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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 753: Who is Worthy of a Battle

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Chapter 753: Who is Worthy of a Battle

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Although Zola almost made a grave mistake of killing everyone, the result was obviously favorable to the Fallen Angel Empire.

Up to now, nearly 10 Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire were dead in this strike, and the rest had basically lost their combat power. Although the same was true for the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire, Chen Rui, Dodo, Paglio and Krobelus still had their combat power. Moreover, Zola only exhausted her magic power and was not injured. Her equipment could increase the speed of magic power replenishment. As long as time allowed, even if she couldn’t exert her full strength, she also had the combat power that surpassed ordinary Demon Overlords.

On the Bloody Empire side, apart from Chief Commander Gustav, the only remaining Demon Overlord was Teris. As far as ordinary troops were concerned, the appearance of the City of Stars in the sky greatly shocked the morale of the Bloody Empire, then the secret weapon of airships was destroyed, and the aerial legion suffered heavy losses. In the current situation, if the ground forces blindly attack the city, it would only increase the casualties in vain.

No doubt, after the stalemate lasted for a while, the Bloody Empire finally sounded the retreat horn. The aerial legion, which had been smashed by the City of Stars and suffered serious injuries, was relieved as they flew backward like a tide, and the ground troops began to retreat in an orderly manner.

The Fallen Angel Empire did not take advantage to attack because the catapults and poisonous thunderbolts had been almost destroyed, and the City of Stars in the air was too weak to launch a powerful blow because its offensive weapons had not been repaired.

For now, the retreat of the Bloody Empire should be the best result.

However, at this moment, the retreat horn suddenly ceased, and the back of the Bloody Empire became quiet. This ‘quietness’ quickly spread to the front. Even the dragon riders retreating in the air landed on the ground.

The army of the Bloody Empire neatly opened up a path like a gate.

On this path, a footstep sounded slowly. The rhythm and sound of the footstep were very ordinary, but this ordinary footstep sound seemed to span the space, and it echoed in everyone’s ears on the battlefield.

An ordinary figure appeared in the sight of everyone. He was not tall and not particularly attractive in appearance, but wherever he passed, all the sturdy soldiers of the Bloody Empire bowed their heads respectfully.

Seeing this figure, Chen Rui’s pupils who had just landed on the fortress wall suddenly shrank.

This person actually appeared here now!

The figure looked at the Warlock Fortress in the distance and said faintly, “Who is worthy of a battle?”

The low voice spread across the battlefield instantly. Whether it was the soldiers of the Bloody Empire or the Fallen Angel Empire, these words with plain tone but unparalleled dominance echoed in their ears.

Who is worthy of a battle?!

“This arrogant guy is…” Paglio frowned, “Raizen?”

Chen Rui nodded solemnly. The people in the Fallen Angel Empire who recognized Raizen showed a nervous expression and the atmosphere spread quickly. Almost everyone’s nerves were tense.

The Demon Realm’s top powerhouse, the supreme ruler of the Bloody Empire, Raizen. Mammon!

A few people understood that there was a gap above the realm of Demon Overlord, as far as the road to god was concerned, the kingdom level was only just the start. However, as far as ordinary people’s highest level of knowledge (Demon Overlord) was concerned, Raizen was indeed a well-deserved top powerhouse. Apart from the fallen Lord of Midnight Sun, no one could defeat him. Even the Dark Shadow Empire’s Catherine the Great was no exception.

“I have slept for thousands of years. I want to see how strong the current top powerhouse is.” In the previous battle, although the poison dragon exhausted a lot of poison and strength, he gained new insight on Auglas’ pointers in this fierce and dangerous actual combat, so he vaguely touched the edge of the kingdom. Now with a strong opponent like Raizen, he could further comprehend by fighting.

Just as the poison dragon was about to step forward, Chen Rui grabbed him.

At this time, Raizen had reached the front of the team. He looked at the City of Stars in the sky, and threw a punch to the sky.

There was a long muffled sound. The huge castle suspended in the air slowly began to tilt, and the gremlins who were caught off guard in the castle swayed. It was not that Raizen broke through the castle’s defenses with a punch, but the City of Stars’ thruster was only partly-repaired, and its severely damaged balance device was even more of a weakness. This punch almost overloaded the balancer. Fortunately, the gremlins adjusted in time and slowly recovered the castle’s stability.

Raizen was slightly surprised when his punch did not damage the exterior defense of the City of Stars, but the Bloody Empire Army behind had cheered, “The Great Emperor is mighty!”

In the eyes of the soldiers, the emperor almost made this terrifying Castle in the Sky fall with a single blow. What else would they fear?

This punch shocked Paglio, then he understood why Chen Rui grabbed him just now. Chen Rui floated out and slowly landed in front of Raizen, “Your Majesty Raizen! You have reached the kingdom level. Do you really want to intervene in this ordinary war?”

For Demon Overlords, the kingdom (Demon Supremo level) was an insurmountable barrier. There was a qualitative difference between super powerhouse and high-end powerhouse, and it was no longer an existence that could be overcome by quantity. There was absolutely no chance of winning even if all the Demon Overlords from both sides made a shot together, let alone ordinary soldiers.

Raizen’s level was immediately pointed out by the other side’s words. He frowned as he looked at Chen Rui a few times, and he suddenly understood, “It’s you! So you are the Prince Consort Aguile of the Fallen Angel Empire! I thought… Hmph!“

“I know I can’t hide it from Your Majesty.” Chen Rui still did not take off his mask, “I didn’t expect to see Your Majesty so soon, and it is even on this battlefield.”

“You don’t need to remind me that this is a battlefield.” Raizen said coldly, “Super powerhouses have their own dignity and rules. I will not attack ordinary soldiers, nor will I attack the Warlock Fortress. It’s just that the Midnight Sun defeated me here in public 400 years ago, and he once promised me a battle. I came here this time only to reclaim this battle.”

“Defeat me!” Raizen’s gaze moved past Chen Rui and fell on Shea on the Warlock Fortress wall. “Or she takes my punch.”

Raizen’s intention (or ‘excuse’) was obvious. As long as Shea died, then the Fallen Angel Empire would lose its greatest leader and spiritual support, so it absolutely would not be able to stop the elite army of the Bloody Empire.

If Shea did not dare to take it, not only would her prestige be reduced, but Raizen could even justifiably destroy the Warlock Fortress. It could be said that the current Raizen had already punched Shea.

She had to take it.

“I’ll take this punch.” Chen Rui had personally experienced Raizen’s punch, so he knew that Shea would definitely not be able to take a punch that contained kingdom power. Even if she was wearing the Magic Feather Tulle, after 2 teleports, she would be annihilated by the endless aftermath of the punch.

“You’re not qualified.” Raizen shook his head slowly, “You can only choose to defeat me.”

Chen Rui said coldly, “A kingdom-level powerhouse actually took action against a woman who had just advanced to the Demon Overlord level. Is this the dignity and norms of the so-called super powerhouse?”

“In my eyes, she is not only a woman, but also a ruler.” Raizen didn’t have any explanation or hesitation at all, “Besides, no one can shake what I decide. I’ll give you 1 minute to choose, defeat me or she takes my punch. After a minute, you will have no choice.”

“Raizen!” Chen Rui’s body suddenly exuded a strong breath, and there was a faint star-like light inside. Raizen raised his brows when he sensed the strength of the breath, but there was another scorching strength in the breath. The star-like light was quickly suppressed and extinguished.

“You’re just kingdomized not long ago. It’s nothing great! If it wasn’t for my strength that was not restored due to the shackles of the law artifact, I would defeat you today!”

“It is indeed the law power. I’m looking forward to your strength after getting rid of the shackles.” Raizen seemed to face Chen Rui directly for the first time, then he shook his head, “Unfortunately, not today, because I’m Raizen the Great.

It was Raizen the Great, not Raizen; it was as if Shea was not only a woman, but also a ruler.

“It’s useless to play with words. You still have 30 seconds to choose.”

The poison dragon on the wall of the Warlock Fortress couldn’t hold back any longer. He turned into a blue light rushing forward, “It’s just a step ahead of me to realize the kingdom. The top powerhouse is a fart who only knows to bully women!”

Chen Rui knew that this battle was inevitable. The long-awaited [Galaxy Territory] and [Autumn Territory] were activated at the same time. There were countless stars around Raizen. At the same time, there were a lot of debuffs with bleak breaths swarming over.

“Very good!”

As soon as Raizen finished saying it, the circular area where the 3 of them were located was stained with a faint blood red. The Bloody Empire soldiers did not feel the slightest pressure as they were obviously separated by the kingdom power.

Paglio sensed that a terrifying punch containing a peculiar rule was approaching. He actually could not dodge. If it was hit, even the poison dragon’s physique would fall apart. He couldn’t help but to secretly shudder.

However, Paglio did not panic after being specially trained by Auglas. Strictly speaking, Master Poison Dragon was not a hot-headed guy. Instead, he was rather cunning. This time before he rushed down the city wall, he had grabbed the transparent onion. Now he was even more decisive to throw the onion out as a weapon.

“Help!” The onion already cried out loud as it also felt the horror of his fist. The last thing Master Dodo was afraid of was bullying the weaks, and the thing he feared the most was encountering a true powerhouse. Yet now his ‘life’ was on the line, so he had to desperately activate the devour talent and start devouring the terrifying punch like crazy.

Dodo’s foodie talent was evident as the power of Raizen’s punch was drastically reduced. However, before it digested the strength that had been eaten, the terrifying energy exploded, and Dodo’s body was turned into countless pieces. Paglio shouted, and a green smoke filled his fist, welcoming the remaining fist momentum.

In the muffled sound, the poison dragon’s figure staggered backward for 8 steps, and his facial expression changed slightly. However, the remaining force of the punch was also eroded by Paglio’s poison. Dodo’s scattered body began to regroup, and he soon returned to the appearance of an onion, but his eyes were full of fear when he looked at Raizen.

Paglio’s strength and Dodo’s immortal body surprised Raizen slightly, and he suddenly felt a violent and manic breath in the air. The source was actually the ‘King of Beelzebub’, Aguile.

Chen Rui’s body was suspended in the air with red flames steaming. A pair of red wings actually grew behind him like the wings of a phoenix. These wings made the strength of the flames more berserk. The bleak territory breath which contained debuff had also become hot and agitated.

Raizen didn’t make a move and just waited quietly.

Almost instantaneously, dozens of huge red snake-shaped beasts appeared in everyone’s sight, and the momentum exuded was as turbulent as a sea.

“[Scorching Dragon Roar]!” When Chen Rui’s shout sounded, all the beasts rushed toward Raizen at the same time. This blow was no longer a scattered aoe attack, but a concentrated attack that gathered all the strengths of the Scorching Dragon in an area, so the single target attack power was greatly buffed.

The red light wings behind was the [Fire Phoenix’s Yearning] in the extra skill of the Super System which enhanced fire ability control and fire attack by 100‰

This active skill appeared suddenly. It was probably from the [Fire Phoenix Stigmata], but last time in the [Analytical Eyes]’s analysis of Catherine, there was the [Fire Phoenix’s Blessing] attribute. I wonder if ‘blessing’ is also related to that sex just like ‘yearning’?

The Scorching Dragon was not entirely a fire attack, but the [Fire Phoenix’s Yearning] could buff the strength of this skill, and it could also help Chen Rui control each Scorching Dragon more finely. That was the reason that the concentrated attack today was possible.

Sharna and other Bloody Empire Demon Overlords who watched the blow from a distance showed expressions of horror when they saw this move. This blow is too terrifying. I thought Aguile’s main ability is to support. Now, this is his real fangs! If he used this blow earlier, even if there was no terrifying woman, we would still suffer a big loss.

The terrifying Scorching Dragon squirmed in a berserk manner at Raizen’s location. The ground in front of the Warlock Fortress was reinforced with a stabilizing enchantment, but it could not resist the terrifying power of the Scorching Dragon. It trembled like an earthquake, causing countless strong distortions and the shaken gravel was flying around.

“When did this guy have such a terrifying move?” Paglio was also stunned by this move, but the poison dragon noticed that the blood-red kingdom border did not shake at all, and the soldiers of the Bloody Empire outside could not feel any aftermath which meant…

The Scorching Dragons’ squirm suddenly stopped. The red sea had a purple opening. The opening quickly spread to all sides, and the Scorching Dragon sea disappeared in the blink of an eye.

It was a fist with a faint purple light that caused all this.

Chen Rui was blown back in the air. As he landed on the ground, it took him more than a dozen steps to stand firmly. His mask was shattered and the cloak was in a bad condition. He tried his best to channel his power to suppress the recoil of the move.

“If you are now at the kingdomized level, I’m not sure to take this move head-on. Unfortunately…” Raizen looked at Chen Rui’s face that he had seen in the small plain, and slowly raised his fist, “If you don’t step back now, maybe you will never have a chance to get rid of the shackles.”

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