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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 747: Nirvana Change

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Chapter 747: Nirvana Change

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Chen Rui’s spirit was highly concentrated as he stared at the closed door. The temperature of the magic hut began to rise gradually. It was not pure heat, but a kind of life ascension.

Nirvana was a process of ‘transformation’ that needed a long accumulation and rituals. Forcefully breaking through like Catherine was actually very not recommended, but there was no better way since she had the [Thunder Emperor Seal].

Due to the tight constraint, many rituals and steps had been simplified. The consequence of this was that the success rate would be reduced. However, the aura fruit produced by the galaxy garden after the 6-star evolution was extremely effective and far better than the devil pomeg which compensated for the shortcoming. In sum, the chance of success was greater than that of the average royal family.

The heating up of the magic hut showed that Catherine had absorbed the spirit from the aura fruit and successfully completed the ‘flame accumulation’ process. The most important next step, ‘flame bath’, was finally about to begin.

This was also the most dangerous step. She needed to ignite the [Flame of Nirvana] beyond her own limit with soul power, then control the power of Nirvana to merge the [Flame of Nirvana] into her to wash and refine through the ‘calcination’ method in order to induce qualitative changes from the soul to the body. Once the whole process was activated, it couldn’t be stopped, and a little carelessness would cause her to recoil and be annihilated by the [Flame of Nirvana].

For thousands of years, countless geniuses and talents had succumbed at this step.

Catherine’s body exuded black flames. These flames and high temperatures were actually aimed at the soul. Therefore, the furniture and facilities on the side were not affected by the ‘flame’.

The black flame light began to jump and rise with a special rhythm, and an extremely pure red color gradually appeared in it. It was the [Flame of Nirvana].

Chen Rui clearly sensed that a pure soul fire was rising, and his soul seemed to be washed and sublimated a little while sensing. However, he was not in the mood to enjoy this feeling. His mind was always suspended, feeling even more nervous than his own training.

“Don’t forget me.”

Chen Rui tried hard to close his eyes, but the empress’ smile subconsciously appeared in his mind. There was no majesty nor pretentiousness; only natural gentleness.

This should be the first time Catherine put everything down and showed a real smile to someone since ascending to the throne.

A man.

This was her farewell.

Chen Rui clenched his fists. No matter what, even if we really embark on different paths in the future. This time… she must be successful.

Suddenly, there was a hint of disorder in the flame breath of the soul.

Chen Rui opened his eyes abruptly, but did not dare to move rashly, lest she was disturbed by the slight movement.

The disordered soul fire was gradually adjusted, and the original steady rising rhythm was restored. However, after a while, the abnormality began to appear again. After several repetitions, Chen Rui was drenched in a cold sweat. He now understood the dread feeling of waiting. He wanted to rush in and take a look several times, but he endured it again.

“Ah…” Catherine’s suppressed groan sounded in Chen Rui’s ears. He couldn’t care much anymore. He stood up and opened the door of the room.

As soon as he opened the door, he felt the red dazzling light. He saw Catherine sitting on the ground, surrounded by alternating black and red flames. The tense facial features showed that she was enduring great pain.

The breath of the soul was getting more and more disordered, and the whole magic hut was full of restless hot breath. Although he had not personally experienced Nirvana, Chen Rui knew that Catherine was now in an extremely dangerous situation.

Catherine’s body trembled violently, apparently unable to suppress the [Flame of Nirvana] triggered by the soul. “Whoosh!” The red flame became blazing, and the black flame representing the power of Catherine’s own Nirvana became weaker and weaker; almost completely being devoured.

Catherine’s body stopped trembling as she was wrapped in the red [Flame of Nirvana]. Her vitality began to drop sharply.

“Catherine!” Chen Rui’s most worried thing finally happened. He rushed to try to restrain the [Flame of Nirvana]. Before getting close, he was repelled by an intangible great strength. It was the [Flame of Nirvana]’s force field.

For any Asmodeus Royal Family member, the [Flame of Nirvana] induced during Nirvana was a level beyond one’s own limit. The higher the level of Nirvana, the greater the power of the [Flame of Nirvana] induced.

Catherine’s strength was originally above Chen Rui, and now it was the fifth Nirvana. The [Flame of Nirvana] induced was definitely beyond the control of Chen Rui’s current strength. Furthermore, once the ‘flame bath’ started, it couldn’t be stopped.

“No! There must be some way! Calm down! Calm down!”

Chen Rui kept telling himself to stay calm, but Catherine’s body had begun to fade, and she was in danger. How could he calm down? He could only continue to attack the intangible force field of the [Flame of Nirvana].

However, even the devour attribute of the God-Eating Mask could not resolve the [Flame of Nirvana]. It was like a transparent wall separating him and Catherine. Although they were at arm’s length, they were separated by life and death.

Chen Rui’s mouth and nose had already overflowed with blood because of strength’s recoil, but he was still attacking frantically, and the entire space of the magic hut was trembling violently.

He wanted to try his best to activate the [Pole Star Transformation], but it was a pity that he couldn’t break through the power of the blocked rule. Under the strength of the frantic burst, his blood vessels couldn’t bear it and burst open suddenly, turning him into a blood man in an instant.

“Damn the Shackles of True Flame!” Chen Rui, who was shocked, slammed the ground fiercely. The fingers of his fist were pinched deeply into his flesh. The pain in his body and mind made him unable to feel that a certain part of his left arm was getting hotter and hotter.

In the [Flame of Nirvana], Catherine, who was unable to move, looked at the bloody figure, and a drop of tear wrapped in flames in those eyes full of hopelessness fell from her cheek.

“Do not come…”

She uttered these 3 words with all her strength as her body became more and more empty.

Chen Rui was shocked. An unforgettable scene in his memory resurfaced again. Tears in the flame…

He took a deep breath, and he calmed down unexpectedly. He slowly got up.

Catherine thought he finally figured it out, and she felt a little peace of mind. Suddenly her pupils contracted when she saw a black flame emerging from Chen Rui’s body.

[Flame of Nirvana].

Chen Rui himself didn’t know why he did this, but he had an instinctive feeling that this might save Catherine. So even though he might die, he did it without hesitation.

No doubt, when the [Flame of Nirvana] came out, the power of resistance disappeared. The red [Flame of Nirvana] rushed over and merged into [Flame of Nirvana]. His soul suddenly sensed the terrifying pain as if he was being constantly torn.

Chen Rui gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain as walked toward Catherine step by step, suffering unimaginable pain every step of the way. The big beads of sweat continued to evaporate.

Finally, he came to Catherine, sat down, and gently embraced the delicate body in the flame that could hardly feel the weight.

As soon as the black flame touched Catherine, the black flame that had disappeared from her body suddenly lit up, and the body that was close to nothingness re-materialized a little bit as her strength was slowly recovering.

“I caught you.”

Seeing this bitter smile, Catherine’s tears gushed out uncontrollably.

“Yes, you caught me.”

Catherine raised her head, looked into his eyes, and slowly moved closer.

Both their lips joined together like 2 hearts.

Chen Rui’s [Flame of Nirvana] was just a drop in the bucket. Soon, the terrifying [Flame of Nirvana] began to wreak havoc again, and the feeling of death was approaching again, but Catherine had no despair in her eyes, only tranquility.

Since ascending the throne, she had devoted her whole life to the empire. On that throne, she was never a woman, but a ruler. Over time, she even forgot most of the time that she was a woman.

She had never felt like she was a woman; a real woman; a complete woman who was loved and loved someone.

So she had no regrets.

The embrace of this man is so warm and so peaceful.

I can even feel the [Flame of Nirvana] has become cozy.

This moment seemed to stay for a long time.

Wait a minute…


This is not an illusion!

[Flame of Nirvana]?

Catherine finally found that something was wrong. Previously, the extremely dangerous and uncontrollable [Flame of Nirvana] seemed to have undergone some unknown changes. It actually became quite ‘docile’, and her Nirvana power could be integrated without hindrance.

This change is not accidental. Catherine reacted immediately, It must have something to do with Chen Rui!

But she had no time to think. I must take advantage of this change to complete the flame bath as soon as possible.

Chen Rui also felt the abnormality and the strange scorching heat from his left arm. It was this scorching heat that caused the entire [Flame of Nirvana] to undergo an incredible change.

By the way, this kind of warmth that has a special feeling of blood linkage seems very familiar, but I can’t remember where I sensed this before.

“Just hold me like this, don’t move first.” Catherine fell in his arms, closed her eyes while silently channeling the power of Nirvana. She tried to wrap and refine her soul with the merged [Flame of Nirvana]. It was actually unprecedentedly smooth.

Catherine’s words also made Chen Rui not look at the left arm pressed by her. He just put his arms around her while maintaining the strength of the [Flame of Nirvana].

1 hour later, Chen Rui’s body became a little stiff. At this time, Catherine in his arms finally moved. Her first action was to bite her finger violently as her beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled slightly.

It is true!

I actually completed the flame bath!

It’s incredibly smooth, and it’s even easier than when I awakened the first Nirvana!

Is this warm and comfortable flame power still the [Flame of Nirvana]? The fifth time [Flame of Nirvana] that has caused countless royal geniuses to fall?

“Why are you biting yourself?” Chen Rui gave her a strange look.

“Okay, then I won’t bite myself.” Catherine showed a playful smile. Chen Rui was ecstatic to see her in a girly manner. Her Majesty Empress stepped forward and took a bite on Chen Rui’s neck.

“Ouch! Are you a vampire? Why did you bite me?”

At this moment, the biting action changed. Her warm tongue swept across his neck, causing Chen Rui to shiver. A certain male part naturally ‘looked up’ gratefully.

“The most difficult flame bath has been completed, and there is still a lot of time before the next stage of breaking the cocoon. And… as you wished, the ‘side effect’ of the aura fruit is finally acting up.”

When saying the last sentence, Catherine showed rare charming eyes which contained undisguised affection and love.

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