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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 751: Territory Battle and Castle in the Sky

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Chapter 751: Territory Battle and Castle in the Sky

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Paglio immediately turned to human form as the dragon form was too big which would make him an easy target in a group fight of the same rank.

After all, the difference between S+ and S++ was not the ‘qualitative’ difference of the SS level. Just as in the eyes of Raizen, “If you don’t reach the kingdom level, you won’t be able to withstand a battle.”

It was not a fluke that the Bloody Empire was hailed as the strongest empire. Not only the soldiers, but the generals were also elite powerhouses who had experienced many battles. None of the Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire in front of them were paper tigers. The sharp breath made the poison dragon feel a great threat.

Paglio didn’t dare to relax his vigilance. With a fake flick of his fist, he released a cloud of poisonous mist and took the opportunity to retreat into the reinforcements of the Fallen Angel Empire.

There were 11 Demon Overlords in the Fallen Angel Empire.

Peak stage of the Demon Overlord: Paglio (S++), Stiller, Old Cowen, Sarandi, Disjaro.

Intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord: Stebil, Vanim, Shea.

Early stage of the Demon Overlord: Faravit, Lunters, George.

Shea stayed in the fortress under the unanimous persuasion of George and the generals to command the battle on the ground. Her strength actually climbed to the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord through external factors, coupled with the duration and experience, her true combat power was inferior to opponents at the same level.

Besides, Shea was the soul of the entire empire, so she must be protected at all costs.

In contrast, the Bloody Empire’s background and combat power were much stronger with 10 peak stage of the Demon Overlord, 12 intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord, and 16 early stage of the Demon Overlord. A total of 38 people; the strength gap of the 2 sides was quite evident.

The Fallen Angel Empire had lost considerable strength due to long-term internal strifes, especially the war between Obsidian and Shea. Not only the backbone of the army, but many Demon Overlords were also sacrificed. Although Shea finally succeeded in ascending the throne and quickly stabilized the political situation with a series of measures, it was undeniable that at this stage, the military strength of the Fallen Angel Empire was much weaker than when Obsidian was the regent.

If there was enough time, as long as the momentum continued, the strength of the Fallen Angel Empire would gradually recover and rise to a new height. However, Raizen launched the war at this time.

In fact, there were still several powerhouses on the Dark Moon Estate such as Ms. Fairy Dragon, the slime servant, Ms. Emerald Dragon, Ms. Black Dragon, Miss of the Dragon Island, plus the Dark Moon’s main military and Guradam’s undead army. These were powerful combat powers. It’s just that the Dark Shadow Empire was gathering the army at the borders now, so they were also terrifying enemies that needed to be guarded against. The royal powerhouse, Oliver and others, were guarding the capital just in case. Therefore, the Fallen Angel Empire’s combat power was forced to disperse.

The Bloody Empire’s strength was originally higher than the other 2 empires. Despite the civil war, it did not hurt them severely. After Raizen came out of the training, he immediately mobilized the true elite soldiers among the citizens and came with great momentum. In contrast, the Fallen Angel Empire faced the battle with its crippled strength, and it was indeed unmatched. If it weren’t for the sturdy Warlock Fortress, the stalemate wouldn’t be able to last so long.

Facing a powerful enemy, no one on the Fallen Angel Empire backed down because this was a battle related to the survival of the empire. Their honor, interests and status were all firmly tied to the empire. Once the Fallen Angel Empire was defeated, neither the royal family nor the elder families would benefit from it.

The Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire did not immediately take action, but they hovered in the air in a neat line. They appeared to be well-trained which put a lot of pressure on the Fallen Angel Empire.

The leader was a peak stage of the Demon Overlord who was a tall, glamorous woman wearing a blood-red cloak. Her contemptuous eyes swept over the opponents of the Fallen Angel Empire and fell on Sarandi, “Sarandi, since we parted away on the battlefield 300 years ago, I didn’t expect that we would meet again on the battlefield.”

This slightly hoarse sexy female voice sounded through the audience, overwhelming the thumping and chirping sound of the flying demonic beasts in the sky.

“But we are opponents this time.” Sarandi sneered coldly, “Sharna, cut the crap. I won’t be merciful.”

“Hmph, you are still so overbearing.” Sharna gave a strange smile and pointed to the sky, “I just have a territory battle proposal.”

“Territory battle?” Sarandi snorted coldly, “You have a good idea indeed. You want to defeat all of us at one go with more people?”

The territory battle was to gather the territory powerhouses of both sides to fight in the territory. This could reduce the damage to low-power soldiers as much as possible. However, based on the current strength comparison between the 2 sides, Sharna’s intention was definitely to finish off the Fallen Angel Empire’s high-end combat power all at once.

“There is no fairness on the battlefield, only victory or defeat.” Sharna shook her head. “As you said, we have more people. If we scatter and fight, you will still suffer.”

“Beauty, it sounds like you are surely defeating us anyway.” Paglio said nonchalantly, “Territory battle it is. Let me teach you some lessons later.”

The Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire quickly exchanged opinions with their gazes. Although the poison dragon was strong and looked like an ‘an ignorant and fearless person’, it was quite possible that the entire army would be wiped out if they were going to fight.

“In terms of personal battles, we have more than enough numbers.” Sharna ignored Paglio and glanced at the fortress on the ground behind Sarandi, “Your Royal Majesty Empress is also there…”

The last sentence hit the soft spot of the Fallen Angel Empire. Sarandi raised his brows and looked at the Demon Overlords at his side. At this moment, everyone’s eyes did not show hesitation anymore, and they showed a hint of determination.

“Then… let’s get started.” Sarandi’s breath suddenly rose up, and he burst into the air. The Fallen Angel Empire’s and the Bloody Empire’s Demon Overlords all followed. When Sarandi rose to the clouds, his pupils turned black and white as he spread his hands. Everyone felt that the scene had changed into a long black river exuding cold air and was shining like stars. It was mysterious and beautiful.

Territory power was easy to interfere with each other, especially this kind of large collective territory battle. Generally speaking, there were only 2 territories in the battle, the enemy and the ally. The rest fight with the base territory (or background). They could activate moves that contained territory power, but they couldn’t use the complete territory. Therefore, this base territory must have considerable pertinence or capacity, and it was best if it could buff the allies and debuff the enemies.

In the battle at the Crystal Valley, Jacob, Azgalor and Manu besieged Catherine based on Manu’s territory with the purpose of restraining Catherine’s [War Puppet].

Sarandi was from the Lucifer Royal Family, this [Incubus Sky River Territory] territory combined the talents of [Heart of Light and Dark] and [Holy Wings]. The [Heart of Light and Dark] which could devour the light and dark strength had a considerable nemesis effect for ​​the Mammon Royal Family who had the talent of [Dark Mastery].

As soon as this territory was activated, all the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire had a faint light wing behind them. Their spirit and strength had been greatly increased.

“[Incubus Sky River Territory]? This reminds me of the years when we fought side by side in the crusade against the human world… Unfortunately, no matter how you imitated it, it will not reach the might of the Lord of Midnight Sun’s [Dream Galaxy Territory]. I will personally give you, a former old comrade, a decent death. [Bloodmist Territory]!”

Sharna’s low voice carried a strange magical power. When she flicked the red cloak behind her, the cloak turned into inextricable red mist spreading in an instant, forming a misty space.

The long black river became wavy as if it was blown by a hurricane. In the blood mist, countless long snake ‘creatures’ condensed by mist swarmed over. The buff effect of the [Incubus Sky River Territory] quickly plummeted, and debuff effects like weakening and deceleration appeared from time to time.

The power of the territories of both sides was equally strong for a while, and the Demon Overlords in the territory began to take action. The first move was from Paglio. Paglio was already good at strength, but his strength was even greater after receiving the light wing buff. With a punch in the air, the pale green energy rushed toward the peak stage Demon Overlords at the forefront of the Bloody Empire. This punch not only contained the territory power of the poison dragon, but it also contained terrifying poison.

The Bloody Empire’s peak stage Demon Overlords’ facial expression changed, and the 2 Demon Overlords behind had already stepped forward. The 3 of them joined forces to resist the green force. The resistance caused the poison dragon’s body to sway slightly. As he shook his arms, the 3 of them felt the pressure doubled, and they all staggered back involuntarily.

Before the green gas hit them, there were already countless overlapping dark red light shields in front of the 3 of them. It turned out that the magician on the side had also taken action. However, the dark red light shield was quickly dyed green. It only lasted a few seconds before it was corroded by the poisonous power.

The moment the light shield disappeared, the man among them shouted loudly and did not retreat. There was a lot of black silk on his body, and his skin quickly condensed into a steel-like texture as he made a defensive posture.

The remaining power of the green gas firmly hit the steel-like texture on the man’s skin, and large cracks appeared. The green gas gradually disappeared, and the man’s skin automatically recovered as before. There was blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t suffer much damage.

“[Immortal Body]?” Paglio’s eyes flickered. [Immortal Body] was 1 of the 3 bloodline talents of the Mammon Royal Family. It could greatly enhance one’s endurance and recovery ability. It was immune to curse and poison. It was said that the highest state could make one undying. The steel protection on this man’s body is obviously formed by the [Immortal Body] with the territory. The poison power actually could not penetrate it.

“Good punch!” Although the man suffered a minor injury, his eyes showed a strong fighting spirit. Although Paglio’s punch suppressed the 3 of them, before he had time to regain his strength, a shock wave of electric spark came over. A translucent ice wall suddenly appeared around the body of the poison dragon. The ice wall trembled violently to offset the power of the electric spark.

It turned out that Stiller activated the water element protection magic in time to help Paglio block the blow, but Disjaro on the side was hit by an intangible force while resisting the 2 bloody light balls that were launched at Stiller. His face turned suddenly pale. Old Cowen immediately took a step forward and spread his 10 fingers. Countless sharp qi burst out of the air, successfully forcing back the enemies who were in hot pursuit.

Paglio had recovered and turned into a giant dragon in the black armor again, spraying several clusters of poison dragon breaths toward the Demon Overlords on the side of the Bloody Empire.

When the dragon breaths spread, several mist condensed snake-like things emerged nearby. The momentum of dragon breath was quickly decomposed and weakened quickly. When it reached the Bloody Empire’s Demon Overlords, they each resisted them by their means.

The counterattack issued by many people was caught by the generals of the Fallen Angel Empire. Old Cowen and others understood the importance of the poison dragon in this battle. Therefore, they formed a half-moon formation and surrounded Paglio to protect him against the attacks from all directions.

The 2 sides launched a fierce long-range attack, and no one dared to approach easily. In this level of group battle, ordinary strength could no longer play a big role. If one wanted to kill the enemy, every strike must contain a great territory power.

Due to the overall strength problem, although they had Paglio as the leader and the powerful territory of Sarandi, the Fallen Angel Empire was quickly suppressed. Failure seemed to be only a matter of time.

The soldiers on the ground only saw the clouds in the sky turning into a black river pouring down, and they were soon wrapped in blood-red mist in the sky. The whistling sound set off huge waves. The 2 constantly rotate and penetrate, canceling each other. There were countless flashes of brilliance looming within which were dazzling.

If it were not for distance, everything nearby would be torn apart by the terrifying momentum of this mixture of many Demon Overlords’ strength.

The extra power of this impact had made the Bloody Empire’s airship affected to a certain extent, but they still firmly controlled the situation, especially the Bloody Empire’s Bloody Lion Legion and Wind Dragon Legion, which had an absolute advantage in quantity and quality, completely suppressed the Flying Cloud Legion and the Dragon Knight Legion of the Fallen Angel Empire.

The aerial legion of the Fallen Angel Empire retreated bit by bit. They suffered heavy casualties. The poisonous thunderbolt and catapults of the Warlock Fortress were basically destroyed. At the same time, the horn of the Bloody Empire Army sounded, and the ground army began to advance at full speed and arrived at the city wall in no time. The defending soldiers who were struggling to deal with aerial demonic beasts and lost the support of protective weapons all showed panic expressions. Shea personally came to the city and encouraged them loudly, finally stabilizing their morale.

It was just that Shea’s gaze seems very solemn because the situation had never been more dire.

At this moment, the flying demonic beasts suddenly screamed in horror. An airship suddenly exploded, followed by the second and third…

Shea’s purple eyes showed extreme excitement as she seemed to sense something. She looked back and saw a huge object slowly flying over in the sky.

This object was so huge that it obscured the light of the territory battle above.

This was a simple and ancient castle which was larger than the Warlock Fortress with a strange metallic light on the outside. Such a huge castle is unexpectedly floating in the air!

As soon as this castle appeared, there were commotions among the soldiers of the Bloody Empire and the Fallen Angel Empire. These soldiers were well-trained elites. At this moment, they unanimously showed shocked expressions while staring dumbfoundedly at this behemoth object floating in the air.

The last concert swept the Demon Realm through magic television. Even the Bloody Empire was no exception. Many people recognized the castle. It is the castle that appeared in the magical scene of the most popular song ‘Castle in the Sky’!

It turns out that the castle in the sky is actually real!

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