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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 866: Victory or Loss

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Chapter 866: Victory or Loss

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The dark clouds covered the sky, and the rumble of thunder continued to sound as the acidic rain fell.

This was the special rain of the Demon Realm. Acid rain would not happen every time, but there were at least 10 acid rains in a year which could cause considerable corrosion or even fatal damage to plants. The plants that survived in the Demon Realm were far stronger than the human world in terms of vitality and durability.

Not only the plants but also the demons. The arena was in the open air, and there were not many places to shelter from the rain, but this did not stop the enthusiasm of the audience who were watching the live projection in the arena in the heavy rain.

All the audience from the Bloody Empire were shouting Raizen’s name in unison even though the voice could not reach the scene of the ancient battlefield, even though they could hardly see the 2 fast-moving figures clearly.

Raizen and ‘The Fallen One’ - Midnight Sun.

From the moment the 2 sides entered the real battle, the people could only see the figures of the 2 who paused occasionally. Most of the time, the vision was filled with blood mist and a dreamy galaxy.

The vast majority of the audience set their eyes on the big screen of slow-motion playback, but even in slow-motion, it was still extremely fast. Only a few people such as Chen Rui could keep up with the actions of Raizen and Midnight Sun in time.

Chen Rui could see that the battle between the 2 seemed to be fierce, but so far it was a tentative conventional attack, trying to find the best time to make a conclusive attack.

Midnight Sun’s power level was not as good, but Chen Rui fought Midnight Sun before. It was a feeling that everything was in Midnight Sun’s control. Not only that, Midnight Sun seemed to have absorbed the insights of [Water Profound Mystery] when he fought Chen Rui last time, and integrated it into his movement, converting it into the Kingdom power of the [Dream Galaxy Territory]. The profound mystery of borrowing power was also more refined.

In all fairness, this ‘former’ top powerhouse was truly an out-of-the world person with amazing talent.

Raizen was obviously passive tactically, but he had an oppressive strength. He was able to use overwhelming power to break all skills, so he could gain the upper hand most of the time.

The gap between the small realm was not as insurmountable as the big realm, but the higher the strength, the more obvious the gap was. Facing Raizen at the intermediate stage of the Kingdom level, Midnight Sun still seemed to be able to handle it with ease.

If it was another opponent. Raizen might still rely on his strength, but facing Midnight Sun, he had no scruples or reservations. Now he was neither the Bloody Empire Lord nor the top powerhouse; just a pure warrior who threw himself into the fight.

Victory or loss, there will be no regrets.

Just a fight, that’s all.


After their fists collided, Raizen’s body flickered and Midnight Sun took a few steps back.

Raizen, who had the advantage, did not pursue the victory, but retreated sharply. The galaxy flowed in the sky. The trajectory of Raizen’s retreat was staggered and penetrated by several elusive figures appearing out of thin air. This was Midnight Sun’s incredible method.

Raizen almost suffered severe injury by this move before, but his retreat this time was different from the haste last time. While he retreated, the Kingdom power quietly covered the phantasms with a layer of blood mist. After those phantasms were stained with blood mist, there was no difference on the surface, but in Raizen’s eyes, it was no longer strange and unpredictable.

Raizen’s swift retreat came to an abrupt end. He launched several black lights to wrap 1 of the phantasms.

Mammon Royal Family’s bloodline talent, [Light of Sin].

[Light of Sin] was a powerful talent that weakened the opponents. It could even restrain the [War Puppet] of the Asmodeus Royal Family to a certain extent. Enemies illuminated by [Light of Sin] would have various debuffs for a short period of time. It could not be canceled or offset by buff magic.

Although [Light of Sin] was not a skill that would directly kill the enemy, in a powerhouse duel with comparable strength, just a slight misstep might lead to a complete loss. With Raizen’s Kingdom level strength and he activated this talent coupled with the Bloody Ring artifact that buffed the dark element, one could imagine the power of this talent. This blow was likely to become the key to the entire battle.

This time, Midnight Sun, whose real body was seen by blood mist, was caught off guard. He was entirely wrapped in the [Light of Sin]. Raizen had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Without thinking, he launched the strongest attack with all his strength.

“[Thunder Emperor Seal]!”

The simple and unpretentious punch had no fancy appearance or demeanor and the speed was not fast, but it tempered all the spirit and energy in one point. If this punch hit, even with the strength of Midnight Sun, he would also be utterly shattered.

All of a sudden, Raizen felt the [Thunder Emperor Seal]’s fist strength slowed down inconceivably, and the Midnight Sun’s phantasms started to shake again twice as fast as before. Raizen suddenly realized that it wasn’t the Midnight Sun who became faster, but he himself slowed down!


Not only sluggishness but also various debuff states such as weakening and exhaustion!

Raizen was shocked. The [Light of Sin] was actually reflected back!

If it wasn’t for Bloody Ring’s support, I’m afraid my condition would be even worse!

The [Thunder Emperor Seal] fist that was affected by various weakening effects was quickly covered with a layer of crystal. Although the crystal was immediately turned into powder by the fist, the crystal continued to strengthen repeatedly while it was fading. In the end, the weakened [Thunder Emperor Seal] turned into a solid fist of crystal, which was shattered without a trace by a finger of Midnight Sun.

The dark red cloak on Midnight Sun was also corroded by the power of [Light of Sin], revealing his true face.

This was a strange body which was not made of flesh and blood, but crystal clear pale red crystals. There were no internal organs except for a strange red bead which was like a heart that appeared in the chest cavity.

Raizen recognized the bead. It was the very thing that nearly killed him and Catherine in the first place, the Bloodfall Orb.

Raizen suddenly had a strong warning sign. He wanted to shift, but was slightly slower due to the [Light of Sin]. He was surrounded by countless red starlights of destruction, and a terrifying strength locked him firmly.

“Are you surprised?” Midnight Sun said indifferently, “I survived thanks to this body, which was originally the body of a strange dragon, but unfortunately, he was chosen as my body by the Bloodfall Orb.”

Chen Rui, who was the only person who could hear the conversation between the 2, suddenly understood that the ‘strange dragon’ was the Crystal Dragon Jacob!

When Teris, whom the Midnight Sun possessed, died, Midnight Sun should have perished, but he retained his soul due to the Bloodfall Orb. He escaped and disappeared. Later, he should have encountered the Crystal Dragon Jacob. After some kind of mutation, he possessed Jacob’s body and was reborn.

The body of the crystal dragon was no longer the simple [Anti-Magic]; it was completely immune to magic. When the [Light of Sin] touched the body of the crystal, it did not work at all. Not only that, the body of Midnight Sun also combined Chen Rui’s power of crystal mirror, which he had once experienced, reflecting the [Light of Sin] to Raizen.

Therefore, Midnight Sun should have deliberately revealed flaws previously, which led to Raizen activating the [Light of Sin]. As a result, he used the surprising move to make a comeback. This was the terrifying ability to control the battle.

As expected of a peerless genius with the ability to challenge higher levels.

“[Star Gathering Explosion]!” Midnight Sun didn’t give Raizen too many chances to react. With a wave of his hand, the starlights in all directions drew unpredictable trajectories toward Raizen. The speed and the trajectory were all very particular as if Midnight Sun was a chess player who controlled the entire chessboard. He also went all out to launch the strongest counterattack against Raizen.

Raizen was unable to shift. If he forcefully resisted it, he would either be dead or seriously injured.

This was not the first time Raizen had faced this move. This move once made him unable to get up. From that time to the Kingdom of today, he still had the feeling of ‘no solution’.

However, Raizen was not who he used to be.

Facing countless deadly starlights, Raizen suddenly closed his eyes. Midnight Sun’s crystal pupils shrank slightly, and a sense of danger surged in his mind. The starlight of [Star Gathering Explosion] twisted uncontrollably in an instant, and a strange symbol appeared in it. At a closer look, it was a hand gesture.

In the fist, the index finger and middle finger were raised, and the thumb was slightly buckled inward like a beast that bared its fangs.

This strange gesture carried great pressure. As the twisted starlights rolled back one after another, the gesture was already in front of Midnight Sun, magnifying in the blink of an eye - The power of this attack is far greater than that of the [Thunder Emperor Seal]. I have never seen Raizen activate this before, so it should be a newly comprehended killing move. It’s too late to escape, and I can’t take it. As long as it touches me, even the crystal body will be completely annihilated.

Seeing that the hand gesture was about to touch Midnight Sun’s chest, Raizen suddenly saw the red bead beating.

At this moment, Raizen had the illusion that what was in front of him was not the Midnight Sun, but a blood sea with huge waves!

The blood sea was filled with terrifying destructive breath, and Raizen instinctively felt that as long as he contaminated a little blood sea, even his body and soul of the Kingdom level would shatter without any suspense.

The blood sea in the sky was wrapping toward Raizen, and it was impossible to escape. Raizen didn’t expect such a turn of events. He gritted his teeth and urged that gesture to go with all his strength.

At this moment, the image of the blood sea trembled and quickly dimmed, and the figure of Midnight Sun reappeared in front.

“Get out of the way!” Raizen shouted as he clearly felt that something was amiss.

But it was too late. The only thing Raizen had time for was to see Midnight Sun’s gaze.

Calm and proud.

The entire live projection shook, and the image could not be seen clearly. The cracked part of the ground turned into powder while the solid ground was flattened by a layer under some kind of terrifying strength.

“What is this move called?” It was no longer the overlapping strange sound, but a vigorous voice.

“[No Me Seal].”

“Not bad, if the enemy still exists, there will be no me. This time, it is you, no me. You win.”

“The one who should be annihilated should be me.” Raizen’s voice was low, “What happened just now?”

“The Bloodfall Orb wants to completely control my soul, but unfortunately, it chose the wrong person from the beginning.” It was just a faint sentence, but it showed contemptuous pride.

My life is mine.

Even in death, the same is true.

“When you were fighting against me, were you still fighting against such an enemy?” Raizen gasped while shaking his head slowly. “I didn’t beat you, never did. It’s you who beat yourself.”

“You are still that obsessive warrior. It’s like my arrogance. You, will go further than me.”

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as a crack appeared in the red bead in his chest. There were more and more cracks, then it was completely shattered.

Raizen stared blankly at the disappearing smile as if all his strength had been lost. Despite the rain pouring on his face and body, his desolate back looked unprecedentedly hunched.

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