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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 750: Don’t Forget

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Chapter 750: Don’t Forget

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Catherine also showed a little surprised expression. Although Nirvana could greatly improve a person’s strength. The biggest effect was to induce the qualitative change of the physique and soul so that the fixed foundation could be greatly improved, and the bottleneck could be broken more easily. She didn’t expect to actually be promoted directly to the kingdom level this time.

This time, she initiated Nirvana with the awareness of death, but the fifth Nirvana, which had caused countless geniuses of the Asmodeus Royal Family to fall, was unexpectedly smooth. Of course, this ‘smoothness’ actually happened after Chen Rui triggered his own [Flame of Nirvana] to merge with hers by risking his own life. Although the specific reason was unknown, it was certain that without this man, she would be annihilated in the ‘flame bath’ like countless ancestors.


Seeing Chen Rui’s smile, Her Majesty Empress could not help but flush at the thought of the 2 of them affectionately lingering not long ago. She moved her gaze to the magic hut behind, waving her hand and keeping it.

“Um…” The 2 voices sounded at the same time.

“You speak first.” They spoke in unison again.

At this time, the 2 of them were silent, and the atmosphere was a little awkward for a while. There was no indulgence and closeness like when they were totally open to each other previously.

“Let me talk first.” Catherine broke the stalemate first, staring into Chen Rui’s eyes, “We don’t need to beat around the bushes between us. I will just ask if you will go back with me?”

This sentence seemed to be a good answer, but Chen Rui understood what she meant. This was a multiple-choice question.

The old-fashioned multiple-choice questions.

If it was before, Chen Rui could give her the answer almost without too much hesitation, but after experiencing this incident, he could no longer be decisive as he fell into extreme contradiction for a while.

“I know this will make it hard for you to choose, but I have no choice.” Catherine sighed, “Other people are not a problem, but you can only choose 1 between her and I.”

There was a pure interest relationship between the empires. As the supreme ruler, who was the representative of the interests of the empire, whether it was Shea or Catherine, they could only be an enemy of the other party, not a true friend. As long as the time was right and the conditions permitted, the 2 would fight each other mercilessly.

Seeing Chen Rui lowering his head in silence, Catherine lowered his gaze, “This Nirvana advanced me to the kingdom level. As long as I completely control the [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet], even Raizen can’t harm me. The strength of the Dark Shadow Empire surpasses the Fallen Angel Empire. What she can give you, I can give you, and what she can’t give you, I can give you too. Such interests and conditions may disgust you, but what I said is the fact. Besides, the relationship between you and I… is not an interest, let alone a transaction.”

“I understand.” Chen Rui raised his head, “But I can’t go with you. I must rush to the Warlock Fortress because Shea is facing the 6 million elites of the Bloody Empire there, and the situation is quite dangerous. If it was you, I would also go without hesitation.”

“This answer is just to escape or deceive yourself.” Catherine shook her head and gave him a deep look, “What if it is me who leads the 6 million elites? Even if I team up with her this time out of the benefit of the empire, what about the next time? You know in your mind that she and I are not just ourselves. We will meet on the battlefield and fight to death sooner or later!”

Chen Rui was silent for a while, then he smiled bitterly, “I regret it now. I regret that my first appearance was not in the Dark Shadow Empire but the Dark Moon Estate, and I regret that I did not go to the Dark Shadow Empire to find you after Silent Night Wetland. I regret that I pretended to be dead and fled from the Crystal Valley… If I was more decisive back then, perhaps we would be so happy now.”

“It turns out that we have missed each other so many times…” Catherine’s eyes showed a faint sadness, “Unfortunately, if you missed it, you missed it… I think I already know your choice.”

“Catherine, I…”

“There’s no need to say more. This is the last time I will give you a choice.” As Catherine’s voice fell, she appeared in front of him in an instant as she stretched out her hand. Chen Rui’s eyelids twitched slightly, but he did not move.

Catherine’s hand gently stroked Chen Rui’s face as if she was stroking the most precious thing. The star-like eyes were quickly covered with a faint mist, and she finally could not hold it in. A drop of crystal tear slowly slipped from her face.

Chen Rui’s heart trembled. He wanted to hold her hand, but he couldn’t. That warm hand turned into a phantom that was unreachable.

Almost like a shadow, Catherine’s figure had faded into the distance.

“Forget me.”

After saying this, there was already a veil on her face. In the blink of an eye, the figure turned into a light stream and shot into the air like a shooting star that would not return.

There were no threats, detentions, or killing moves, just 2 simple words.

Because here, she regards herself more as Christina, Isis, and a woman who loved him, rather than as the ruler of the empire, Catherine the Great.

Between you and I … is not an interest, let alone a transaction.

“Don’t forget me.”

“Forget me.”

Chen Rui’s eyes were red as he clenched his fists and yelled, “Catherine!”

This call made the light stream faster, and the wet marks on the veil became bigger and bigger. Even if she was flying fast, it couldn’t be dried.

“2 years!

There was a desperate shout of the man from behind, but Catherine still didn’t look back as she let the tears gush out because after leaving this place, all her tears and feelings would be sealed. Because she was Catherine. Asmodeus, the Dark Shadow Empire’s ruler.

The knuckles of Chen Rui’s fists have turned white— Strength! I need greater strength! Not only the individual’s hard power, but also the soft power that can affect and control the entire Demon Realm!

“Catherine, wait for me.” A flashing blue light gate appeared in the void. Chen Rui looked back at the direction where the light stream disappeared and whispered before he disappeared in the light gate.

Time passed day by day.

Although the death of Great Prince Aleus had a considerable impact on the military spirit of the Bloody Empire Army, under the command of Gustav and Teris, their morale was quickly restored and they continued to launch a fierce attack on the Warlock Fortress.

In the fierce offense and defense, both sides used almost all means. The Warlock Fortress was at the brink of collapse a few times, but it remained standing. The 2 sides were at a stalemate and fell into a tug of war.

Teris’ patience was much better than that of Aleus, and his methods were more sophisticated. He made full use of the advantages of numbers and combat power to exhaust the Warlock Fortress in a protracted war.

After several rounds of offense and defense, the Warlock Fortress’s military and material consumption was quite large. They even fell into an extremely dangerous situation several times. However, there were still no updates on Aguile’s ‘diplomatic trip’ to the Dark Shadow Empire, so the Fallen Angel Empire’s military spirit inevitably began to waver. Many generals also pinned their hopes on what Shea called the ‘secret weapon’.

If this continued, then perhaps it would be difficult for the Warlock Fortress to withstand the next round of the enemy’s offense. At present, the Fallen Angel Empire’s army was relying on geopolitical dangers to maintain a stalemate with the Bloody Empire Army. In the normal battle environment, the army of the Fallen Angel Empire was by no means an opponent of the Bloody Empire’s elites.

Once the Warlock Fortress was lost and the White Feather Estate was conquered, it was equal to opening the path straight to the Fallen Angel Capital. The Bloody Empire Army would march straight in and sweep the entire empire.

In this situation, Shea finally couldn’t remain silent as she used a killing move.

This killing move was called the poisonous thunderbolt. The launcher was a relatively ordinary catapult, but the ammunition was not a boulder coated with magic fuel, but special round stone shots.

This kind of stone shots would burst like ordinary flame meteors after landing, but it was not the stones that burst, but the spreading poison gas.

The poison contained in this poisonous gas was by no means simple. Aldas developed it based on Paglio’s poison. It was 100 times more violent than the poison contained in the burst arrow fired by the strong ballista. Once the terrifying poison spreads, the soldiers in the range would suffer corrosive damage, and the ordinary detoxification potion could not cure it at all.

Just like the magic crystal cannons, weapons, armors and other killing devices made by mechanics, pharmaceutics finally became the leader in the harvest of life on the battlefield. This was not only science’s helplessness but also ‘human nature’s’ helplessness.

The launch of this kind of poisonous thunderbolt caused huge casualties to the siege army of the Bloody Empire. Within the next 3 days, no attack was launched.

On the 4th day, Teris finally used a killing move.

The Bloody Empire Army dispatched the aerial legions. In addition to the 2 main legions, Wind Dragon Legion and Bloody Lion Legion, a strange thing appeared in the air.

If Chen Rui was here, he would definitely exclaim: Airship!

That’s right, it was the airship. The power system was the magic crystal, and the appearance was similar to the one used in the Dead Sea by the Dark Elemental King.

There were hundreds of airships. When they appeared, they immediately showed terrifying combat power. The attack of the airships was not skydiving, but throwing. Magic bombs fell on the Warlock Fortress, bombing the originally broken fortress full of holes. The nearby soldiers were either dead or badly wounded.

Bows and arrows or catapults couldn’t attack those high enemies at all; even poisonous thunderbolts were no exception. As the combat power of the 2 Bloody Empire’s aerial legion that protected the airship was very powerful, the aerial legion of the Fallen Angel Empire couldn’t breach through to destroy the airship. The soldiers of the Warlock Fortress could only be passively beaten with heavy casualties. Most of the immovable poisonous thunderbolts and catapults were destroyed.

Paglio below couldn’t hold back. He turned into a dragon and flew into the sky, rushing to the airship group. It was not the first time that the poison dragon appeared, so the Bloody Empire was well prepared for his arrival; dozens of figures flew out and surrounded the poison dragon.

Paglio had made a big leap in strength since getting advice from Auglas. Coupled with Dodo’s stimulation, he finally reached the level of S+ which was only 1 step away from being kingdomized.

However, the poison dragon’s gaze was very solemn because the strength of these people was actually Demon Overlord, and at least 10 of them were in the peak stage of the Demon Overlord!

At the same time, a large number of infantry and siege equipment began to appear in the sight of the defending soldiers on the fortress wall. It seemed that this time Teris dispatched not only the secret weapon airships, but he also used all his strength to defeat the Fallen Angel Empire’s defense at one go.

Shea and the others in the fortress below also found that something was wrong. One after another figures soared to the air.

The fiercest battle that would affect the survival of the Warlock Fortress was about to begin.

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