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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 749: Break Out of the Cocoon

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Chapter 749: Break Out of the Cocoon

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Roman guessed it right. The sir leader was indeed ‘alive’, happily ‘alive’.

Chen Rui had a little understanding now as to why the Asmodeus Royal Family was called the Lust Royal Family.

Compared with the succubus family, the ‘charm’ of the Asmodeus Royal Family women was more connotative and temperamental. An inadvertent action, or even just breathing, exuded a heart-pounding attraction.

Of course, the premise was that she opened her heart to him.

The faintly charming eyes alone were like the most effective aphrodisiac potion which made him feel uncontrollable.

Catherine opened up not only her heart, but also her body.

The body of the top beauty of the Demon Realm.


This was the vocabulary that came into Chen Rui’s mind when Catherine showed up in front of him without reservation. However, he only had time to think so much because when a normal man faced his beloved woman who let go of everything in front of him, there should be more verbs than adjectives in his consciousness.

Her Majesty Empress was very active. At this moment, she was not a sage or empress, but a woman who had loosened all restraints.

Their lips entangled with their fluid; the man and the woman were combined as 1.

This time, unlike the first time in Silent Night Wetland, it was not passively driven by desire, but they really ignited the desire to fully integrate with the other party. The ‘special effect’ of the aura fruit was just a catalyst.

Her Majesty Empress moaned passionately, tightly wrapping Chen Rui’s fiery desires. She lost in the passionate instinct of blending together with him. No one noticed that a mark vaguely appeared on the outside of Chen Rui’s left arm which seemed to be in the shape of a phoenix. This time, there was no burning, but a cozy and strange nirvana breath which penetrated into Catherine’s body.

In the sky outside the cave, strange clouds began to gather slowly, covering the 2 white moons. It seemed that some special strength was brewing.


Raizen leaned on the throne at the main hall of the Bloody Empire as he quietly listened to the thunder from the sky.

“Your Majesty!” The voice of the imperial guard commander, Stoun, sounded at the entrance of the hall.

Raizen opened his eyes slowly with a trace of fatigue in his revered gaze.

“Emergency from the frontline.”

Raizen frowned slightly. I just gave the order to dismiss Aleus from the chief commander position and ordered him to return to the capital immediately. This order should have reached the frontline. Did something else happen?


Stoun opened the battle report and glanced at it, revealing an expression of shock that could not be concealed. The imperial guard commander quickly recovered his composite and read, “Great Prince Aleus committed suicide, First General Gustav suspended the attack, and Young Prince Teris planned to escort the remains of the great prince back to the capital.”

Raizen’s eyes froze suddenly as his left hand wearing the ring trembled, but his face remained cold.

“Pass my order, Gustav shall continue to attack the Warlock Fortress. Teris is the deputy commander. He must not leave the front line without authorization.”

“Yes.” Stoun hesitated a little, “The great prince…” Raizen said without explaining, “You immediately dispatch imperial guards to prepare for the southern expedition. “

Stoun was shocked and bowed, “Yes.”

The imperial guards were the most loyal and powerful army directly under the emperor. The imperial guards’ order to march meant that Raizen the Great would visit the Warlock Fortress in person!

After Stoun stepped back, Raizen was silent for a long time before his low voice sounded, “Aleus…”

Unlike the hatred he had before, there was a faint loneliness in this voice as the tired expression in his eyes became more intense.

In the empty hall, the figure leaning on the throne showed unprecedented loneliness.

The news that Aleus committed suicide was not a secret. The Warlock Fortress also received the news immediately.

A combat meeting was being held at the command center.

Sarandi spoke up, “Although the cause of Royal Majesty. Aleus’ death is unknown, it is certain that the suicide of the chief commander has caused a considerable impact on the morale of the Bloody Empire Army. The Bloody Empire has stopped attacking now which is a valuable breathing opportunity for us. At present, the defense facilities of the Warlock Fortress are severely damaged, especially the city walls. Repairs must be hurried up. Also, the daily consumption of strategic materials, arrows, stone shots, and offensive plants is quite large. We must replenish them as soon as possible.”

“In any case, the current situation is beneficial to us.” Stiller showed an optimistic attitude. “We can spread rumors, attribute Aleus’ death to the young prince, and further dampen the enemy’s military spirit. If we can further dampen their morale in this fortress defense, the Bloody Empire Army will definitely be unable to attack anymore.”

Stiller didn’t know that her ‘rumor’ was actually a real fact. Old Cowen put forward his own opinion, “I feel that Aleus’s death is a bit weird? Could it be the enemy’s trick?”

Shea set his eyes on George, “General George, tell me what you think.”

“Regardless of the cause of Aleus’ death, we only need to respond to the changes.” George frowned, “I worry about 1 thing. If the enemy can’t conquer the Warlock Fortress after a long time, then what will the emperor, who is determined to eliminate the empire with all his elites, do?”

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone fell silent. The atmosphere seemed extremely solemn.

“I can tell all of you 2 things.” Shea knew that she had to speak, “First, there is a very powerful secret weapon that I have not used. I will keep it secret for the time being. Second, I received Prince Consort Aguile’s message a few days ago. He has made breakthrough progress during the envoy team’s visit to the Dark Shadow Empire.”

The news of the secret weapon and the Dark Shadow Empire refreshed everyone as Shea slowly stood up, “Everyone, when the rebellious Obsidian crusades the Dark Moon, the Dark Moon’s military power and strength were far inferior. In such a bad situation, I never gave up, and finally defeated Obsidian to regain the throne. With our current military power and defense strength, there is no time for despair at all. Unity and fearlessness are the only way to victory, understand?”

The generals all stood up, “We are willing to serve Your Majesty!”

Shea stabilized the military morale with a few words, and she nodded slightly, but she missed the man who was far away in another empire. She missed the warm embrace and strong arms.

Chen Rui did not know what happened in the Warlock Fortress. He had just ended a unique ‘battle’ between man and woman.

This ‘battle’ was fierce and long-lasting. Both of them forgot how many climaxes they had. Due to the concerns about Nirvana, Chen Rui had not slept in these 2 days. After completely erupting a fiery lust, he finally couldn’t hold it and fell into a deep sleep.

In a daze, he wanted to open his eyes but had no strength, and he couldn’t close his eyes. He could only remain in such a dazed state.

He felt as if he had wings, flying in a fiery red sky.

Then there seemed to be a familiar and immature voice, “Daddy! Daddy!”

Chen Rui could never forget this voice, and he immediately shouted, “Duoduo!”


The immature female voice faded away.


Chen Rui opened his eyes abruptly. It turned out to be just a dream. He was still lying naked on the bed in the magic hut room.

There were a lot of traces of indulgence remaining in the room, not only on the bed. Fortunately, having sex with Catherine is not a dream.

Strangely, Catherine actually disappeared.

Chen Rui was taken aback, and quickly put on the clothes. After finding the magic hut all the way, he saw a huge red light cocoon on the open space outside the cave.

The light cocoon was very thick. Chen Rui couldn’t see what was inside, but he could clearly feel the incomparable energy flowing around the light cocoon. However, this energy similar to Nirvana gave him a cozy and warm feeling.

In the sky directly above, there were layers of strange clouds in black and red as if they were being pulled by some huge strength. They slowly formed a whirlpool which was a spectacular scene.

Catherine has successfully completed the most difficult flame bath previously, and now it should be the last step to break the cocoon. Chen Rui calmed down and guarded patiently.

The rotation of the clouds in the sky began to accelerate as the light cocoon began to tremble slightly.

With a click, the light cocoon of pure energy seemed to materialize as a crack appeared.

The crack gradually spread, and finally a gap was broken.

As soon as this gap appeared, Chen Rui sensed an extremely powerful breath of life rushing toward his face and filling the entire mountain area. It seemed to have completely surpassed the level of Demon Overlord. The nearby plants grew and sprouted against the law of nature due to the effect of the breath. Even the withered leaves began to regenerate.

“Boom!” The light cocoon finally burst, and a red light shone straight into the sky. The clouds in the sky seemed to be absorbed by the red light as they disappeared in the blink of an eye. At the same time, Chen Rui seemed to see a huge black phoenix spreading its wings, letting out a clear chirp toward the sky.

The red light and the phoenix phantasm gradually shrank. The flying light cocoon fragments automatically combined into a pair of gorgeous wings which then appeared behind the figure.

This was a girl who was only 7-8 years old with black hair and black pupils. She was naked all over, her skin was as smooth as jade, and her appearance was extremely delicate. Her eyebrows and forehead vaguely resembled Catherine’s; she was truly a beautiful little loli.

Then, the little loli began to grow taller at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye she became a girl of about 14 years old, and the wings became a set of fitted long skirts. After a while, she grew up for several years. The corresponding face and figure matured step by step. Finally, her appearance finally settled at about 28 years old.

The majestic beauty and temperament even seemed slightly better than before.

It’s a success!

The fifth Nirvana!

Chen Rui was amazed as he witnessed the rapid ‘evolution’ from the little loli to the royal sister. The data in the [Analytical Eyes] changed again.

Race: Lust Royal Family.

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: SS-.

Physique: SS-, Strength: SS-, Spirit: SS-, Speed: SS-.

[Analysis]: Offset spirit, greatly reduce the magic and spiritual damage, puppet control, the power of nirvana (5), and the fire phoenix blessing.

Degree of danger: Extremely dangerous!

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