, directly grabbing the floating item.

The two corpse generals reacted quickly too. They hollered and slashed down.

Zong Shou didn’t care. That One Origin Sword formed several sword shadows that protected him.

The One Origin Sword in his right hand slashed towards the right.

“Unlimited Light!”

Light bloomed. It was really eye-catching. The power that the Black Hole accumulated exploded out right away.

After a heavy explosion, Zong Shou stood on the spot and didn’t move. The corpse generals to his right were tossed backward and his body smacked into the stone wall behind.

On the left side, a halberd light struck forth, slashing the sword shadow.

Just as the One Origin Sword was about to collapse, Chuxue’s Blood Moon Blade slashed over.

Her instincts caused the blade to be a total match with the Assassination Dao. Using the Hide word, the blade light flashed silently. A deep wound was drawn out, slashing down towards his stomach right from his face.

Thankfully, the black armor was of good quality and was able to block the attacks of a God Weapon.

At this moment, Zong Shou managed to grab the artifact.

He didn’t have time to look at it; he could only afford a glance.

He hid it into his sleeves, and after confirming that there was nothing else that could act as a revival artifact, he used the Instant Space Dragon Pellet. The three of them disappeared from the hall.

With a few flashes, he teleported several miles and stopped in a tunnel.

His brow rose up and the person in the dark still didn’t show himself.

He both expected and was a little surprised by it. Xufu hadn’t appeared since the start.

It was like he wanted him to take it.

Although he was quick, he definitely wouldn’t be faster than that End Realm Saint Venerable.

“As expected, he didn’t appear. Is it to balance things out, or is it to lure me here? Or, am I of some use such that I can’t die?”

Zong Shou’s eyes flashed and he was in deep thought. A moment later, he looked at the artifact that he had stolen.

It was a green seal ring. Normally, one could wear it like a ring, but during special times, it could be used as a seal.

On the front were four words: Heaven Essence Wuji.

“Heaven Essence Wuji Ring?”

Su Xiaoxiao was surprised, “I heard that it was the Sect Protecting Treasure of Tianji Sect 10,000 years ago! However, no one knew where it ended up…”

She only knew about all this. She knew nothing about its function and ability. She could only sense that the Life Essence Power within was really thick.

“It is said that one can extend their lifespan by 3,000 years if they wear this item. It is a top Celestial Treasure and has three Tianji Restrictions…”

Zong Shou was expressionless as he put the seal ring back into his sleeves.

His name was recorded on the Mysterious Life Book and didn’t need this. However, his few wives weren’t disciples of the Common People’s Path.

Su Xiaoxiao exclaimed in shock. However, when she recalled that this was one of the reincarnation artifacts, she understood.

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