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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 1152: Underground Body

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Chapter 1152: Underground Body

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Xufu sat down solemnly in the vast and wide golden hall. His originally tightly shut eyes were opened by a sliver. Apart from surprise, there was a bit of killing intent.

So quick! 10 years and he was the overlord of the Cloud World. As expected, he wasn’t stupid. However, did he really think he didn’t dare to kill him?

The light in his eyes flashed brightly. However, his killing intent was suppressed in the end.

Zhongxuan, who sat behind him, said in confusion, “The artifact in the north has already been snatched. Why isn’t Master stopping him?”

Beside the other Avici Throne was a man in black armor who was looking at Xufu with a sharp gaze, his eyes filled with questions.

This guy was different from the other corpse generals; he seemed really young, and his skin was not deathly grey. Instead, it was transparent like white jade, no different from a living person.

“After all, Zong Shou is the Ruler of Great Gan, the current Saint Ruler. Great Shang Emperor’s Dragon Energy is weakening, and the Dragon Formation is already breaking apart. I can only capture this kid for his Dragon Energy but I have no confidence in doing so. If this person escapes, then it will be a problem.”

Xufu explained. Naturally, this reason was far from enough.

“Since this person could kill Daoxuan, naturally he can harm me. At this moment, since we don’t know how strong he is, it isn’t smart to attack him! I am in charge of the revival of the Qin Emperor. Even if I make a small mistake, the outcome could be catastrophic. I really don’t dare to take such a risk!”

That was the only possible reason.

The black-armored general thought about it for a moment before he scoffed coldly, “There will be no next time! We can’t lose any of the last eight artifacts! If not…”

He didn’t continue, holding onto his six feet sword, guarding the corpse of the Qin Emperor like a piece of stone.

Zhongxuan smiled. He asked not because he didn’t understand, but because he was coordinating with Xufu.

He had guessed the reason why Xufu didn’t attack.

With the strength of Common People’s Path, not offending them was one reason. If the Qi Cultivators wanted to become strong, then the more chaos in the world, the better.

If he killed Zong Shou, then wouldn’t the Shang Family or the Shi Family monopolize everything?

After the Qin Emperor revived, for the few of them to leave here safely, they had to borrow his strength too.

One or two of the nine artifacts had to be destroyed.

There were many random reasons. One could say that Zong Shou had really attacked at a perfect time.

If it was some other time, he wouldn’t have been so lucky.

Xufu was really calm, not worrying about the threat from the black-armored teen. He said calmly, “General Li is too suspicious. Today, concerns my life and death, so how could I not be careful? The true danger will be in an hour from now. Xufu would be totally focused, so I can only depend on general!”

“I know that!”

The black-armored teen didn’t move. His aura was like stale water.

Zhongxuan looked over with a pitiful expression. If Xufu hadn’t personally said those words, who would have known that famous general Li Xin, who swept a country 10,000 years ago, would have been buried and trapped in a tomb along with the emperor, turning into a vengeful corpse?

Actually, that final battle wasn’t his fault. Due to the chaos at the back, the grain-line had been broken, resulting in defeat. It didn’t have anything to do with his strategy and skills as a general…

At this moment, Xufu looked behind him only to see that Yinyu had already woken up and was staring at the corpse of the Qin Emperor on the tomb. His eyes were filled with craving intent as well as crazy excitement.

Xufu’s lips instantly curled up.

Interesting… this Great Shang Emperor really wasn’t an ordinary person. He followed Zhongxuan here for a real reason.

However, today, with so many experts gathered here, it would be tough to say whether or not he could get what he wished for…

He shook his head slightly and continued to focus. He adjusted his energy meridians and drew from his life force.

With a loud explosion like thunder clapping, the surrounding spiritual energy started to move.

The bloodline within the Qin Emperor’s tomb started to move. The entire Dragon Formation became his body, giving off a shocking aura.

Only when the beating of his heart was no different from a normal person would the Qin Emperor, who unified the Cloud World 10,000 years ago, wake up.


At the same time, Zong Shou’s heart stopped once more and started to twitch again.

He had gone through it twice, so Zong Shou had barely adapted to it. This time, he used just a dozen breaths to recover and adjust, reverting back to normal.

“The time intervals are getting shorter. His aura is becoming stronger and stronger…”

Maybe because he was not truly revived, the vast emperor aura and majestic soul power surged about like a mountain.

However, Zong Shou couldn’t be bothered anymore. He had obtained the revival artifact and had gone all out to do so.

As for what happened next, it was up to destiny. He was only going to wait for the outcome.

If the Taoist and Confucian Factions working together couldn’t get one artifact, then the world was going to be in chaos and the Qin Emperor would rise up once more.

At this moment, there was another riddle in the tomb that awaited him to unravel.

“Xue’er, do you still sense something?”

Zong Shou retracted his spiritual sense. At this moment, within 10 miles, even a slight movement wouldn’t go unnoticed from his eyes and ears.

Chuxue shook his head, “It disappeared when the Heaven Essence Wuji Ring was stolen. However, Xue’er still feels really uneasy. Let’s not stay here for too much longer…”

Zong Shou’s eyes flashed. Then, he temporarily suppressed the questions in his heart.

The person was looking on from the side but was rather to be tossed aside by him than be noticed. What was he planning?

Was it his life? Was it something else? Who was it? Was it Chi Hongyi or was it someone else?

Zong Shou had too few clues and was unable to guess in such a short amount of time.

Along with the two women behind him, they took many turns in the tunnel and headed down.

Unknowingly, the three of them entered a long corridor.

“Lover Shou, if we continue, Shanhe Hall will be above us…”

Su Xiaoxiao’s expression changed slightly. She didn’t know what Zong Shou was searching for by randomly turning about and she just blindly followed him.

However, he didn’t lose his sense of direction. The Shanhe Hall was the main hall of the palace and was where the Qin Emperor corpse and Xufu was.

With just a thought, the latter could descend on this area.

Zong Shou finally stopped, he looked around seriously, “This place is a little weird!”

No wonder that blacksmith would have such doubts and make such arrangements.

Thinking back to the layout of the palace, the middle portion was pretty much empty.

The tunnels were formations.

Unfortunately, Shen Yuexuan was not beside him and he was unable to understand the secrets within. Thus, he was unable to decipher it and understand it.

The only way would be to attack. However, it wasn’t the right time now…

“Let’s wait here for a while!”

He instructed the two women before he closed his eyes and started to count the time.

Chuxue was really energetic, but as long as she was beside Zong Shou, she would quieten down.

Su Xiaoxiao heaved a sigh of relief and knew that Zong Shou was waiting for a chance. He was prepared to explode out at the crucial moment and snatch the 12 Copper Men.

10 minutes passed in the blink of an eye. The entire underground palace started to shake.

Zong Shou’s eyes lit up and he knew that the other eight areas had begun their attack.

“Now is the chance!”

Zong Shou didn’t hesitate at all, pressing his hands onto the wall.

Unlimited End!

He exploded the Unlimited Beginning and End Power he had gathered during this period of time! Instantly, a giant black hole appeared in front of them.

However, when the darkness swallowed the stone wall, it found it extremely tough to do so. A huge restrictive force was interfering.

Zong Shou’s eyes flashed, he was delighted instead of being shocked. He bit his tongue and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.


The Black Qilin in his soul ocean unwillingly stepped out.

It spat out a black Golden Pellet which smashed above. The range that the Black Hole covered expanded, swallowing a large piece of stone wall.

Along with the black light spreading out, a giant hole appeared in front of the three of them.

“This is…”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the 990-square-foot, stone room in shock.

The ground was like a map. There were mountains and also quicksilver as rivers.

In the middle, there was a beautifully carved coffin. An old man wearing a crown and dressed in a black dragon robe laid within. He looked alive.

Su Xiaoxiao walked in, she was dumbfounded as she looked on, only coming back to her senses after a long while.

“This person, isn’t he…”

Her eyes were filled with disbelief. If the old man is the person above, then what was going on?

Zong Shou held his chest. The throbbing pain became even more intense. However, the person he resonated with had changed to the one ahead of him.

His soul felt pain but his face was covered in a smile, “I thought that I could find a treasury, but instead, I found the true body of the Qin Emperor. This mighty lord didn’t trust anyone when he was alive, so why would he in death?”

Chuxue held her mouth to avoid making a sound. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

At this moment, Zong Shou looked above.

“The Dragon Formation should be using the underground palace as a medium. This is still the main conduit.”

There were more than nine revival artifacts. Did Xufu know? If he really believed it, then he would have fallen for a trick.

Just in this stone room alone, there were seven revival artifacts…

No matter what happened above, when Xufu completed the ritual, the Qin Emperor would reappear as an End Realm Saint Venerable.

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